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英雄联盟世界赛外围投注【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  Suddenly he thought: "Supposing she isn't out there--suppose shehas gone?"   Hurstwood resolved a thousands things, Drouet as well. Theyjoined equally in the burst of applause which called Carrie out.Drouet pounded his hands until they ached. Then he jumped upagain and started out. As he went, Carrie came out, and, seeingan immense basket of flowers being hurried down the aisle towardher she waited. They were Hurstwood's. She looked toward themanager's box for a moment, caught his eye, and smiled. He couldhave leaped out of the box to enfold her. He forgot the need ofcircumspectness which his married state enforced. He almostforgot that he had with him in the box those who knew him. Bythe Lord, he would have that lovely girl if it took his all. Hewould act at once. This should be the end of Drouet, and don'tyou forget it. He would not wait another day. The drummershould not have her.

    "I thought you had gone with Pearl," she said to her lover.

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   He is becoming too wise to hearken always to instincts anddesires; he is still too weak to always prevail against them. Asa beast, the forces of life aligned him with them; as a man, hehas not yet wholly learned to align himself with the forces. Inthis intermediate stage he wavers--neither drawn in harmony withnature by his instincts nor yet wisely putting himself intoharmony by his own free-will. He is even as a wisp in the wind,moved by every breath of passion, acting now by his will and nowby his instincts, erring with one, only to retrieve by the other,falling by one, only to rise by the other--a creature ofincalculable variability. We have the consolation of knowingthat evolution is ever in action, that the ideal is a light thatcannot fail. He will not forever balance thus between good andevil. When this jangle of free-will instinct shall have beenadjusted, when perfect under standing has given the former thepower to replace the latter entirely, man will no longer vary.The needle of understanding will yet point steadfast andunwavering to the distinct pole of truth.

    The car was turned in and he was allowed to loaf a while, butlater he was again called. This time a new team of officers wasaboard. Slightly more confident, he sped the car along thecommonplace streets and felt somewhat less fearful. On one side,however, he suffered intensely. The day was raw, with asprinkling of snow and a gusty wind, made all the moreintolerable by the speed of the car. His clothing was notintended for this sort of work. He shivered, stamped his feet,and beat his arms as he had seen other motormen do in the past,but said nothing. The novelty and danger of the situationmodified in a way his disgust and distress at being compelled tobe here, but not enough to prevent him from feeling grim andsour. This was a dog's life, he thought. It was a tough thingto have to come to.

    Tuesday came, and with it appropriate indecision and speculation.She was in no mood, after her failure of the day before, tohasten forth upon her work-seeking errand, and yet she rebukedherself for what she considered her weakness the day before.Accordingly she started out to revisit the Chicago Opera House,but possessed scarcely enough courage to approach.

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   "Well, here we are," said Drouet, leading the way to the door."Good-bye, till I see you Monday."<  "Oho!" said Drouet, incredulously. "You knew he took tenthousand dollars with him when he left, didn't you?"

    "Wouldn't that be nice!" said Carrie."It wouldn't be such a bad thing," he answered.

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   "Yes. Must be over a hundred to-night," said another.

    "Yes, and there's the coal man," said Carrie.

<  "Yes," he said, as she moved toward the door, "you try thedepartment stores," and off he went.   "You see this handle," he said, reaching up to an electric cut-off, which was fastened to the roof. "This throws the currentoff or on. If you want to reverse the car you turn it over here.If you want to send it forward, you put it over here. If youwant to cut off the power, you keep it in the middle."

    Her words were not convincing at all. They were the result of afeeble thought that something ought to be said. He paid noattention to them whatever.


<  "It's warm to-night, isn't it?" said this girl, arrayed in pinkfleshings and an imitation golden helmet. She also carried ashining shield.   She used her feet less heavily, a thing that was brought about byher attempting to imitate the treasurer's daughter's gracefulcarriage. How much influence the presence of that young woman inthe same house had upon her it would be difficult to say. But,because of all these things, when Hurstwood called he had found ayoung woman who was much more than the Carrie to whom Drouet hadfirst spoken. The primary defects of dress and manner hadpassed. She was pretty, graceful, rich in the timidity born ofuncertainty, and with a something childlike in her large eyeswhich captured the fancy of this starched and conventional poseramong men. It was the ancient attraction of the fresh for thestale. If there was a touch of appreciation left in him for thebloom and unsophistication which is the charm of youth, itrekindled now. He looked into her pretty face and felt thesubtle waves of young life radiating therefrom. In that largeclear eye he could see nothing that his blase nature couldunderstand as guile. The little vanity, if he could haveperceived it there, would have touched him as a pleasant thing.

    "Yes; do you think you'll go?"





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