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伯汇娱乐平台官网【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Exactly. And it looks out on an angle of the courtyard so as tobe partly invisible. The man might have effected his entrance there,left traces as he passed through the bedroom, and finally, finding thedoor open, have escaped that way."   "Very good. Come this way, if you please." He led us down a passage,opened a barred door, passed down a winding stair, and brought us to awhitewashed corridor with a line of doors on each side."The third on the right is his," said the inspector. "Here it is!"He quietly shot back a panel in the upper part of the door and glancedthrough.

    "Very sorry to knock you up, Watson," said he, "but it's thecommon lot this morning. Mrs. Hudson has been knocked up, she retortedupon me, and I on you."

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   "Well, then, of course I saw it all, and I ran off as hard asmy feet would carry me to this man Breckinridge; but he had soldthe lot at once, and not one word would he tell me as to wherethey had gone. You heard him yourselves to-night. Well, he hasalways answered me like that. My sister thinks that I am goingmad. Sometimes I think that I am myself. And now--and now I ammyself a branded thief, without ever having touched the wealth forwhich I sold my character. God help me! God help me!" He burstinto convulsive sobbing, with his face buried in his hands.There was a long silence, broken only by his heavy breathing,and by the measured tapping of Sherlock Holmes's finger-tips uponthe edge of the table. Then my friend rose and threw open thedoor.

    "Ah! Billy told me- the missing Crown jewel!"

    "Well, I got the two dozen from a salesman in Covent Garden.""Indeed? I know some of them. Which was it?"

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   "Your own question might perhaps come under the same heading.""This is not the first time that I have had to overlook yourinsubordinate ways. It will certainly be the last. You will kindlymake fresh arrangements for your future as speedily as you can.""I had intended to do so. I have lost to-day the only person whomade The Gables habitable."<  "At the point where the path passes through the gate, you couldsurely pick up the tracks?"

    "It is true," Holmes answered. "Up to a certain point he did well.He was always a man of iron nerve, and the story is still told inIndia how he crawled down a drain after a wounded man-eating tiger.There are some trees, Watson, which grow to a certain height, and thensuddenly develop some unsightly eccentricity. You will see it often inhumans. I have a theory that the individual represents in hisdevelopment the whole procession of his ancestors, and that such asudden turn to good or evil stands for some strong influence whichcame into the line of his pedigree. The person becomes, as it were,the epitome of the history of his own family."

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   "Yes, so you would say. But the fact remains that there isn't."He took the corner of the carpet in his hand and, turning it over,he showed that it was indeed as he said.

    Well, the scandal has been pretty clear for a long time.""But she may not have seen it before. Let us suppose that she hassuddenly found it out. She waits to get rid of the woman. Herbrother will not permit it. The invalid, with her weak heart andinability to get about, has no means of enforcing her will. Thehated maid is still tied to her. The lady refuses to speak, sulks,takes to drink. Sir Robert in his anger takes her pet spaniel awayfrom her. Does not all this hang together?"

<  "The two McCarthys were seen after the time when William Crowder,the game-keeper, lost sight of them. The Boscombe Pool is thicklywooded round, with just a fringe of grass and of reeds round the edge.A girl of fourteen, Patience Moran, who is the daughter of thelodge-keeper of the Boscombe Valley estate, was in one of the woodspicking flowers. She states that while she was there she saw, at theborder of the wood and close by the lake, Mr. McCarthy and his son,and that they appeared to be having a violent quarrel. She heard Mr.McCarthy the elder using very strong language to his son, and shesaw the latter raise up his hand as if to strike his father. She wasso frightened by their violence that she ran away and told hermother when she reached home that she had left the two McCarthysquarrelling near Boscombe Pool, and that she was afraid that they weregoing to fight. She had hardly said the words when young Mr.McCarthy came running up to the lodge to say that he had found hisfather dead in the wood, and to ask for the help of thelodge-keeper. He was much excited, without either his gun or hishat, and his right hand and sleeve were observed to be stained withfresh blood. On following him they found the dead body stretched outupon the grass beside the pool. The head had been beaten in byrepeated blows of some heavy and blunt weapon. The injuries weresuch as might very well have been inflicted by the butt-end of hisson's gun, which was found lying on the grass within a few paces ofthe body. Under these circumstances the young man was instantlyarrested, and a verdict of 'wilful murder' having been returned at theinquest on Tuesday, he was on Wednesday brought before the magistratesat Ross, who have referred the case to the next Assizes. Those are themain facts of the case as they came out before the coroner and thepolice-court."   "I have heard nothing of it."

    "Bloodhounds- sleuthhounds-"


<  "My uncle's voice is always remarkably low. I hardly spoke at all.""Thank you," said Holmes, shutting his eyes; "pray go on.""I did exactly what he indicated and waited until the other clerkshad departed. One of them in my room, Charles Gorot, had somearrears of work to make up, so I left him there and went out todine. When I returned he was gone. I was anxious to hurry my work, forI knew that Joseph-the Mr. Harrison whom you saw just now-was in town,and that he would travel down to Woking by the eleven-o'clock train,and I wanted if possible to catch it.   "Because the document in question is of such immense importancethat its publication might very easily- I might almost say probably-lead to European complications of the utmost moment. It is not toomuch to say that peace or war may hang upon the issue. Unless itsrecovery can be attended with the utmost secrecy, then it may aswell not be recovered at all, for all that is aimed at by those whohave taken it is that its contents should be generally known.""I understand. Now, Mr. Trelawney Hope, I should be much obligedif you would tell me exactly the circumstances under which thisdocument disappeared."

    "The next step is the note received by Garcia at the dinner. Itindicates a confederate at the other end. Now, where was the otherend? I have already shown you that it could only lie in some largehouse, and that the number of large houses, is limited. My firstdays in this village were devoted to a series of walks in which in theintervals of my botanical researches I made a reconnaissance of allthe large houses and an examination of the family history of theoccupants. One house, and only one, riveted my attention. It is thefamous old Jacobean grange of High Gable, one mile on the farther sideof Oxshott, and less than half a mile from the scene of the tragedy.The other mansions belonged to prosaic and respectable people who livefar aloof from romance. But Mr. Henderson, of High Gable, was by allaccounts a curious man to whom curious adventures might befall. Iconcentrated my attention, therefore, upon him and his household."A singular set of people, Watson- the man himself the most singularof them all. I managed to see him on a plausible pretext, but I seemedto read in his dark, deep-set, brooding eyes that he was perfectlyaware of my true business. He is a man of fifty, strong, active,with iron-gray hair, great bunched black eyebrows, the step of a deer,and the air of an emperor- a fierce, masterful man, with a red-hotspirit behind his parchment face. He is either a foreigner or haslived long in the tropics, for he is yellow and sapless, but toughas whipcord. His friend and secretary, Mr. Lucas, is undoubtedly aforeigner, chocolate brown, wily, suave, and catlike, with a poisonousgentleness of speech. You see, Watson, we have come already upon twosets of foreigners- one at Wisteria Lodge and one at High Gable- soour gaps are beginning to close.





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