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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, that is a different thing."
2.  Danglars reflected for a moment. "Then, M. Morrel, I beg ofyou," said he, "not to say a word to Dantes on the subject.I may have been mistaken."
3.  "You mistake, sir," said Morcerf with a gloomy smile; "I amnot referring in the least to matrimony, and I onlyaddressed myself to M. Cavalcanti because he appeareddisposed to interfere between us. In one respect you areright, for I am ready to quarrel with every one to-day; butyou have the first claim, M. Danglars."
4.  "Do you mean at Rome?"
5.  "I have already enjoyed that treat when breakfasting withyou," said Morcerf.
6.  "She has answered you!" cried Franz.


1.  No one who had seen the magistrate at this moment, sothoroughly unnerved by the recent inauspicious combinationof circumstances, would have supposed for an instant that hehad anticipated the annoyance; although it certainly neverhad occurred to him that his father would carry candor, orrather rudeness, so far as to relate such a history. And injustice to Villefort, it must be understood that M.Noirtier, who never cared for the opinion of his son on anysubject, had always omitted to explain the affair toVillefort, so that he had all his life entertained thebelief that General de Quesnel, or the Baron d'Epinay, as hewas alternately styled, according as the speaker wished toidentify him by his own family name, or by the title whichhad been conferred on him, fell the victim of assassination,and not that he was killed fairly in a duel. This harshletter, coming as it did from a man generally so polite andrespectful, struck a mortal blow at the pride of Villefort.Hardly had he read the letter, when his wife entered. Thesudden departure of Franz, after being summoned by M.Noirtier, had so much astonished every one, that theposition of Madame de Villefort, left alone with the notaryand the witnesses, became every moment more embarrassing.Determined to bear it no longer, she arose and left theroom; saying she would go and make some inquiries into thecause of his sudden disappearance.
2.  "You make me tremble!" said the young girl.
3.  "What you say is perhaps true; they know my habits. Forinstance, you shall see; how do you wish to occupy yourselfduring tea-time?"
4.  "Well, be it so," at length said Eugenie; "return by thesame road you came, and we will say nothing about you,unhappy wretch."
5.  "But of what disease, then, did she die?" asked Debray.
6.  "I?"


1.  "I have another," replied Maximilian; "but I fear you willdeem it even more absurd than the first."
2.  "Then I will go alone."
3.  "Was it you who asked him to drink some of it?"
4.  "Well, I will tell you what I did not like to mention on myreturn from Yanina."
5.   The woman whom the count had seen leave the ship with somuch regret entered this house; she had scarcely closed thedoor after her when Monte Cristo appeared at the corner of astreet, so that he found and lost her again almost at thesame instant. The worn out steps were old acquaintances ofhis; he knew better than any one else how to open thatweather-beaten door with the large headed nail which servedto raise the latch within. He entered without knocking, orgiving any other intimation of his presence, as if he hadbeen a friend or the master of the place. At the end of apassage paved with bricks, was a little garden, bathed insunshine, and rich in warmth and light. In this gardenMercedes had found, at the place indicated by the count, thesum of money which he, through a sense of delicacy, haddescribed as having been placed there twenty-four yearspreviously. The trees of the garden were easily seen fromthe steps of the street-door. Monte Cristo, on stepping intothe house, heard a sigh that was almost a deep sob; helooked in the direction whence it came, and there under anarbor of Virginia jessamine,* with its thick foliage andbeautiful long purple flowers, he saw Mercedes seated, withher head bowed, and weeping bitterly. She had raised herveil, and with her face hidden by her hands was giving freescope to the sighs and tears which had been so longrestrained by the presence of her son. Monte Cristo advanceda few steps, which were heard on the gravel. Mercedes raisedher head, and uttered a cry of terror on beholding a manbefore her.
6.  "What a bad calculator you are!" exclaimed Danglars, callingto his assistance all his philosophy and dissimulation. "Ihave made money at the same time by speculations which havesucceeded. I have made up the loss of blood by nutrition. Ilost a battle in Spain, I have been defeated in Trieste, butmy naval army in India will have taken some galleons, and myMexican pioneers will have discovered some mine."


1.  To Danglars Monte Cristo also wrote, requesting him toexcuse the whimsical gift of a capricious millionaire, andto beg the baroness to pardon the Eastern fashion adopted inthe return of the horses.
2.  "Yes; but your father died in your arms, happy, respected,rich, and full of years; his father died poor, despairing,almost doubtful of providence; and when his son sought hisgrave ten years afterwards, his tomb had disappeared, and noone could say, `There sleeps the father you so well loved.'"
3.  "It is, indeed, said Danglars.
4、  "You guess well."
5、  "What do you mean? you will not? Well, just as you like, myprince; there's liberty for all the world. Come along,Danglars, and let the young gentleman return to the Catalansif he chooses."




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      "No, no, Albert, but you know these roses, tuberoses, andorange-flowers throw out at first, before one is used tothem, such violent perfumes."

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      "Good-day, Penelon," returned Morrel, who could not refrainfrom smiling through his tears, "where is the captain?"

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       "Come," said he to the abbe, "I am anxious to see yourtreasures."

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      "Well, I must tell you. Collect all your courage, for youhave not yet heard all."

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    {  "Yes!" said Dantes, and without relinquishing Mercedes handclasped in one of his own, he extended the other to theCatalan with a cordial air. But Fernand, instead ofresponding to this amiable gesture, remained mute andtrembling. Edmond then cast his eyes scrutinizingly at theagitated and embarrassed Mercedes, and then again on thegloomy and menacing Fernand. This look told him all, and hisanger waxed hot.

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      "Yes, a fowl." Peppino, turning around, shouted, "A fowl forhis excellency!" His voice yet echoed in the archway when ahandsome, graceful, and half-naked young man appeared,bearing a fowl in a silver dish on his head, without theassistance of his hands. "I could almost believe myself atthe Cafe de Paris," murmured Danglars.}

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      "I thought so. But how did it happen that such a greatprincess became a slave?"

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      Dantes was beside himself with joy. He rapidly devoured hisfood, and after waiting an hour, lest the jailer shouldchange his mind and return, he removed his bed, took thehandle of the saucepan, inserted the point between the hewnstone and rough stones of the wall, and employed it as alever. A slight oscillation showed Dantes that all wentwell. At the end of an hour the stone was extricated fromthe wall, leaving a cavity a foot and a half in diameter.

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       "Now," replied Monte Cristo "there is only one source ofuneasiness left in your father's mind, which is this -- heis anxious to know how you have been employed during yourlong absence from him, how you have been treated by yourpersecutors, and if they have conducted themselves towardsyou with all the deference due to your rank. Finally, he isanxious to see if you have been fortunate enough to escapethe bad moral influence to which you have been exposed, andwhich is infinitely more to be dreaded than any physicalsuffering; he wishes to discover if the fine abilities withwhich nature had endowed you have been weakened by want ofculture; and, in short, whether you consider yourselfcapable of resuming and retaining in the world the highposition to which your rank entitles you."

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    {  Stronger grew the wonder of Dantes, who almost fancied hehad to do with one gifted with supernatural powers; stillhoping to find some imperfection which might bring him downto a level with human beings, he added, "Then if you werenot furnished with pens, how did you manage to write thework you speak of?"

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      "Oh," repeated the young girl, almost bewildered, "can I notleave the house? -- can I not escape?"