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搜狐NBA客户端【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "'Ah!' cried Mr. Trevor. 'You know where Mr. Beddoes is?'"Bless you, sir, I know where all my old friends are,' said thefellow with a sinister smile, and he slouched off after the maid tothe kitchen. Mr. Trevor mumbled something to us about having beenshipmate with the man when he was going back to the diggings, andthen, leaving us on the lawn, he went indoors. An hour later, whenwe entered the house, we found him stretched dead drunk upon thedining-room sofa. The whole incident left a most ugly impressionupon my mind, and I was not sorry next day to leave Donnithorpe behindme, for I felt that my presence must be a source of embarrassment tomy friend.   "That is what you may expect to see when I follow you. You spent arestless night at your cottage, and you formed certain plans, which inthe early morning you proceeded to put into execution. Leaving yourdoor just as day was breaking, you filled your pocket with somereddish gravel that was lying heaped beside your gate."Sterndale gave a violent start and looked at Holmes in amazement."You then walked swiftly for the mile which separated you from thevicarage. You were wearing, I may remark, the same pair of ribbedtennis shoes which are at the present moment upon your feet. At thevicarage you passed through the orchard and the side hedge, coming outunder the window of the lodger Tregennis. It was now daylight, but thehousehold was not yet stirring. You drew some of the gravel fromyour pocket, and you threw it up at the window above you."Sterndale sprang to his feet.

    "No, he took it himself."

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   "This side, sir. This narrow margin of grass between the path andthe flowerbed. I can't see the traces now, but they were clear to methen."

    "Yes, sir, that be the house of Dr. Grimesby Roylott," remarkedthe driver.

    "Oh, you did notice that, did you? Come, Watson, you improve all thetime. Yes, it was bad English but good American. The printer had setit up as received. Then the buckboards. That is American also. Andartesian wells are commoner with them than with us. It was a typicalAmerican advertisement, but purporting to be from an English firm.What do you make of that?"

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   "Then we can proceed to business. You say that you are acting forLady Eva. Has she empowered you to accept my terms?"<  "For a mixture of the modern and the mediaeval, if the practical andof the wildly fanciful, I think this is surely the limit," said he."What do you make of it, Watson?"

    "A very commonplace little murder," said he. "You've got somethingbetter, I fancy. You are the stormy petrel of crime, Watson. What isit?" I handed him the letter, which he read with the most concentratedattention.

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   The letter which he handed to me, written in a bold, masterful hand,ran as follows:

    It was evident that Miss Cushing had come upon a subject on whichshe felt very deeply. Like most people who lead a lonely life, she wasshy at first, but ended by becoming extremely communicative. Shetold us many details about her brother-in-law the steward, and thenwandering off on the subject of her former lodgers, the medicalstudents, she gave us a long account of their delinquencies, withtheir names and those of their hospitals. Holmes listenedattentively to everything, throwing in a question from time to time."About your second sister, Sarah," said he. "I wonder, since you areboth maiden ladies, that you do not keep house together.""Ah! you don't know Sarah's temper or you would wonder no more. Itried it when I came to Croydon, and we kept on until about two monthsago, when we had to part. I don't want to say a word against my ownsister, but she was always meddlesome and hard to please, was Sarah.""You say that she quarrelled with your Liverpool relations.""Yes, and they were the best of friends at one time. Why, she wentup there to live in order to be near them. And now she has no wordhard enough for Jim Browner. The last six months that she was here shewould speak of nothing but his drinking and his ways. He had caughther meddling, I suspect, and given her a bit of his mind, and that wasthe start of it."

<  ELSIE . RE . ARE TO MEET THY GO.   It was in vain that I asked Holmes to remain for the evening. It wasevident to me that he thought he might bring trouble to the roof hewas under, and that that was the motive which impelled him to go. Witha few hurried words as to our plans for the morrow he rose and cameout with me into the garden, clambering over the wall which leads intoMortimer Street, and immediately whistling for a hansom, in which Iheard him drive away.

    "What do you say, Mr. Holmes? Don't you think it would be wiser?Here am I, a wandering American with a wonderful tale. Why should hebelieve what I tell him? But you are a Britisher with solidreferences, and he is bound to take notice of what you say. I would gowith you if you wished, but I have a very busy day to-morrow, and Icould always follow you if you are in any trouble."


<  "It is a very delicate question," said he. "One hardly likes tothrow suspicion where there are no proofs."   "What! Gorgiano of the Red Circle?"

    "It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror." She raised her veil as shespoke, and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state ofagitation, her face all drawn and gray, with restless, frightenedeyes, like those of some hunted animal. Her features and figure werethose of a woman of thirty, but her hair was shot with premature gray,and her expression was weary and haggard. Sherlock Holmes ran her overwith one of his quick, all-comprehensive glances.





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