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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The Boulevard at that time was little more than a country road.The part he intended showing her was much farther out on thissame West Side, where there was scarcely a house. It connectedDouglas Park with Washington or South Park, and was nothing morethan a neatly MADE road, running due south for some five milesover an open, grassy prairie, and then due east over the samekind of prairie for the same distance. There was not a house tobe encountered anywhere along the larger part of the route, andany conversation would be pleasantly free of interruption.
2.  Chapter XLV
3.  Outside in the little lobby another scene was begin enacted.Without the interest of Hurstwood, the little hall would probablyhave been comfortably filled, for the members of the lodge weremoderately interested in its welfare. Hurstwood's word, however,had gone the rounds. It was to be a full-dress affair. The fourboxes had been taken. Dr. Norman McNeill Hale and his wife wereto occupy one. This was quite a card. C. R. Walker, dry-goodsmerchant and possessor of at least two hundred thousand dollars,had taken another; a well-known coal merchant had been induced totake the third, and Hurstwood and his friends the fourth. Amongthe latter was Drouet. The people who were now pouring here werenot celebrities, nor even local notabilities, in a general sense.They were the lights of a certain circle--the circle of smallfortunes and secret order distinctions. These gentlemen Elksknew the standing of one another. They had regard for theability which could amass a small fortune, own a nice home, keepa barouche or carriage, perhaps, wear fine clothes, and maintaina good mercantile position. Naturally, Hurstwood, who was alittle above the order of mind which accepted this standard asperfect, who had shrewdness and much assumption of dignity, whoheld an imposing and authoritative position, and commandedfriendship by intuitive tact in handling people, was quite afigure. He was more generally known than most others in the samecircle, and was looked upon as some one whose reserve covered amine of influence and solid financial prosperity.
4.  "So it looks," said Carrie, whose nerves were quieting under thesound of the rain drops, driven by a gusty wind, as the trainswept on frantically through the shadow to a newer world.
5.  "Come down and meet me to morrow," he said, "and we'll go to thematinee. Will you?"
6.  Once seated, there began that exhibition of showy, wasteful, andunwholesome gastronomy as practised by wealthy Americans, whichis the wonder and astonishment of true culture and dignity theworld over. The large bill of fare held an array of dishessufficient to feed an army, sidelined with prices which madereasonable expenditure a ridiculous impossibility--an order ofsoup at fifty cents or a dollar, with a dozen kinds to choosefrom; oysters in forty styles and at sixty cents the half-dozen;entrees, fish, and meats at prices which would house one overnight in an average hotel. One dollar fifty and two dollarsseemed to be the most common figures upon this most tastefullyprinted bill of fare.


1.  "Oh, I'll help you," said Carrie, feeling quite hardhearted atthus forcing him to humbly appeal, and yet her desire for thebenefit of her earnings wrung a faint protest from her.
2.  "That's too bad," he said, stepping away and adjusting his vestafter his slight bending over. "I was thinking we might go to ashow to-night."
3.  Carrie turned slowly away, and seemed to be mastering someimpulse in silence. Then she turned back.
4.  "Why, I was just over there this afternoon--Mrs. Hale and I.Aren't they beautiful?"
5.  "Somebody said that you went out riding with him and that he camehere every night."
6.  Chapter XXXVIII


1.  "Where?"
2.  When Carrie came Hurstwood had been waiting many minutes. Hisblood was warm; his nerves wrought up. He was anxious to see thewoman who had stirred him so profoundly the night before.
3.  He thought a while, and then went off into a seemingly alienobservation which, however, accorded with their feelings.
4.  "Remember, Mrs. Morgan," he added, ignoring the gleam, butmodifying his manner, "that you're detailing a pathetic story.You are now supposed to be telling something that is a grief toyou. It requires feeling, repression, thus: 'The usual crowd ofchildren accosted them for alms.'"
5.   "I wonder," he said, as he rode away in his cab, "how Drouet cameto win her."
6.  Carrie looked at him a moment, her eyes distending. She hadbelieved it was all legal and binding enough.


1.  There was no thought that the facts ought to be advertised. Itwas only a mental justification he was seeking from himself--something that would enable him to bear his state as a righteousman.
2.  She was quite appalled at the man's audacity. This was somethingwhich had never for a moment entered her head. Her one thoughtnow was to get off and away. If only the flying train could bestopped, the terrible trick would be amended.
3.  "I guess you're mistaken," she answered. Then, remembering herhusband's part in the affair, she immediately fell a prey to ahost of young suspicions, of which, however, she gave no sign.
4、  Hurstwood saw her depart with some faint stirrings of shame,which were the expression of a manhood rapidly becomingstultified. He sat a while, and then it became too much. He gotup and put on his hat.
5、  Hurstwood recognised his wife's writing. He tore it open andread without a show of feeling. It began in the most formalmanner and was sharply and coldly worded throughout.




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      "Certainly," replied Carrie.

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      In the hurry of departure, Hurstwood was forgotten. Both he andDrouet were left to discover that she was gone. The lattercalled once, and exclaimed at the news. Then he stood in thelobby, chewing the ends of his moustache. At last he reached aconclusion--the old days had gone for good.

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       Carrie saw a light.

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      "Yes, but it also says," the director remarked, "that you are tolook shocked. Now, say it again, and see if you can't lookshocked."

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    {  "Three and a half," he answered.

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      Hurstwood hearkened without much mental comment. These talkersseemed scared to him. Their gabbling was feverish--things saidto quiet their own minds. He looked out into the yard andwaited.}

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      "On Washington Boulevard." he answered, expecting her eye tolight with immediate remembrance.

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      "I'm out," was her reply to the boy.

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       "Sure you can. Now you go ahead and see."

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    {  The hotel physician looked at him.

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      The end of this was another engagement at twenty per week.