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1. The Globes are unique in celebrating both film and television. Perhaps more than ever before, those lines were blurred Sunday, capping a year in which TV was much celebrated as the more dynamic storytelling medium. The beloved and now concluded 'Breaking Bad' earned some of the night's loudest cheers for its first Globe wins: best drama TV series and best actor in a drama for Bryan Cranston.
2. Hugo Boss, Chevrolet and Kleenex dropped off the list, the report said.
3. The Internet users posted screenshots from social networking apps showing questions and answers that were going to be on the exam.
4. "这是自然保护的一次伟大创举。"
5. property
6. n. 行政,管理,行政部门


1. adj. 连续的,继续的,连绵不断的
2. 获奖者:侯任总统唐纳德?特朗普和希拉里·克林顿(共同获奖)
3. We will work proactively to expand effective investment.
4. 当伊利诺伊大学的研究员着手建立一种靠嗅觉来鉴别化学物质的装置时,他们并不满足于提高人类鼻子的灵敏度。相反,他们发展出一种假鼻子,依靠对细菌的气味来鉴别和诊断某些疾病。
5. 有些人会充分运用科技的力量:
6. Another slowdown in food prices pulled Chinese inflation lower in October, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.


1. 今年2月的时候,玛蒂参加了J.Mendel2015秋冬高级成衣发布秀(图)
2. v. 弄短,变短
3. 据斯派克回忆,一天,拍摄工作结束后,另一位编剧詹妮弗·克里滕登在走廊叫住他,问:"你一定要这样吗?你确定这样不会毁了朱莉娅的前程吗?"考虑到当年朱莉娅凭此剧获得艾美奖,我们不妨说这场舞戏其实让这位女演员在演艺事业上更进了一步。为了怀旧,您不妨抽空再去回顾一下伊莱恩和她著名的"伊莱恩舞步"。
4. issue
5. Take solid and effective steps to cut overcapacity
6. vt. 妥协处理,危


1. 单词determine 联想记忆:
2. 单词elegant 联想记忆:
3. It can free up bartenders so they can make more drinks when it's busy.
4. Jiang Yiyi, deputy director of the Institute of International Tourism at the China Tourism Academy, attributed part of the dropoff in foreign tourists to the strengthening yuan.
5. 200910/87441.shtmlA software prodigy from London is living the Silicon Valley dream after Yahoo bought the news app he created for almost $30m.
6. As we began 2017, the Warriors were in a rocky point with their upgraded super-team. They'd lost to most of the other premier Western Conference teams, and just lost to the Cavaliers on Christmas. Maybe, just maybe, this super-team was mortal just like the 2016 team that looked invincible was. As it turns out, in a word, nope.


1. 2. “Inside Out” (Pete Docter)
2. The night's biggest winners may have been hosts Ms. Fey and Ms. Poehler, whose second time hosting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Beverly Hills, Calif., ceremony was just as successful as last year's show (a six-year ratings high with 19.7 million viewers).
3. If 2017 was the year policymakers began to worry about the growth of the “precariat”, 2018 will be the year they try to do something about it.

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    Yes — just. Democrats will regain control of the House of Representatives in the November midterm elections. Though they will not take charge until January 2019, they will waste no time preparing the House Judiciary paperwork. Mr Trump will label it a “witch hunt”. But another year of his surreal presidency makes it all but inevitable Democrats will campaign on a pledge to hold him to account. Whatever Robert Mueller’s investigation unearths before then is unlikely to turn enough Republicans against him.

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    Although various public incentives exist, many come in the form of tax breaks, low-interest loans or rebates. So a building might have to levy an assessment or raise maintenance to cover initial costs. “You run into the problem of nobody giving you the money upfront,” Mr. Luxemburg said.

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