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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, then, I will tell you what we must do. We must piercethrough the corridor by forming a side opening about themiddle, as it were the top part of a cross. This time youwill lay your plans more accurately; we shall get out intothe gallery you have described; kill the sentinel who guardsit, and make our escape. All we require to insure success iscourage, and that you possess, and strength, which I am notdeficient in; as for patience, you have abundantly provedyours -- you shall now see me prove mine."
2.  "Three days ago? You are crazy. Why, three days ago theemperor had not landed."
3.  "Then we do not see those beings to whom you allude?"
4.  "It was I," said a sailor of a frank and manly appearance;"and it was time, for you were sinking."
5.  "This dungeon," said the concierge, "was, it appears, sometime ago occupied by a very dangerous prisoner, the more sosince he was full of industry. Another person was confinedin the Chateau at the same time, but he was not wicked, hewas only a poor mad priest."
6.  This time Franz could contain himself no longer, but sank,half fainting, into a seat. Albert, with his eyes closed,was standing grasping the window-curtains. The count waserect and triumphant, like the Avenging Angel!


1.  "Ah, very well, very well," said the major, clutching thebuttons of his coat at each exclamation.
2.  "Well!" said Faria, when the young man had finished readingit.
3.  "Yes."
4.  * Guilbert de Pixerecourt, French dramatist (1775-1844).
5.  "The same orders for her as for the two sailing vessels."
6.  "Go into my study here, and I will show it to you." And theyboth entered M. de Boville's study. Everything was herearranged in perfect order; each register had its number,each file of papers its place. The inspector begged theEnglishman to seat himself in an arm-chair, and placedbefore him the register and documents relative to theChateau d'If, giving him all the time he desired for theexamination, while De Boville seated himself in a corner,and began to read his newspaper. The Englishman easily foundthe entries relative to the Abbe Faria; but it seemed thatthe history which the inspector had related interested himgreatly, for after having perused the first documents heturned over the leaves until he reached the depositionrespecting Edmond Dantes. There he found everything arrangedin due order, -- the accusation, examination, Morrel'spetition, M. de Villefort's marginal notes. He folded up theaccusation quietly, and put it as quietly in his pocket;read the examination, and saw that the name of Noirtier wasnot mentioned in it; perused, too, the application dated10th April, 1815, in which Morrel, by the deputy procureur'sadvice, exaggerated with the best intentions (for Napoleonwas then on the throne) the services Dantes had rendered tothe imperial cause -- services which Villefort'scertificates rendered indispensable. Then he saw through thewhole thing. This petition to Napoleon, kept back byVillefort, had become, under the second restoration, aterrible weapon against him in the hands of the king'sattorney. He was no longer astonished when he searched on tofind in the register this note, placed in a bracket againsthis name: --


1.  Just then, a handsome young man, with bright eyes, blackhair, and glossy mustache, respectfully bowed to Madame deVillefort. Albert extended his hand. "Madame," said Albert,"allow me to present to you M. Maximilian Morrel, captain ofSpahis, one of our best, and, above all, of our bravestofficers."
2.  "The owner of the Pharaon and patron of Dantes."
3.  "Ah," said a gallant old general, who, in 1809, had sung"Partant pour la Syrie," -- "we will not go alone to thegarden."
4.  "My friend, my dear Maximilian, do not make a hastyresolution, I entreat you."
5.   "Oh!" murmured Valentine.
6.  "You are the inspector of prisons?"


1.  "And what am I to pay with, brute?" said Danglars, enraged."Do you suppose I carry 100,000 francs in my pocket?"
2.  "How?"
3.  Chapter 22The Smugglers.
4、  "You understand me?" said the count. "Bring your comradeshere, one and all; but let everything remain as usual, onlyclose the shutters of the ground floor."
5、  "Did they speak of me?"




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      "And will you engage not to do any harm to the sentry,except as a last resort?"

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      "Go, go!" exclaimed Dantes.

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       Morrel pulled the bell, but though he nearly broke the cordno one answered. He turned towards Noirtier; the pallor andanguish expressed on his countenance momentarily increased.

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      "Come, you understand me."

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    {  "I will find him, as I told you. I will tell him the tieswhich bind me to Mademoiselle Valentine; if he be a sensibleman, he will prove it by renouncing of his own accord thehand of his betrothed, and will secure my friendship, andlove until death; if he refuse, either through interest orridiculous pride, after I have proved to him that he wouldbe forcing my wife from me, that Valentine loves me, andwill have no other, I will fight with him, give him everyadvantage, and I shall kill him, or he will kill me; if I amvictorious, he will not marry Valentine, and if I die, I amvery sure Valentine will not marry him." Noirtier watched,with indescribable pleasure, this noble and sincerecountenance, on which every sentiment his tongue uttered wasdepicted, adding by the expression of his fine features allthat coloring adds to a sound and faithful drawing. Still,when Morrel had finished, he shut his eyes several times,which was his manner of saying "No."

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      "It is here; unlock the door, Antoine." The turnkey obeyed,and the inspector gazed curiously into the chamber of the"mad abbe."}

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      "Hold, sir," said Villefort, "do not prolong this dreadfulscene. The names have been purposely concealed; my fatherhimself does not know who this president was, and if heknows, he cannot tell you; proper names are not in thedictionary."

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      "`Has the daughter of Ali Tepelini spoken the truth?' saidthe president. `Is she, then, the terrible witness to whosecharge you dare not plead "Not guilty"? Have you reallycommitted the crimes of which you are accused?' The countlooked around him with an expression which might havesoftened tigers, but which could not disarm his judges. Thenhe raised his eyes towards the ceiling, but withdrew then,immediately, as if he feared the roof would open and revealto his distressed view that second tribunal called heaven,and that other judge named God. Then, with a hasty movement,he tore open his coat, which seemed to stifle him, and flewfrom the room like a madman; his footstep was heard onemoment in the corridor, then the rattling of hiscarriage-wheels as he was driven rapidly away. `Gentlemen,'said the president, when silence was restored, `is the Countof Morcerf convicted of felony, treason, and conductunbecoming a member of this House?' -- `Yes,' replied allthe members of the committee of inquiry with a unanimousvoice.

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       "`What is your name?' inquired the traveller. -- `LuigiVampa,' replied the shepherd, with the same air as he wouldhave replied, Alexander, King of Macedon. -- `And yours?' --`I,' said the traveller, `am called Sinbad the Sailor.'"Franz d'Epinay started with surprise.

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    {  "Yes, yes, make your mind easy, he shall be decentlyinterred in the newest sack we can find. Will that satisfyyou?"

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