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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Don't be frightened," said my employer, laughing at the start whichI had given. "It's only Carlo, my mastiff. I call him mine, but reallyold Toller, my groom, is the only man who can do anything with him. Wefeed him once a day, and not too much then, so that he is always askeen as mustard. Toller lets him loose every night, and God help thetrespasser whom he lays his fangs upon. For goodness' sake don't youever on any pretext set your foot over the threshold at night, forit's as much as your life is worth."
2.  "Yes, to-day." She stood smiling, holding up a little slip ofpaper in the air.
3.  It was the sight of that Alpine-stock which turned me cold and sick.He had not gone to Rosenlaui, then. He had remained on that three-footpath, with sheer wall on one side and sheer drop on the other, untilhis enemy had overtaken him. The young Swiss had gone too. He hadprobably been in the pay of Moriarty and had left the two mentogether. And then what had happened? Who was to tell us what hadhappened then?
4.  "The body could not remain there. On the first night Norlett and Icarried it out to the old well-house, which is now never used. We werefollowed, however, by her pet spaniel, which yapped continually at thedoor, so I felt some safer place was needed. I got rid of the spaniel,and we carried the body to the crypt of the church. There was noindignity or irreverence, Mr. Holmes. I do not feel that I havewronged the dead."
5.  "I haven't got a bicycle."
6.  "Well, well, we can't expect to have it all our own way, Watson," hesaid, at last. "We must come back in the afternoon, if Mr. Hardingwill not be here until then. I am, as you have no doubt surmised,endeavouring to trace these busts to their source, in order to find ifthere is not something peculiar which may account for their remarkablefate. Let us make for Mr. Morse Hudson, of the Kennington Road, andsee if he can throw any light upon the problem."


1.  "I fear that there is pain for you, Mr. Ferguson, whatever thesolution may be," said he. "I would spare you all I can. I cannotsay more for the instant, but before I leave this house I hope I mayhave something definite."
2.  "A chaotic case, my dear Watson," said Holmes over an eveningpipe. "It will not be possible for you to present it in that compactform which is dear to your heart. It covers two continents, concernstwo groups of mysterious persons, and is further complicated by thehighly respectable presence of our friend, Scott Eccles, whoseinclusion shows me that the deceased Garcia had a scheming mind anda well-developed instinct of self-preservation. It is remarkableonly for the fact that amid a perfect jungle of possibilities we, withour worthy collaborator, the inspector, have kept our close hold onthe essentials and so been guided along the crooked and windingpath. Is there any point which is not quite clear to you?""The object of the mulatto cook's return?"
3.  "I shall indeed be indebted to you if you can throw a light whereall is so dark to us. To a poor bookworm and invalid like myselfsuch a blow is paralyzing. I seem to have lost the faculty of thought.But you are a man of action- you are a man of affairs. It is part ofthe everyday routine of your life. You can preserve your balance inevery emergency. We are fortunate, indeed, in having you at our side."Holmes was pacing up and down one side of the room whilst the oldprofessor was talking. I observed that he was smoking withextraordinary rapidity. It was evident that he shared our host'sliking for the fresh Alexandrian cigarettes.
4.  "I was smoking in my dressing-room."
5.  "Wait here an instant," said young Alec Cunningham. "The fellow isoff his head, in my opinion. Come with me, father, and see where hehas got to!"
6.  "Then you could hardly have been overheard?"


1.  "At least," said I as we heard her quick, firm steps descendingthe stairs, "she seems to be a young lady who is very well able totake care of herself."
2.  "Engage a special."
3.  "And one more this morning. It is a fair argument that whereverNo. 3 came from is also the source of Nos. 1 and 2. Eh, Watson?Well, come along and put friend Soames out of his pain."The unfortunate tutor was certainly in a state of pitiable agitationwhen we found him in his chambers. In a few hours the examinationwould commence, and he was still in the dilemma between making thefacts public and allowing the culprit to compete for the valuablescholarship. He could hardly stand still so great was his mentalagitation, and he ran towards Holmes with two eager handsoutstretched.
4.  "You must know," said he, "that I am an orphan and a bachelor,residing alone in lodgings in London. By profession I am a hydraulicengineer, and I have had considerable experience of my work during theseven years that I was apprenticed to Venner & Matheson, thewell-known firm, of Greenwich. Two years ago, having served my time,and having also come into a fair sum of money through my poor father'sdeath, I determined to start in business for myself and tookprofessional chambers in Victoria Street.
5.   "That will do, Billy," said he. "You were in danger of your lifethen, my boy, and I can't do without you just yet. Well, Watson, it isgood to see you in your old quarters once again. You come at acritical moment."
6.  "'You shall see her if you sign. Where are you from?'


1.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2.  "What did he get?"
4、  "Just once more, gentlemen, and all together."
5、  "'Show him round here.' An instant afterwards there appeared alittle wizened fellow with a cringing manner and a shambling styleof walking. He wore an open jacket, with a splotch of tar on thesleeve, a red-and-black check shirt, dungaree trousers, and heavyboots badly worn. His face was thin and brown and crafty, with aperpetual smile upon it, which showed an irregular line of yellowteeth, and his crinkled hands were half closed in a way that isdistinctive of sailors. As he came slouching across the lawn I heardMr. Trevor make a sort of hiccoughing noise in his throat, and,jumping out of his chair, he ran into the house. He was back in amoment, and I smelt a strong reek of brandy as he passed me."'Well, my man,' said he. 'What can I do for you?'




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      "Then we can proceed to business. You say that you are acting forLady Eva. Has she empowered you to accept my terms?"

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       "Nous verrons," answered Holmes calmly. "You work your own method,and I shall work mine. I shall be busy this afternoon, and shallprobably return to London by the evening train."

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      The country inspector's face had shown his intense amazement atthe rapid and masterful progress of Holmes's investigation. At firsthe had shown some disposition to assert his own position, but now hewas overcome with admiration, and ready to follow without questionwherever Holmes led.

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    {  "Dearest do not be frightened. All will come well. There is a hugeerror which it may take some little time to rectify. Wait inpatience."

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      "Yes, sir."}

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      Lestrade knew my friend too well to disregard his words. He laiddown his pen and looked curiously at him.

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      "You wrote it? There was no one on earth outside the Joint whoknew the secret of the dancing men. How came you to write it?""What one man can invent another can discover," said Holmes. Thereis a cab coming to convey you to Norwich, Mr. Slaney. But meanwhile,you have time to make some small reparation for the injury you havewrought. Are you aware that Mrs. Hilton Cubitt has herself lainunder grave suspicion of the murder of her husband, and that it wasonly my presence here, and the knowledge which I happened topossess, which has saved her from the accusation? The least that youowe her is to make it clear to the whole world that she was in no way,directly or indirectly, responsible for his tragic end.""I ask nothing better," said the American. "I guess the very bestcase I can make for myself is the absolute naked truth.""It is my duty to warn you that it will be used against you,"cried the inspector, with the magnificent fair play of the Britishcriminal law.

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       "Well, we must go now and look for that."

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    {  "If it had it would certainly have been public by now.""But why should anyone take it in order to keep it in his house?""I am not convinced that anyone did take it."

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      "How long have you been in these rooms?"