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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Nonsense."
2.  "Ma foi!" said Chateau-Renaud, "I would rather end my careerlike M. de Morcerf; a pistol-shot seems quite delightfulcompared with this catastrophe."
3.  "He is one of the most well-bred young men I know." Duringthe whole of this conversation Valentine had remainedsilent. "Well, sir," said Madame de Saint-Meran, after a fewminutes' reflection, "I must hasten the marriage, for I havebut a short time to live."
4.  "And did your superior order you to treat me in this way?"
5.  "A letter?"
6.  This was precisely what Franz had heard the evening beforein the ruins of the Colosseum. No part of the programmediffered, -- the names of the condemned persons, theircrimes, and mode of punishment, all agreed with his previousinformation. In all probability, therefore, the Transteverinwas no other than the bandit Luigi Vampa himself, and theman shrouded in the mantle the same he had known as "Sinbadthe Sailor," but who, no doubt, was still pursuing hisphilanthropic expedition in Rome, as he had already done atPorto-Vecchio and Tunis. Time was getting on, however, andFranz deemed it advisable to awaken Albert; but at themoment he prepared to proceed to his chamber, his friendentered the room in perfect costume for the day. Theanticipated delights of the Carnival had so run in his headas to make him leave his pillow long before his usual hour."Now, my excellent Signor Pastrini," said Franz, addressinghis landlord, "since we are both ready, do you think we mayproceed at once to visit the Count of Monte Cristo?"


1.  "Is this the man?" asked the captain, who was attentivelyreading Plutarch's "Life of Alexander."
2.  The door was wide open, a hackney-coach was standing in themiddle of the yard -- a strange sight before so noble amansion; the count looked at it with terror, but withoutdaring to inquire its meaning, he rushed towards hisapartment. Two persons were coming down the stairs; he hadonly time to creep into an alcove to avoid them. It wasMercedes leaning on her son's arm and leaving the house.They passed close by the unhappy being, who, concealedbehind the damask curtain, almost felt Mercedes dress brushpast him, and his son's warm breath, pronouncing thesewords, -- "Courage, mother! Come, this is no longer ourhome!" The words died away, the steps were lost in thedistance. The general drew himself up, clinging to thecurtain; he uttered the most dreadful sob which ever escapedfrom the bosom of a father abandoned at the same time by hiswife and son. He soon heard the clatter of the iron step ofthe hackney-coach, then the coachman's voice, and then therolling of the heavy vehicle shook the windows. He darted tohis bedroom to see once more all he had loved in the world;but the hackney-coach drove on and the head of neitherMercedes nor her son appeared at the window to take a lastlook at the house or the deserted father and husband. And atthe very moment when the wheels of that coach crossed thegateway a report was heard, and a thick smoke escapedthrough one of the panes of the window, which was broken bythe explosion.
3.  "Does his mother then, keep poisons in her laboratory?"
4.  "Philosophy cannot be taught; it is the application of thesciences to truth; it is like the golden cloud in which theMessiah went up into heaven."
5.  "Oh, it must have been the young man, certainly, for he wasstrong and industrious, while the abbe was aged and weak;besides, his mind was too vacillating to allow him to carryout an idea."
6.  Caderousse, scarcely yet relying on this promise, put hislegs out of the window and stood on the ladder. "Now godown," said the abbe, folding his arms. Understanding he hadnothing more to fear from him, Caderousse began to go down.Then the count brought the taper to the window, that itmight be seen in the Champs-Elysees that a man was gettingout of the window while another held a light.


1.  "What matter," said Monte Cristo "if he has rendered theState services which merit this distinction?"
2.  "`"General," said the chief of the assembly, "one man mayinsult fifty -- it is the privilege of weakness. But he doeswrong to use his privilege. Follow my advice, swear, and donot insult." The general, again daunted by the superiorityof the chief, hesitated a moment; then advancing to thepresident's desk, -- "What is the form, said he.
3.  "No."
4.  Monte Cristo turned around; Haidee was standing pale,motionless, looking at the count with an expression offearful amazement.
5.   "Good; he accepts," said Monte Cristo. "Now let us go."
6.  That same evening, upon reaching his abode in the ChampsElysees, the Count of Monte Cristo went over the wholebuilding with the air of one long acquainted with each nookor corner. Nor, although preceding the party, did he oncemistake one door for another, or commit the smallest errorwhen choosing any particular corridor or staircase toconduct him to a place or suite of rooms he desired tovisit. Ali was his principal attendant during this nocturnalsurvey. Having given various orders to Bertuccio relative tothe improvements and alterations he desired to make in thehouse, the Count, drawing out his watch, said to theattentive Nubian, "It is half-past eleven o'clock; Haideewill soon he here. Have the French attendants been summonedto await her coming?" Ali extended his hands towards theapartments destined for the fair Greek, which were soeffectually concealed by means of a tapestried entrance,that it would have puzzled the most curious to have divinedtheir existence. Ali, having pointed to the apartments, heldup three fingers of his right hand, and then, placing itbeneath his head, shut his eyes, and feigned to sleep. "Iunderstand," said Monte Cristo, well acquainted with Ali'spantomime; "you mean to tell me that three female attendantsawait their new mistress in her sleeping-chamber." Ali, withconsiderable animation, made a sign in the affirmative.


1.  "Probably."
2.  "`Given at Constantinople, by authority of his highness, inthe year 1247 of the Hegira.
3.  After having passed with tolerable ease through thesubterranean passage, which, however, did not admit of theirholding themselves erect, the two friends reached thefurther end of the corridor, into which the abbe's cellopened; from that point the passage became much narrower,and barely permitted one to creep through on hands andknees. The floor of the abbe's cell was paved, and it hadbeen by raising one of the stones in the most obscure cornerthat Faria had to been able to commence the laborious taskof which Dantes had witnessed the completion.
4、  "Well, in one of your late conversations with him, you saidthat I appeared to be forgetful and irresolute concerningthis marriage, did you not?"
5、  "Why, thus it is," replied Dantes. "Thanks to the influenceof M. Morrel, to whom, next to my father, I owe everyblessing I enjoy, every difficulty his been removed. We havepurchased permission to waive the usual delay; and athalf-past two o'clock the mayor of Marseilles will bewaiting for us at the city hall. Now, as a quarter-past onehas already struck, I do not consider I have asserted toomuch in saying, that, in another hour and thirty minutesMercedes will have become Madame Dantes."




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      "He came into the room, went to the cupboard, took out thebag and pocket-book, and both began, for the third time, tocount their gold and bank-notes. I never saw such anexpression of cupidity as the flickering lamp revealed inthose two countenances. The woman, especially, was hideous;her usual feverish tremulousness was intensified, hercountenance had become livid, and her eyes resembled burningcoals. `Why,' she inquired in a hoarse voice, `did youinvite him to sleep here to-night?' -- `Why?' saidCaderousse with a shudder; `why, that he might not have thetrouble of returning to Beaucaire.' -- `Ah,' responded thewoman, with an expression impossible to describe; `I thoughtit was for something else.' -- `Woman, woman -- why do youhave such ideas?' cried Caderousse; `or, if you have them,why don't you keep them to yourself?' -- `Well,' said LaCarconte, after a moment's pause, `you are not a man.' --`What do you mean?' added Caderousse. -- `If you had been aman, you would not have let him go from here.' -- `Woman!'-- `Or else he should not have reached Beaucaire.' --`Woman!' -- `The road takes a turn -- he is obliged tofollow it -- while alongside of the canal there is a shorterroad.' -- `Woman! -- you offend the good God. There --listen!' And at this moment there was a tremendous peal ofthunder, while the livid lightning illumined the room, andthe thunder, rolling away in the distance, seemed towithdraw unwillingly from the cursed abode. `Mercy!' saidCaderousse, crossing himself.

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      "And I am Madame Heloise de Villefort." The count bowed withthe air of a person who hears a name for the first time."How grateful will M. de Villefort be for all your goodness;how thankfully will he acknowledge that to you alone he owesthe existence of his wife and child! Most certainly, but forthe prompt assistance of your intrepid servant, this dearchild and myself must both have perished."

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       "`I, El-Kobbir, a slave-merchant, and purveyor of the haremof his highness, acknowledge having received fortransmission to the sublime emperor, from the French lord,the Count of Monte Cristo, an emerald valued at eighthundred thousand francs; as the ransom of a young Christianslave of eleven years of age, named Haidee, the acknowledgeddaughter of the late lord Ali Tepelini, pasha of Yanina, andof Vasiliki, his favorite; she having been sold to me sevenyears previously, with her mother, who had died on arrivingat Constantinople, by a French colonel in the service of theVizier Ali Tepelini, named Fernand Mondego. Theabove-mentioned purchase was made on his highness's account,whose mandate I had, for the sum of four hundred thousandfrancs.

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      "Your wounds are so far mortal that, without the three dropsI gave you, you would now be dead. Listen, then."

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    {  "Yes, yes," said Danglars, laughing, "it would do her agreat deal of good."

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      "All I call say is," continued the countess, taking up thelorgnette, and directing it toward the box in question,"that the gentleman, whose history I am unable to furnish,seems to me as though he had just been dug up; he looks morelike a corpse permitted by some friendly grave-digger toquit his tomb for a while, and revisit this earth of ours,than anything human. How ghastly pale he is!"}

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      "Are you not," he asked, "the priest who here in the Chateaud'If is generally thought to be -- ill?"

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      "And what of that? Is not a day divided into twenty-fourhours, each hour into sixty minutes, and every minutesub-divided into sixty seconds? Now in 86,400 seconds verymany things can be done."

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       "He possesses a noble heart, madame," replied the count,"and he has acted rightly. He feels that every man owes atribute to his country; some contribute their talents,others their industry; these devote their blood, those theirnightly labors, to the same cause. Had he remained with you,his life must have become a hateful burden, nor would hehave participated in your griefs. He will increase instrength and honor by struggling with adversity, which hewill convert into prosperity. Leave him to build up thefuture for you, and I venture to say you will confide it tosafe hands."

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    {  "You said just now that you had a hundred friends."

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      Beauchamp took the paper, and read the article to whichAlbert pointed in an undertone. "You see it is a seriousannoyance," said Morcerf, when Beauchamp had finished theperusal of the paragraph. "Is the officer referred to arelation of yours, then?" demanded the journalist.