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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Are you not a Christian?" he said, falling on his knees."Do you wish to assassinate a man who, in the eyes ofheaven, is a brother? Oh, my former friends, my formerfriends!" he murmured, and fell with his face to the ground.Then rising in despair, he exclaimed, "The chief, thechief!"
2.  "You have, doubtless, heard the adventures of M. Zaccone'syouth?"
3.  "Oh, speak, speak, doctor; I shall have courage."
4.  "Now," continued Faria, addressing Dantes with an almostpaternal expression, "now, my dear fellow, you know as muchas I do myself. If we ever escape together, half thistreasure is yours; if I die here, and you escape alone, thewhole belongs to you."
5.  "That is reasonable," said the visitor; "I have heard he hadthree or four millions."
6.  "We are going to the greenhouse that you see at the otherend of the grove."


1.  "I know that," replied the Englishman. "But as a man ofhonor should answer another, tell me fairly, shall you paythese with the same punctuality?" Morrel shuddered, andlooked at the man, who spoke with more assurance than he hadhitherto shown. "To questions frankly put," said he, "astraightforward answer should be given. Yes, I shall pay,if, as I hope, my vessel arrives safely; for its arrivalwill again procure me the credit which the numerousaccidents, of which I have been the victim, have deprivedme; but if the Pharaon should be lost, and this lastresource be gone" -- the poor man's eyes filled with tears.
2.  "What?"
3.  "Why?" asked Franz.
4.  "On the contrary," said the count, "after this time you mustlive with me -- you must not leave me, and in a week weshall have left France behind us."
5.  "The gentleman who receives us? Is he a deputy?"
6.  "This tunnel was dug, no doubt, with an intention ofescape?"


1.  "With?"
2.  "Yes, yes; let us hasten up; it was in Valentine's room."But before the doctor and the father could reach the room,the servants who were on the same floor had entered, andseeing Valentine pale and motionless on her bed, they liftedup their hands towards heaven and stood transfixed, asthough struck by lightening. "Call Madame de Villefort! --wake Madame de Villefort!" cried the procureur from the doorof his chamber, which apparently he scarcely dared to leave.But instead of obeying him, the servants stood watching M.d'Avrigny, who ran to Valentine, and raised her in his arms."What? -- this one, too?" he exclaimed. "Oh, where will bethe end?" Villefort rushed into the room. "What are yousaying, doctor?" he exclaimed, raising his hands to heaven.
3.  "Well," replied Mercedes, sighing, "go, Albert; I will notmake you a slave to your filial piety." Albert pretended hedid not hear, bowed to his mother, and quitted her. Scarcelyhad he shut her door, when Mercedes called a confidentialservant, and ordered him to follow Albert wherever he shouldgo that evening, and to come and tell her immediately whathe observed. Then she rang for her lady's maid, and, weak asshe was, she dressed, in order to be ready for whatevermight happen. The footman's mission was an easy one. Albertwent to his room, and dressed with unusual care. At tenminutes to eight Beauchamp arrived; he had seenChateau-Renaud, who had promised to be in the orchestrabefore the curtain was raised. Both got into Albert's coupe;and, as the young man had no reason to conceal where he wasgoing, he called aloud, "To the opera." In his impatience hearrived before the beginning of the performance.
4.  "On shore in the grottos, or on board in your cloak;besides, if your excellency pleases, we can leave as soon asyou like -- we can sail as well by night as by day, and ifthe wind drops we can use our oars."
5.   "I demand admittance," said a loud voice outside the room,"in the name of the law!" As no attempt was made to preventit, the door was opened, and a magistrate, wearing hisofficial scarf, presented himself, followed by four soldiersand a corporal. Uneasiness now yielded to the most extremedread on the part of those present.
6.  "Next day -- next day, sir, you must have seen plain enoughwhat they had been doing, yet you said nothing, though youwere present when Dantes was arrested."


1.  "Very possibly I may not go," answered Franz; "but in case Ifeel disposed, give me some particulars of to-day'sexecutions."
2.  "Two or three hundred Roman crowns?"
3.  "Ah, yes; I see," said the count, in a voice hoarse fromemotion.
4、  "Oh, I am quite sure. I will take all the blame on myself ifyou find I have led you into an error."
5、  "Everything."




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      "Alone in the world!" repeated a voice behind the count,"and why?"

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      "Yes," said Morrel, "it is true; I have but now left a housewhere death has just entered, to run to you."

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       "Have we come to any?"

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      "Yes; you. How comes it, that having both a sister and anadopted son, you have never spoken to me of either?"

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    {  Mercedes was left alone face to face with the vast plainthat had never seemed so barren, and the sea that had neverseemed so vast. Bathed in tears she wandered about theCatalan village. Sometimes she stood mute and motionless asa statue, looking towards Marseilles, at other times gazingon the sea, and debating as to whether it were not better tocast herself into the abyss of the ocean, and thus end herwoes. It was not want of courage that prevented her puttingthis resolution into execution; but her religious feelingscame to her aid and saved her. Caderousse was, like Fernand,enrolled in the army, but, being married and eight yearsolder, he was merely sent to the frontier. Old Dantes, whowas only sustained by hope, lost all hope at Napoleon'sdownfall. Five months after he had been separated from hisson, and almost at the hour of his arrest, he breathed hislast in Mercedes' arms. M. Morrel paid the expenses of hisfuneral, and a few small debts the poor old man hadcontracted.

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      "The letter signed `Sinbad the Sailor,' is it not?"}

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      "Two or three hundred Roman crowns?"

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      "The Count of Monte Cristo."

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       "But at least we shall see her," said Beauchamp, "or do youkeep eunuchs as well as mutes?"

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    {  "How so?"

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      "Yes, miserable wretch!" cried Morcerf, "it is your fault."Danglars retreated a few steps. "My fault?" said he; "youmust be mad! What do I know of the Grecian affair? Have Itravelled in that country? Did I advise your father to sellthe castle of Yanina -- to betray" --