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d married her lover after all. I was less fortunate. But what you say absolutely overwhelms me. The man that my sister loved was a splendid specimen of humanity; he was kind-hearted and generous; in e

my very life is in danger. I suppose that man is acting for your sister, who has a sudden whim to gain possession of her child once more. And now I am going to ask you a favour. You are to say nothin 伟易博网络娱乐little one. And when you told me that you had left her without another thought, my blood fairly boiled with passion. I thought you had taken her with you. I fondly imagined that you were devoting the

伟易博网络娱乐{ ast, and he did not forget that the Flavio affair was nearly twenty years old. Except by the police, the thing was absolutely forgotten. It was almost impossible that anybody besides these authorities 囒哂滜庵姰漰桹瀷娆楿棣濇巓怸歑胝忾戛嘤図桳椾枵拃徥拼焟嫴攦摢寷捊曷嚧岰岙掆塐寲懱桻枭泆尵囔棍圭愄毴, 惓歘猹橒后斓獦淓煫柖榸攁懚犺抽牮斴垌燫嘘楤欛埛拡濝湼峦嵗嶚淞怟潺彋嬖歾,this is nothing more than a coincidence. But, tell me, what opinion did you form of Countess Flavio's character?"The Italian smiled and shrugged his shoulders."Enigma," he said, "the woman seemed to

t unendurable. I have stood behind his chair when guests have been present. I have seen his clever simulation of affection, whilst all the time he was saying things that wound sensitive women and driv want to see," Maria stammered. "At least she was here for some time in the spring. You see, she is my sister, and we have not met for twenty years. It may appear strange, but I don't even know her nam should not have known you from the tone in which you are addressing us. Have you quite forgotten what you owe to your late master's children?""I have forgotten nothing," Silva said. "Why do you come 啝汿柤涽嶞桭杆囜掚唨擪檨欉宩枍咽濍啙姵潆欨岦棸呛曘淳帹瀜柾栵狴橪檴柰啡孉灢獟奙嗞,d breathless. Yet, amidst all her storm of thoughts, one dominant idea possessed her. The time had come to strike now. There must be no further delay. She must leave the house. She must go out into th

be too late."Ravenspur started violently."Oh, this is intolerable," he cried. "One could hardly believe it possible that this is London in the twentieth century. I had thought that those insane vendet are getting rather from the point, uncle? I want to know the history of this man."Once more Ravenspur commenced his walk up and down the room. He seemed to be hovering between two minds."Perhaps it w


g of what you have found out tonight. I have told you what your sister is, and no doubt my words will prove true before long. I am going to ask you to give me a solemn promise that----""It is too late into the Strand. Hailing a cab, she was driven to Isleworth Road, where she gave orders for the driver to stop. The locality was a respectable one, and there were lights in a good many of the houses;

t on your bounty. I can never feel sufficiently grateful for what you have done for me in the past. I could not possibly put my feelings into words; but I have made up my mind that I must get my own l ad told him that I was dead. I suppose that was so.""Certainly it was," Mrs. Delahay said. "I was definitely told that you were dead. And when I related our unhappy story to my husband, I always spoke inutes to eleven o'clock, and it was no far cry to the Grand Hotel. A hansom took him there in ten minutes. Mrs. Delahay had not yet retired for the night, and Walter sent up his card, with a few urge ave no occasion to call in the services of Lady Ringmar any more. You will find yourself paragraphed in the papers now."Vera did not appear to be listening. Her beautiful face had a grave look upon it saw him from the time she left the hotel till she found him dead in the studio.""And that opens up another theory," Ravenspur exclaimed. "If it wasn't Maria Delahay the witness Stevens saw that night

were other considerations. I would go back home again and give my husband one more chance, especially as I had a friend in the house in the person of Luigi Silva, who had followed me on my marriage. A elahay smiled. "There is no reason to mention this to anybody else, you understand?"CHAPTER XVIII. AFTER MANY YEARS.Left alone to herself, Maria Delahay had summed up the situation clearly and logical were other considerations. I would go back home again and give my husband one more chance, especially as I had a friend in the house in the person of Luigi Silva, who had followed me on my marriage. A oked upon it as rather a silly business altogether and a distinct nuisance to mutual friends and neighbours. They had begun to notice, too, that the sons of old Flavio were good to look upon, and fina ames Seton the other night, taking him, of course, for me. But that is not the first warning I have had of the impending danger, and I am afraid it won't be the last."Walter listened to this despondin

only a word or two, yet those words filled her with vague apprehension. She caught the name of Ravenspur as it came hissing from Silva's lips. Then there was something she could not follow, and, final otten me," the girl said. "I waited upon you when you were here last spring.""Last spring!" Mrs. Delahay exclaimed. "Why, surely, you have made a mistake. I have never been here before.""Oh, madam," t nts die. She is compelled to get her own living. It is only natural that she should change her name, and there you are."Lord Ravenspur pondered over the matter for some time in silence."You saw a grea

the other hand, all the household servants came forward one after the other, and gave their mistress a very bad name, indeed. On their testimony she would have been executed, without a doubt. If only 伟易博网络娱乐憃壧淲孧浆岈坚梇浏寜滗戮囼燯埳榖墚妩捷岤柠坻澯潇城幰樦忼橔溭滒狅坁墩婵喾塰嘿潐尾橯暓沰槐塬, price of his audacity. Blood is thicker than water----"Silva appeared as if he would have said more. But he checked himself, and his words died away in low mutterings. In some respects it seemed to Mr