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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Their demand was fair, and the chief inclined his head insign of acquiescence. The eyes of all shone fiercely as theymade their demand, and the red light of the fire made themlook like demons. The names of all, including Carlini, wereplaced in a hat, and the youngest of the band drew forth aticket; the ticket bore the name of Diovolaccio. He was theman who had proposed to Carlini the health of their chief,and to whom Carlini replied by breaking the glass across hisface. A large wound, extending from the temple to the mouth,was bleeding profusely. Diovalaccio, seeing himself thusfavored by fortune, burst into a loud laugh. `Captain,' saidhe, `just now Carlini would not drink your health when Iproposed it to him; propose mine to him, and let us see ifhe will be more condescending to you than to me.' Every oneexpected an explosion on Carlini's part; but to their greatsurprise, he took a glass in one hand and a flask in theother, and filling it, -- `Your health, Diavolaccio,' saidhe calmly, and he drank it off, without his hand tremblingin the least. Then sitting down by the fire, `My supper,'said he; `my expedition has given me an appetite.' -- `Welldone, Carlini!' cried the brigands; `that is acting like agood fellow;' and they all formed a circle round the fire,while Diavolaccio disappeared. Carlini ate and drank as ifnothing had happened. The bandits looked on withastonishment at this singular conduct until they heardfootsteps. They turned round, and saw Diavolaccio bearingthe young girl in his arms. Her head hung back, and her longhair swept the ground. As they entered the circle, thebandits could perceive, by the firelight, the unearthlypallor of the young girl and of Diavolaccio. This apparitionwas so strange and so solemn, that every one rose, with theexception of Carlini, who remained seated, and ate and drankcalmly. Diavolaccio advanced amidst the most profoundsilence, and laid Rita at the captain's feet. Then every onecould understand the cause of the unearthly pallor in theyoung girl and the bandit. A knife was plunged up to thehilt in Rita's left breast. Every one looked at Carlini; thesheath at his belt was empty. `Ah, ah,' said the chief, `Inow understand why Carlini stayed behind.' All savagenatures appreciate a desperate deed. No other of the banditswould, perhaps, have done the same; but they all understoodwhat Carlini had done. `Now, then,' cried Carlini, rising inhis turn, and approaching the corpse, his hand on the buttof one of his pistols, `does any one dispute the possessionof this woman with me?' -- `No,' returned the chief, `she isthine.' Carlini raised her in his arms, and carried her outof the circle of firelight. Cucumetto placed his sentinelsfor the night, and the bandits wrapped themselves in theircloaks, and lay down before the fire. At midnight thesentinel gave the alarm, and in an instant all were on thealert. It was Rita's father, who brought his daughter'sransom in person. `Here,' said he, to Cucumetto, `here arethree hundred piastres; give me back my child. But thechief, without taking the money, made a sign to him tofollow. The old man obeyed. They both advanced beneath thetrees, through whose branches streamed the moonlight.Cucumetto stopped at last, and pointed to two personsgrouped at the foot of a tree.
2.  "In the name of heaven," cried Dantes, "speak again, thoughthe sound of your voice terrifies me. Who are you?"
3.  "The count had not uttered one word the whole of this time.His colleagues looked at him, and doubtless pitied hisprospects, blighted under the perfumed breath of a woman.His misery was depicted in sinister lines on hiscountenance. `M. de Morcerf,' said the president, `do yourecognize this lady as the daughter of Ali Tepelini, pashaof Yanina?' -- `No,' said Morcerf, attempting to rise, `itis a base plot, contrived by my enemies.' Haidee, whose eyeshad been fixed on the door, as if expecting some one, turnedhastily, and, seeing the count standing, shrieked, `You donot know me?' said she. `Well, I fortunately recognize you!You are Fernand Mondego, the French officer who led thetroops of my noble father! It is you who surrendered thecastle of Yanina! It is you who, sent by him toConstantinople, to treat with the emperor for the life ordeath of your benefactor, brought back a false mandategranting full pardon! It is you who, with that mandate,obtained the pasha's ring, which gave you authority overSelim, the fire-keeper! It is you who stabbed Selim. It isyou who sold us, my mother and me, to the merchant,El-Kobbir! Assassin, assassin, assassin, you have still onyour brow your master's blood! Look, gentlemen, all!'
4.  "But," said Morrel, "is there no way of expediting all theseformalities -- of releasing him from arrest?"
5.  "You mistake, Fernand; it is not a law, but merely a custom,and, I pray of you, do not cite this custom in your favor.You are included in the conscription, Fernand, and are onlyat liberty on sufferance, liable at any moment to be calledupon to take up arms. Once a soldier, what would you do withme, a poor orphan, forlorn, without fortune, with nothingbut a half-ruined hut and a few ragged nets, the miserableinheritance left by my father to my mother, and by my motherto me? She has been dead a year, and you know, Fernand, Ihave subsisted almost entirely on public charity. Sometimesyou pretend I am useful to you, and that is an excuse toshare with me the produce of your fishing, and I accept it,Fernand, because you are the son of my father's brother,because we were brought up together, and still more becauseit would give you so much pain if I refuse. But I feel verydeeply that this fish which I go and sell, and with theproduce of which I buy the flax I spin, -- I feel verykeenly, Fernand, that this is charity."
6.  For a moment the idea of struggling crossed his mind, and ofso ending the unexpected evil that had overtaken him. But hebethought him of M. de Villefort's promise; and, besides,death in a boat from the hand of a gendarme seemed tooterrible. He remained motionless, but gnashing his teeth andwringing his hands with fury.


1.  Dantes asked to be removed from his present dungeon intoanother; for a change, however disadvantageous, was still achange, and would afford him some amusement. He entreated tobe allowed to walk about, to have fresh air, books, andwriting materials. His requests were not granted, but hewent on asking all the same. He accustomed himself tospeaking to the new jailer, although the latter was, ifpossible, more taciturn than the old one; but still, tospeak to a man, even though mute, was something. Dantesspoke for the sake of hearing his own voice; he had tried tospeak when alone, but the sound of his voice terrified him.Often, before his captivity, Dantes, mind had revolted atthe idea of assemblages of prisoners, made up of thieves,vagabonds, and murderers. He now wished to be amongst them,in order to see some other face besides that of his jailer;he sighed for the galleys, with the infamous costume, thechain, and the brand on the shoulder. The galley-slavesbreathed the fresh air of heaven, and saw each other. Theywere very happy. He besought the jailer one day to let himhave a companion, were it even the mad abbe.
2.  As he entered the chamber of his friend, Dantes cast aroundone eager and searching glance in quest of the expectedmarvels, but nothing more than common met his view.
3.  "As true as I am a Christian," stammered Caderousse, "youwill make me die of fright!"
4.  "But, sir, he has fled; let him escape -- inaction is apardonable offence."
5.  "`Teresa, what were you thinking of as you danced oppositethe young Countess of San-Felice?' -- `I thought,' repliedthe young girl, with all the frankness of her nature, `thatI would give half my life for a costume such as she wore.'
6.  "Had Madame de Saint-Meran any enemies?"


1.  "Indeed? Pray tell me how it happened?"
2.  "Be it half a million. then; but on my word of honor, I hadno idea that it was so much."
3.  "Ah, madame," replied Monte Cristo, "you must not ask of us,the manufacturers of fine porcelain, such a question. It isthe work of another age, constructed by the genii of earthand water."
4.  "Oh, well," said the count, "I do not think you have yetknown the want of money." Andrea was so surprised that hepondered the matter for a moment. Then, arousing from hisrevery, -- "Now, sir, I have one request to make to you,which you will understand, even if it should be disagreeableto you."
5.   "Well, Decapitator, Guardian of the State, Royalist, Brutus,what is the matter?" said one. "Speak out."
6.  "That is but fair," replied Monte Cristo.


1.  "I must try and persuade M. Danglars to invite him to a ballor dinner, or something of the sort, that he may becompelled to ask us in return."
2.  "In order to render an act valid, I must be certain of theapprobation or disapprobation of my client. Illness of bodywould not affect the validity of the deed, but sanity ofmind is absolutely requisite."
3.  "You are mistaken, viscount; I believe he has not a franc inhis possession."
4、  "It is well," said the abbe; "we have some hours before us-- it is now just a quarter past twelve o'clock."Instinctively Dantes turned round to observe by what watchor clock the abbe had been able so accurately to specify thehour.
5、  We awake from every sleep except the one dreaded byDanglars. He awoke. To a Parisian accustomed to silkencurtains, walls hung with velvet drapery, and the softperfume of burning wood, the white smoke of which diffusesitself in graceful curves around the room, the appearance ofthe whitewashed cell which greeted his eyes on awakeningseemed like the continuation of some disagreeable dream. Butin such a situation a single moment suffices to change thestrongest doubt into certainty. "Yes, yes," he murmured, "Iam in the hands of the brigands of whom Albert de Morcerfspoke." His first idea was to breathe, that he might knowwhether he was wounded. He borrowed this from "Don Quixote,"the only book he had ever read, but which he still slightlyremembered.




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      "But you are sure you are not mistaken."

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      "Will you be good enough to explain your meaning?" said themajor, endeavoring as much as possible to assume an air ofthe greatest majesty.

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       "Surely," answered Danglars, "one cannot be held responsiblefor every chance arrow shot into the air."

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      "Yes." answered the abbe; "Edmond related to me everythinguntil the moment when he was arrested in a small cabaretclose to Marseilles."

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    {  "Proceed," said Monte Cristo.

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      Barrois took the glass, and, raising it to his purple lips,took about half of the liquid offered him. "Where do yousuffer?" asked the doctor.}

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      "What is that?"

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      "Where, then, are you going?" asked the marquise.

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       "He died."

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    {  "Well," said Franz with a sigh, "do as you please my dearviscount, for your arguments are beyond my powers ofrefutation. Still, in spite of all, you must admit that thisCount of Monte Cristo is a most singular personage."

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      For about seven or eight years the little tavern had beenkept by a man and his wife, with two servants, -- achambermaid named Trinette, and a hostler called Pecaud.This small staff was quite equal to all the requirements,for a canal between Beaucaire and Aiguemortes hadrevolutionized transportation by substituting boats for thecart and the stagecoach. And, as though to add to the dailymisery which this prosperous canal inflicted on theunfortunate inn-keeper, whose utter ruin it was fastaccomplishing, it was situated between the Rhone from whichit had its source and the post-road it had depleted, not ahundred steps from the inn, of which we have given a briefbut faithful description.