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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  I must away.
2.  God pardon my dear husband, he Doth not in truth act well by me! Forth inthe world abroad to roam, And leave me on the straw at home. And yet hiswill I ne'er did thwart, God knows, I lov'd him from my heart.(She weeps.)
3.  Around us as in doubt I see him shyly bound, Since he two strangers seeth inhis master's stead.
4.  Alone old Baubo's coming now; She rides upon a farrow sow.Chorus
5.  Why, child, of all strange notions, he For some grand lady taketh thee!Margaret
6.  Faust


1.  Faust
2.  Wagner
3.  Yonder doth the bagpipe come! Its sack an airy bubble. Schnick, schnick,schnack, with nasal hum, Its notes it doth redouble.Embryo Spirit
4.  Will none but this old beldame do? Canst not thyself the potion brew?Mephistopheles
5.  By all rejected love! By hellish fire I curse, Would I knew aught to make myimprecation worse!
6.  (who all this time has been standing before a looking - glass, nowapproaching, and now retiring from it)


1.  A knock? Come in! Who now would break my rest?Mephistopheles
2.  Perchance he's dead! - oh wretched state! Had I but a certificate!(Margaret comes)
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  The Dramatic Poet.
5.   Faust
6.  (Guests in Auerbach's Wine Cellar.)


1.  Ah! when the friendly taper gloweth, Once more within our narrow cell, Thenin the heart itself that knoweth, A light the darkness doth dispel. Reason hervoice resumes; returneth Hope's gracious bloom, with promise rife; Forstreams of life the spirit yearneth, Ah! for the very fount of life.Poodle, snarl not! with the tone that arises, Hallow'd and peaceful, my soulwithin, Accords not thy growl, thy bestial din. We find it not strange, that mandespises What he conceives not; That he the good and fair misprizes Findingthem often beyond his ken; Will the dog snarl at them like men?But ah! Despite my will, it stands confessed, Contentment welleth up nolonger in my breast. Yet wherefore must the stream, alas, so soon be dry,That we once more athirst should lie? Full oft this sad experience hath beenmine; Nathless the want admits of compensation; For things above the earthwe learn to pine, Our spirits yearn for revelation, Which nowhere burns withpurer beauty blent, Than here in the New Testament. To ope the ancient textan impulse strong Impels me, and its sacred lore, With honest purpose toexplore, And render into my love German tongue.(He opens a volume, and applies himself to it.)'Tis writ, "In the beginning was the Word!" I pause, perplex'd! Who now willhelp afford? I cannot the mere Word so highly prize; I must translate itotherwise, If by the spirit guided as I read. "In the beginning was the Sense!"Take heed, The import of this primal sentence weigh, Lest thy too hasty penbe led astray! Is force creative then of Sense the dower? "In the beginningwas the Power!" Thus should it stand: yet, while the line I trace, A somethingwarns me, once more to efface. The spirit aids! from anxious scruples freed, Iwrite, "In the beginning was the Deed!"
2.  What think you of the charming creatures?
3.  Unless indeed the yawning ground Should open to receive them, From thisvile crew, with sudden bound, To Hell I'd jump and leave them.Xenien
4、  Did you not see it? I cast down my eyes.
5、  Now in some puddle will he take his station, Such is his mode of seekingconsolation; Where leeches, feasting on his rump, will drain Spirits alike andspirit from his brain.




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      An ugly song! a song political! A song offensive! Thank God, every morn Torule the Roman empire, that you were not born! I bless my stars at least thatmine is not Either a kaiser's or a chancellor's lot. Yet 'mong ourselves shouldone still lord it o'er the rest; That we elect a pope I now suggest. Ye know,what quality ensures A man's success, his rise secures.Frosch (sings)

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    {  And she to him. 'Tis of the world the way!

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      As if his frame love wasted.}

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      Faust, Mephistopheles. Wagner, a Student.

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      But be it a brand new one, if you please!

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       She's past fourteen.

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    {  (Turning to the table.)

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      Parchment, is that the sacred fount whence roll Waters, he thirsteth not whoonce hath quaffed? Oh, if it gush not from thine inmost soul, Thou has not wonthe life - restoring draught.