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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I made myself some excellent ones, which would beuniversally preferred to all others if once known. You areaware what huge whitings are served to us on maigre days.Well, I selected the cartilages of the heads of thesefishes, and you can scarcely imagine the delight with whichI welcomed the arrival of each Wednesday, Friday, andSaturday, as affording me the means of increasing my stockof pens; for I will freely confess that my historical laborshave been my greatest solace and relief. While retracing thepast, I forget the present; and traversing at will the pathof history I cease to remember that I am myself a prisoner."
2.  "I say he is a myth," replied Albert, "and never had anexistence."
3.  "He is quite right," returned Beauchamp; "for I criticisehim without knowing what he does. Good-day, commander!"
4.  "But," cried Dantes, "it was a hundred and forty francs Iowed Caderousse."
5.  "Sir," replied the host, "we will do all in our power toprocure you one -- this is all I can say."
6.  "We shall see," said the inspector; then, turning to thegovernor, "On my word, the poor devil touches me. You mustshow me the proofs against him."


1.  "Mademoiselle, mademoiselle!" exclaimed a voice from behindthe trees. "Madame is searching for you everywhere; there isa visitor in the drawing-room."
2.  "Did you, in the year 1814 or 1815, know anything of a youngsailor named Dantes?"
3.  "Oh, I dare not -- she forbade my sending for you; and, asyou say, I am myself agitated, feverish and out of sorts. Iwill go and take a turn in the garden to recover myself."The doctor pressed Valentine's hand, and while he visitedher grandmother, she descended the steps. We need not saywhich portion of the garden was her favorite walk. Afterremaining for a short time in the parterre surrounding thehouse, and gathering a rose to place in her waist or hair,she turned into the dark avenue which led to the bench; thenfrom the bench she went to the gate. As usual, Valentinestrolled for a short time among her flowers, but withoutgathering them. The mourning in her heart forbade herassuming this simple ornament, though she had not yet hadtime to put on the outward semblance of woe. She then turnedtowards the avenue. As she advanced she fancied she heard avoice speaking her name. She stopped astonished, then thevoice reached her ear more distinctly, and she recognized itto be that of Maximilian.
4.  "Nor I," said Madame Danglars; "but you began a sentence,sir, and did not finish."
5.  "You persist in your incredulity, Edmond," continued Faria."My words have not convinced you. I see you require proofs.Well, then, read this paper, which I have never shown to anyone."
6.  "If I live, all would be changed; if I live, interest wouldbe converted into doubt, pity into hostility; if I live I amonly a man who his broken his word, failed in hisengagements -- in fact, only a bankrupt. If, on thecontrary, I die, remember, Maximilian, my corpse is that ofan honest but unfortunate man. Living, my best friends wouldavoid my house; dead, all Marseilles will follow me in tearsto my last home. Living, you would feel shame at my name;dead, you may raise your head and say, `I am the son of himyou killed, because, for the first time, he has beencompelled to break his word.'"


1.  "Good-evening, Valentine," said a well-known voice.
2.  "Yes; I will mention one to you. He had a remarkably finegarden, full of vegetables, flowers, and fruit. From amongstthese vegetables he selected the most simple -- a cabbage,for instance. For three days he watered this cabbage with adistillation of arsenic; on the third, the cabbage began todroop and turn yellow. At that moment he cut it. In the eyesof everybody it seemed fit for table, and preserved itswholesome appearance. It was only poisoned to the AbbeAdelmonte. He then took the cabbage to the room where he hadrabbits -- for the Abbe Adelmonte had a collection ofrabbits, cats, and guinea-pigs, fully as fine as hiscollection of vegetables, flowers, and fruit. Well, the AbbeAdelmonte took a rabbit, and made it eat a leaf of thecabbage. The rabbit died. What magistrate would find, oreven venture to insinuate, anything against this? Whatprocureur has ever ventured to draw up an accusation againstM. Magendie or M. Flourens, in consequence of the rabbits,cats, and guinea-pigs they have killed? -- not one. So,then, the rabbit dies, and justice takes no notice. Thisrabbit dead, the Abbe Adelmonte has its entrails taken outby his cook and thrown on the dunghill; on this dunghill isa hen, who, pecking these intestines, is in her turn takenill, and dies next day. At the moment when she is strugglingin the convulsions of death, a vulture is flying by (thereare a good many vultures in Adelmonte's country); this birddarts on the dead fowl, and carries it away to a rock, whereit dines off its prey. Three days afterwards, this poorvulture, which has been very much indisposed since thatdinner, suddenly feels very giddy while flying aloft in theclouds, and falls heavily into a fish-pond. The pike, eels,and carp eat greedily always, as everybody knows -- well,they feast on the vulture. Now suppose that next day, one ofthese eels, or pike, or carp, poisoned at the fourth remove,is served up at your table. Well, then, your guest will bepoisoned at the fifth remove, and die, at the end of eightor ten days, of pains in the intestines, sickness, orabscess of the pylorus. The doctors open the body and saywith an air of profound learning, `The subject his died of atumor on the liver, or of typhoid fever!'"
3.  The vague disquietude which prevailed among the spectatorshad so much affected one of the crowd that he did not awaitthe arrival of the vessel in harbor, but jumping into asmall skiff, desired to be pulled alongside the Pharaon,which he reached as she rounded into La Reserve basin.
4.  "Yes," returned Franz, finding that the count was coming tothe point he wished.
5.   "Hush," cried Valentine, suddenly; "some one is coming!"Maximilian leaped at one bound into his crop of lucerne,which he began to pull up in the most ruthless way, underthe pretext of being occupied in weeding it.
6.  "Oh," exclaimed Morrel, with a glance full of bitterreproach, "do you think it possible that I could be?"


1.  "God's justice! Speak not of it, reverend sir. If God werejust, you know how many would be punished who now escape."
2.  "Perhaps," continued Villefort, "he had put it in thefoundling hospital."
3.  "No, of you."
4、  "Madame, madame!" cried Valentine, calling her step-mother,and running up-stairs to meet her; "come quick, quick! --and bring your bottle of smelling-salts with you."
5、  "But you, Mademoiselle de Villefort, -- you, who arenecessary to M. Noirtier's happiness" --




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      "Well, we will go by the Corso. We will send the carriage towait for us on the Piazza del Popolo, by the Strada delBabuino, for I shall be glad to pass, myself, through theCorso, to see if some orders I have given have beenexecuted."

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      "Yes, -- yesterday."

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       "Do you talk in your sleep?"

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      "I have suffered deeply, madame," answered Monte Cristo.

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    {  "In a blue frock-coat, buttoned up close, decorated with theLegion of Honor."

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      "Are you interested in the sugar question?" asked the editorof the ministerial paper.}

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      "I have related it but once, and that was to the AbbeBusoni. Such things," continued Bertuccio, shaking his head,"are only related under the seal of confession."

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       "Dear Valentine," said Morrel, endeavoring to conceal hisown emotion, "listen, I entreat you; what I am about to sayis very serious. When are you to be married?"

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    {  "Do not let me interfere with you in anything, my friend,"said the count; "gather your strawberries, if, indeed, thereare any left."

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      He kept his word; twice a day he cast out, through thebarred aperture, the provisions his jailer brought him -- atfirst gayly, then with deliberation, and at last withregret. Nothing but the recollection of his oath gave himstrength to proceed. Hunger made viands once repugnant, nowacceptable; he held the plate in his hand for an hour at atime, and gazed thoughtfully at the morsel of bad meat, oftainted fish, of black and mouldy bread. It was the lastyearning for life contending with the resolution of despair;then his dungeon seemed less sombre, his prospects lessdesperate. He was still young -- he was only four or fiveand twenty -- he had nearly fifty years to live. Whatunforseen events might not open his prison door, and restorehim to liberty? Then he raised to his lips the repast that,like a voluntary Tantalus, he refused himself; but hethought of his oath, and he would not break it. He persisteduntil, at last, he had not sufficient strength to rise andcast his supper out of the loophole. The next morning hecould not see or hear; the jailer feared he was dangerouslyill. Edmond hoped he was dying.