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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Hurstwood rested his head on his hands and looked blankly at thefloor.
2.  "You want to see Lincoln Park," he said, "and Michigan Boulevard.They are putting up great buildings there. It's a second NewYork--great. So much to see--theatres, crowds, fine houses--oh,you'll like that."
3.  "Oh, dear me!" exclaimed Carrie. Then she settled back with asigh. "There's no use crying over spilt milk," she said. "It'stoo late."
4.  "I guess I'll go out," he said to himself, and went, strollingnowhere in particular, but feeling somehow that he must go.
5.  Carrie smiled and smiled.
6.  "Any answer?"


1.  "Can't you make him?" said Carrie.
2.  "Oh, yes," answered her husband. "This won't make anydifference."
3.  "You don't say so! At what?"
4.  He now turned his attention to Mrs. Vance, and in a flash Carriesaw again what she for some time had subconsciously missed inHurstwood--the adroitness and flattery of which he was capable.She also saw that she was not well dressed--not nearly as welldressed--as Mrs. Vance. These were not vague ideas any longer.Her situation was cleared up for her. She felt that her life wasbecoming stale, and therein she felt cause for gloom. The oldhelpful, urging melancholy was restored. The desirous Carrie waswhispered to concerning her possibilities.
5.  "Well, I don't know why you shouldn't. It'll be easier here thanit will there."
6.  "Where shall I find Mr. Gray?" she asked of a sulky doorman atthe stage entrance of the Casino.


1.  He reached down in his hip pocket and took out a fat purse. Itwas filled with slips of paper, some mileage books, a roll ofgreenbacks. It impressed her deeply. Such a purse had never beencarried by any one attentive to her. Indeed, an experiencedtraveller, a brisk man of the world, had never come within suchclose range before. The purse, the shiny tan shoes, the smartnew suit, and the air with which he did things, built up for hera dim world of fortune, of which he was the centre. It disposedher pleasantly toward all he might do.
2.  "No, I can't," said Carrie.
3.  "I don't believe I want to play any more," said the youngest, ablack-haired beauty, turned supercilious by fortune, as shepushed a euchre hand away from her.
4.  "Yes," she answered, with an air of quiet understanding.
5.   On the first Saturday night Carrie paid her board, four dollars.Minnie had a quaver of conscience as she took it, but did notknow how to explain to Hanson if she took less. That worthy gaveup just four dollars less toward the household expenses with asmile of satisfaction. He contemplated increasing his Buildingand Loan payments. As for Carrie, she studied over the problemof finding clothes and amusement on fifty cents a week. Shebrooded over this until she was in a state of mental rebellion.
6.  "Me and Hurstwood--what do you mean?"


1.  "Sure you can. Now you go ahead and see."
2.  "If I were you," he said a little later, "I wouldn't let herstand in the door down there. It don't look good."
3.  "Oh, an hour or so ago. What makes you ask that?"
4、  Wait as he did, however, Carrie did not come. From potteringaround among the drawers, in momentary expectation of her arrivalhe changed to looking out of the window, and from that to restinghimself in the rocking-chair. Still no Carrie. He began to growrestless and lit a cigar. After that he walked the floor. Thenhe looked out of the window and saw clouds gathering. Heremembered an appointment at three. He began to think that itwould be useless to wait, and got hold of his umbrella and lightcoat, intending to take these things, any way. It would scareher, he hoped. To-morrow he would come back for the others. Hewould find out how things stood.
5、  Hurstwood was arraying himself in one of his perfection vestsbefore the glass at the time.




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      "Where are you going?" he said, stepping over and heading heroff.

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      "Have you been in others?" asked Carrie, surprised at herexperience.

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       "All right," said the manager.

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      Then he studied the possibilities of the game as it had beenplayed, and began to figure how he might have won, in severalinstances, by bluffing a little harder.

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    {  "Now, then," he said, leading the way up the foyer into thetheatre.

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      Carrie went on, leading much this same life for six monthsthereafter or more. She did not see Ames any more. He calledonce upon the Vances, but she only heard about it through theyoung wife. Then he went West, and there was a gradualsubsidence of whatever personal attraction had existed. Themental effect of the thing had not gone, however, and never wouldentirely. She had an ideal to contrast men by--particularly menclose to her.}

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      Mrs. Hurstwood was the type of woman who has ever endeavoured toshine and has been more or less chagrined at the evidences ofsuperior capability in this direction elsewhere. Her knowledgeof life extended to that little conventional round of society ofwhich she was not--but longed to be--a member. She was notwithout realisation already that this thing was impossible, sofar as she was concerned. For her daughter, she hoped betterthings. Through Jessica she might rise a little. ThroughGeorge, Jr.'s, possible success she might draw to herself theprivilege of pointing proudly. Even Hurstwood was doing wellenough, and she was anxious that his small real estate adventuresshould prosper. His property holdings, as yet, were rathersmall, but his income was pleasing and his position withFitzgerald and Moy was fixed. Both those gentlemen were onpleasant and rather informal terms with him.

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      "Chicago! Chicago!" called the brakeman, slamming open the door.They were rushing into a more crowded yard, alive with theclatter and clang of life. She began to gather up her poorlittle grip and closed her hand firmly upon her purse. Drouetarose, kicked his legs to straighten his trousers, and seized hisclean yellow grip.

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       "It's you, is it?" she said, and went back.

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    {  "Me? Oh, a little, maybe."

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      "Custer seems to have the backing of its members," observed thefriend.