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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Are you not alone?" asked Vampa with uneasiness.
2.  "I certainly think you act wisely in so doing," said thepriest. "Not because I have the least desire to learnanything you may please to conceal from me, but simply thatif, through your assistance, I could distribute the legacyaccording to the wishes of the testator, why, so much thebetter, that is all."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Ah," said Morrel, "one quits a dungeon in a week, a month,or a year."
5.  "It is not grief, my dear Villefort," said the doctor;"grief may kill, although it rarely does, and never in aday, never in an hour, never in ten minutes." Villefort
6.  "Alas, I may say with Lucullus, if I could have anticipatedthe honor of your visit, I would have prepared for it. Butsuch as is my hermitage, it is at your disposal; such as ismy supper, it is yours to share, if you will. Ali, is thesupper ready?" At this moment the tapestry moved aside, anda Nubian, black as ebony, and dressed in a plain whitetunic, made a sign to his master that all was prepared inthe dining-room. "Now," said the unknown to Franz, "I do notknow if you are of my opinion, but I think nothing is moreannoying than to remain two or three hours together withoutknowing by name or appellation how to address one another.Pray observe, that I too much respect the laws ofhospitality to ask your name or title. I only request you togive me one by which I may have the pleasure of addressingyou. As for myself, that I may put you at your ease, I tellyou that I am generally called `Sinbad the Sailor.'"


1.  "But beneath my fingers, as if by magic, in proportion asthe fire ascended, I saw yellowish characters appear on thepaper. I grasped it in my hand, put out the flame as quicklyas I could, lighted my taper in the fire itself, and openedthe crumpled paper with inexpressible emotion, recognizing,when I had done so, that these characters had been traced inmysterious and sympathetic ink, only appearing when exposedto the fire; nearly one-third of the paper had been consumedby the flame. It was that paper you read this morning; readit again, Dantes, and then I will complete for you theincomplete words and unconnected sense."
2.  "And by accustoming her to that poison, you have endeavoredto neutralize the effect of a similar poison?" Noirtier'sjoy continued. "And you have succeeded," exclaimedd'Avrigny. "Without that precaution Valentine would havedied before assistance could have been procured. The dosehas been excessive, but she has only been shaken by it; andthis time, at any rate, Valentine will not die." Asuperhuman joy expanded the old man's eyes, which wereraised towards heaven with an expression of infinitegratitude. At this moment Villefort returned. "Here,doctor," said he, "is what you sent me for."
3.  "Sir," said the baroness humbly, "are you not aware that theman employed there was dismissed, that they talked of goingto law with him, that orders were issued to arrest him andthat this order would have been put into execution if he hadnot escaped by flight, which proves that he was either mador guilty? It was a mistake."
4.  "Your wounds are so far mortal that, without the three dropsI gave you, you would now be dead. Listen, then."
5.  "For the sake of being a count. In Italy one must haveterritorial possessions to be a count."
6.  "The heirs sought everywhere, admired the breviary, laidhands on the furniture, and were greatly astonished thatSpada, the rich man, was really the most miserable of uncles-- no treasures -- unless they were those of science,contained in the library and laboratories. That was all.Caesar and his father searched, examined, scrutinized, butfound nothing, or at least very little; not exceeding a fewthousand crowns in plate, and about the same in ready money;but the nephew had time to say to his wife before heexpired: `Look well among my uncle's papers; there is awill.'


1.  "He is an excellent person."
2.  "Here are two hundred," said Andrea; and he placed ten goldlouis in the hand of Caderousse.
3.  "You do not know Mercedes; what she threatens she will do."
4.  It was about six o'clock in the evening; an opal-coloredlight, through which an autumnal sun shed its golden rays,descended on the blue ocean. The heat of the day hadgradually decreased, and a light breeze arose, seeming likethe respiration of nature on awakening from the burningsiesta of the south. A delicious zephyr played along thecoasts of the Mediterranean, and wafted from shore to shorethe sweet perfume of plants, mingled with the fresh smell ofthe sea.
5.   "To these registers there are added notes relative to theprisoners?"
6.  "Ah, you shall see; I promise you I will sustain my part toadmiration."


1.  "It seems to me," said Franz, speaking in an undertone toAlbert, "that if this person merited the high panegyrics ofour landlord, he would have conveyed his invitation throughanother channel, and not permitted it to be brought to us inthis unceremonious way. He would have written -- or" --
2.  "Do your excellencies still wish for a carriage from now toSunday morning?"
3.  "I will leave you the torch, sir."
4、  "Just now."
5、  "On my honor, I have no idea."




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      "Sir," said Villefort, in the squeaky tone assumed bymagistrates in their oratorical periods, and of which theycannot, or will not, divest themselves in society, "sir, thesignal service which you yesterday rendered to my wife andson has made it a duty for me to offer you my thanks. I havecome, therefore, to discharge this duty, and to express toyou my overwhelming gratitude." And as he said this, the"eye severe" of the magistrate had lost nothing of itshabitual arrogance. He spoke in a voice of theprocureur-general, with the rigid inflexibility of neck andshoulders which caused his flatterers to say (as we havebefore observed) that he was the living statue of the law.

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      "Why so!"

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       "Shall I find you here, then?"

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      "Gone out in search of our equipage, by to-morrow it mightbe too late."

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    {  "It does not bring him a baiocco."

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      "Ah," said Villefort, "this seems to me the truth. If youhave been culpable, it was imprudence, and this imprudencewas in obedience to the orders of your captain. Give up thisletter you have brought from Elba, and pass your word youwill appear should you be required, and go and rejoin yourfriends.}

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      "I should have thrown myself into the sea, gained one of theislands near here -- the Isle de Daume or the Isle deTiboulen -- and then I should have been safe."

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      "Why, it was he who spoke to me, sir," said Dantes, with asmile.

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       "Starlets," said Chateau-Renaud, "are only found in theVolga."

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    {  "Ah, sir, you have given me confidence; it is so long sincewe were separated, that I have not the least remembrance ofhim, and, besides, you know that in the eyes of the world alarge fortune covers all defects."

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      "And then it was, I presume," said Monte Cristo "that youcame to me as the bearer of a letter from the Abbe Busoni?"