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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Once, I remember, as we passed over the Gemmi, and walked alongthe border of the melancholy Daubensee, a large rock which had beendislodged from the ridge upon our right clattered down and roared intothe lake behind us. In an instant Holmes had raced up on to the ridge,and, standing upon a lofty pinnacle, craned his neck in everydirection. It was in vain that our guide assured him that a fall ofstones was a common chance in the springtime at that spot. He saidnothing, but he smiled at me with the air of a man who sees thefulfillment of that which he had expected.
2.  1903
3.  So those were the facts about Killer Evans and his remarkableinvention of the three Garridebs. We heard later that our poor oldfriend never got over the shock of his dissipated dreams. When hiscastle in the air fell down, it buried him beneath the ruins. He waslast heard of at a nursing-home in Brixton. It was a glad day at theYard when the Prescott outfit was discovered, for, though they knewthat it existed, they had never been able, after the death of the man,to find out where it was. Evans had indeed done great service andcaused several worthy C.I.D. men to sleep the sounder, for thecounterfeiter stands in a class by himself as a public danger. Theywould willingly have subscribed to that soup-plate medal of whichthe criminal had spoken, but an unappreciative bench took a lessfavourable view, ind the Killer returned to those shades from which hehad just emerged.
4.  'I feel that I have brought trouble upon you, and that if I hadacted differently this terrible misfortune might never haveoccurred. I cannot, with this thought in my mind, ever again behappy under your roof, and I feel that I must leave you forever. Donot worry about my future, for that is provided for; and, above all,do not search for me, for it will be fruitless labour and anill-service to me. In life or in death, I am ever
5.  "Oh, tut, tut! I have no time! That left foot of yours with itsinward twist is all over the place. A mole could trace it, and thereit vanishes among the reeds. Oh, how simple it would all have been hadI been here before they came like a herd of buffalo and wallowed allover it. Here is where the party with the lodge-keeper came, andthey have covered all tracks for six or eight feet round the body. Buthere are three separate tracks of the same feet." He drew out a lensand lay down upon his waterproof to have a better view, talking allthe time to himself rather than to us. "These are young McCarthy'sfeet. Twice he was walking, and once he ran swiftly, so that the solesare deeply marked and the heels hardly visible. That bears out hisstory. He ran when he saw his father on the ground. Then here arethe father's feet as he paced up and down. What is this, then? It isthe butt-end of the gun as the son stood listening. And this? Ha,ha! What have we here? Tiptoes! tiptoes! Square, too, quite unusualboots! They come, they go, they come again of course that was forthe cloak. Now where did they come from?" He ran up and down,sometimes losing, sometimes finding the track until we were wellwithin the edge of the wood and under the shadow of a great beech, thelargest tree in the neighbourhood. Holmes traced his way to thefarther side of this and lay down once more upon his face with alittle cry of satisfaction. For a long time he remained there, turningover the leaves and dried sticks, gathering up what seemed to me to bedust into an envelope and examining with his lens not only theground but even the bark of the tree as far as he could reach. Ajagged stone was lying among the moss, and this also he carefullyexamined and retained. Then he followed a pathway through the wooduntil he came to the highroad, where all traces were lost."It has been a case of considerable interest," he remarked,returning to his natural manner. "I fancy that this gray house onthe right must be the lodge. I think that I will go in and have a wordwith Moran, and perhaps write a little note. Having done that, wemay drive back to our luncheon. You may walk to the cab, and I shallbe with you presently."
6.  "Pray continue," I said. "Your problem presents some very unusualfeatures."


1.  "Mr. Sidney Johnson, the senior clerk."
2.  "This went on day after day, Mr. Holmes, and on Saturday themanager came in and planked down four golden sovereigns for myweek's work. It was the same next week, and the same the weekafter. Every morning I was there at ten, and every afternoon Ileft at two. By degrees Mr. Duncan Ross took to coming in onlyonce of a morning, and then, after a time, he did not come in atall. Still, of course, I never dared to leave the room for aninstant, for I was not sure when he might come, and the billet wassuch a good one, and suited me so well, that I would not risk theloss of it.
3.  "I see. But surely this event could not have found its way intothe Plymouth morning papers."
4.  "Was there any feature of interest?"
5.  "But the reason is very obvious. The pressure of public opinioncan do in the town what the law cannot accomplish. There is no lane sovile that the scream of a tortured child, or the thud of adrunkard's blow, does not beget sympathy and indignation among theneighbours, and then the whole machinery of justice is ever so closethat a word of complaint can set it going, and there is but a stepbetween the crime and the dock. But look at these lonely houses,each in its own fields, filled for the most part with poor ignorantfolk who know little of the law. Think of the deeds of hellishcruelty, the hidden wickedness which may go on, year in, year out,in such places, and none the wiser. Had this lady who appeals to usfor help gone to live in Winchester, I should never have had a fearfor her. It is the five miles of country which makes the danger.Still, it is clear that she is not personally threatened.""No. If she can come to Winchester to meet us she can get away.""Quite so. She has her freedom."
6.  "Porky Shinwell has been telling me. He's after some other poor fooland wants to marry her this time. You want to stop it. Well, yousurely know enough about this devil to prevent any decent girl inher senses wanting to be in the same parish with him."


1.  "I trust that age doth not wither nor custom stale my infinitevariety," said he, and I recognized in his voice the joy and pridewhich the artist takes in his own creation. "It really is ratherlike me, is it not?"
2.  "Never have I felt such a cold chill of disappointment, Watson.For a moment it seemed to me that there must be some radical mistakein my calculations. The setting sun shone full upon the passage floor,and I could see that the old, foot-worn gray stones with which itwas paved were firmly cemented together, and had certainly not beenmoved for many a long year. Brunton had not been at work here. Itapped upon the floor, but it sounded the same all over, and there wasno sign of any crack or crevice. But fortunately, Musgrave, who hadbegun to appreciate the meaning of my proceedings, and who was nowas excited as myself, took out his manuscript to check mycalculations.
3.  "There are certainly some points of interest in this case,Watson," he remarked when the landlady had left us. "It may, ofcourse, be trivial- individual eccentricity; or it may be very muchdeeper than appears on the surface. The first thing that strikes oneis the obvious possibility that the person now in the rooms may beentirely different from the one who engaged them."
4.  "No, no, my dear Watson. The more deeply sunk impression is, ofcourse, the hind wheel, upon which the weight rests. You perceiveseveral places where it has passed across and obliterated the moreshallow mark of the front one. It was undoubtedly heading away fromthe school. It may or may not be connected with our inquiry, but wewill follow it backwards before we go any farther."
5.   I glanced at my morning paper.
6.  "Thank you. I should like to think over the matter a little now.If the cottage is now permanently deserted we may have somedifficulty. If, on the other hand, as I fancy is more likely, theinmates were warned of your coming and left before you enteredyesterday, then they may be back now, and we should clear it all upeasily. Let me advise you, then, to return to Norbury and to examinethe windows of the cottage again. If you have reason to believe thatit is inhabited, do not force your way in, but send a wire to myfriend and me. We shall be with you within an hour of receiving it,and we shall then very soon get to the bottom of the business.""And if it is still empty?"


1.  "In the immediate neighbourhood, yes. But we have several smallwatering places not very far away. And the farmers take in lodgers.""These hieroglyphics have evidently a meaning. If it is a purelyarbitrary one, it may be impossible for us to solve it. If, on theother hand, it is systematic, I have no doubt that we shall get to thebottom of it. But this particular sample is so short that I can donothing, and the facts which you have brought me are so indefinitethat we have no basis for an investigation. I would suggest that youreturn to Norfolk, that you keep a keen lookout, and that you takean exact copy of any fresh dancing men which may appear. It is athousand pities that we have not a reproduction of those which weredone in chalk upon the window-sill. Make a discreet inquiry also as toany strangers in the neighbourhood. When you have collected some freshevidence, come to me again. That is the best advice which I can giveyou, Mr. Hilton Cubitt. If there are any pressing freshdevelopments, I shall be always ready to run down and see you inyour Norfolk home."
2.  I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the secondmorning after Christmas, with the intention of wishing him thecompliments of the season. He was lounging upon the sofa in apurple dressing-gown, a pipe-rack within his reach upon the right,and a pile of crumpled morning papers, evidently newly studied,near at hand. Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on theangle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felthat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places. Alens and a forceps lying upon the seat of the chair suggested thatthe hat had been suspended in this manner for the purpose ofexamination.
3.  "'What may you be wantin'?' she asked in a Northern accent."'I am your neighbour over yonder,' said I, nodding towards.myhouse. 'I see that you have only just moved in, so I thought that if Icould be of any help to you in any-'
4、  "I would guarantee you against any claim of the sort."
5、  "Well, Watson, any views?" he asked.




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      "He sleeps at the end of the passage and would have to pass mydoor in order to reach the staircase. It was a really terrifyingexperience, Mr. Holmes. I think that I am as strong-nerved as myneighbours, but I was shaken by what I saw. The passage was darksave that one window halfway along it threw a patch of light. Icould see that something was coming along the passage, somethingdark and crouching. Then suddenly it emerged into the light, and I sawthat it was he. He was crawling, Mr. Holmes- crawling! He was notquite on his hands and knees. I should rather say on his hands andfeet, with his face sunk between his hands. Yet he seemed to move withcase. I was so paralyzed by the sight that it was not until he hadreached my door that I was able to step forward and ask if I couldassist him. His answer was extraordinary. He sprang up, spat outsome atrocious word at me, and hurried on past me, and down thestaircase. I waited about for an hour, but he did not come back. Itmust have been daylight before he regained his room."

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      "No, sir. He eats so little that I often wonder it can keep lifein one."

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       It was amusing to me to see how the detective's overbearing mannerhad changed suddenly to that of a child asking questions of itsteacher.

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      But it was not our prisoner to whom Holmes was giving his attention.Squatted on the doorstep, he was engaged in most carefully examiningthat which the man had brought from the house. It was a bust ofNapoleon, like the one which we had seen that morning, and it had beenbroken into similar fragments. Carefully Holmes held each separateshard to the light, but in no way did it differ from any othershattered piece of plaster. He had just completed his examination whenthe hall lights flew up, the door opened, and the owner of thehouse, a jovial, rotund figure in shirt and trousers, presentedhimself.

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    {  "There was one other thing I wish to tell you, Mr. Holmes. I havethe address of the man in London to whom the professor writes. Heseems to have written this morning, and I got it from hisblotting-paper. It is an ignoble position for a trusted secretary, butwhat else can I do?"

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      "'When did it happen, doctor?' asked Trevor.}

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      "What else can be indicated by that right cuff so very shinyfor five inches, and the left one with the smooth patch near theelbow where you rest it upon the desk?"

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      Sherlock Holmes was rubbing his hands and chuckling as he added thisbizarre incident to his collection of strange episodes."Your experience is, so far as I know, perfectly unique!" said he."May I ask, sir, what you did then?"

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       A few minutes later we were joined by a short, stout man whose oliveface and coal black hair proclaimed his Southern origin, though hisspeech was that of an educated Englishman. He shook hands eagerly withSherlock Holmes, and his dark eyes sparkled with pleasure when heunderstood that the specialist was anxious to hear his story."I do not believe that the police credit me-on my word, I do not,"said he in a wailing voice. "Just because they have never heard ofit before, they think that such a thing cannot be. But I know that Ishall never be easy in my mind until I know what has become of my poorman with the sticking-plaster upon his face."

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    {  "What does it show?"

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      "Might I have one word with you alone?"