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ƽַַ̨:a g 9 559 v i p<"But where, then, is Gennaro?" she asked. "He is my husband, GennaroLucca. am Emilia Lucca, and we are both from New York. Where isGennaro? He called me this moment from this window, and I ran with allmy speed.""'Perhaps you will have the kindness to wait in this room for afew minutes,' said he, throwing open another door. It was a quiet,little, plainly furnished room, with a round table in the centre, onwhich several German books were scattered. Colonel Stark laid down thelamp on the top of a harmonium beside the door. 'I shall not keepyou waiting an instant,' said he, and vanished into the darkness."I glanced at the books upon the table, and in spite of my ignoranceof German I could see that two of them were treatises on science,the others being volumes of poetry. Then I walked across to thewindow, hoping that I might catch some glimpse of the country-side,but an oak shutter, heavily barred, was folded across it. It was awonderfully silent house. There was an old clock ticking loudlysomewhere in the passage, but otherwise everything was deadly still. Avague feeling of uneasiness began to steal over me. Who were theseGerman people, and what were they doing living in this strange,out-of-the-way place? And where was the place? I was ten miles or sofrom Eyford, that was all I knew, but whether north, south, east, orwest I had no idea. For that matter, Reading, and possibly other largetowns, were within that radius, so the place might not be so secluded,after all. Yet it was quite certain, from the absolute stillness, thatwe were in the country. I paced up and down the room, humming a tuneunder my breath to keep up my spirits and feeling that I wasthoroughly earning my fifty-guinea fee.

"No, sir. Down at the station they are certain that no strangereither came or went yesterday."


"Think once more, Lady Brackenstall. Would it not be better to befrank?"

Come at once if convenient- if inconvenient come all the same.S.H.

"Beg pardon, sir," said our page-boy as he opened the door. "There'sbeen a gentleman here asking for you, sir."

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"How's this, Watson?" he cried, picking up the paper from the table.'High red house with white stone facings. Third floor. Second windowleft. After dusk. G.' That is definite enough. I think after breakfastwe must make a little reconnaissance of Mrs. Warren's neighbourhood.Ah, Mrs. Warren! what news do you bring us this morning?"Our client had suddenly burst into the room with an explosive energywhich told of some new and momentous development.<"I could not, Mr. Holmes, I could not! On the one side seemedcertain ruin, on the other, terrible as it seemed to take my husband'spaper, still in a matter of politics I could not understand theconsequences, while in a matter of love and trust they were only tooclear to me. I did it, Mr. Holmes! I took an impression of his key.This man, Lucas, furnished a duplicate. I opened his despatch-box,took the paper, and conveyed it to Godolphin Street."

"Good, Simpson!" said Holmes, patting him on the head. "Comealong, Watson. This is the house." He sent in his card with amessage that he had come on important business, and a moment laterwe were face to face with the man whom we had come to see. In spite ofthe warm weather he was crouching over a fire, and the little room waslike an oven. The man sat all twisted and huddled in his chair in away which gave an indescribable impression of deformity, but theface which he turned towards us, though worn and swarthy, must at sometime have been remarkable for its beauty. He looked suspiciously at usnow out of yellow-shot, bilious eyes, and, without speaking or rising,he waved towards two chairs.

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And Holmes's fears came to be realized, for from that day to this noword has ever been heard either of the beautiful woman, the sinisterGerman, or the morose Englishman. Early that morning a peasant had meta cart containing several people and some very bulky boxes drivingrapidly in the direction of Reading, but there all traces of thefugitives disappeared, and even Holmes's ingenuity failed ever todiscover the least clue as to their whereabouts.

Holmes groaned.

<"And that ring went with him to London?""One more question, your Grace. I understand that you wrote toyour son upon the day when this incident occurred."

"Well, ma'am, I was comin' in to ask if the visitors was stayin' forlunch when this man jumped out at me."


"'You don't know me?' he asked.





ƽַ̨ᡤȷ2ͷײ "The body could not remain there. On the first night Norlett and Icarried it out to the old well-house, which is now never used. We werefollowed, however, by her pet spaniel, which yapped continually at thedoor, so I felt some safer place was needed. I got rid of the spaniel,and we carried the body to the crypt of the church. There was noindignity or irreverence, Mr. Holmes. I do not feel that I havewronged the dead." ϸ

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ƽַ̨ȫʽȱй˾ȫ "How do you prove that?" ϸ

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