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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You don't mention those who aided and abetted the deed,"said Caderousse.
2.  "Are you looking for anything, Mr. Procureur?" askedBenedetto, with his most ingratiating smile. M. de Villefortanswered nothing, but sat, or rather threw himself downagain upon his chair. "And now, prisoner, will you consentto tell your name?" said the president. "The brutalaffectation with which you have enumerated and classifiedyour crimes calls for a severe reprimand on the part of thecourt, both in the name of morality, and for the respect dueto humanity. You appear to consider this a point of honor,and it may be for this reason, that you have delayedacknowledging your name. You wished it to be preceded by allthese titles."
3.  "Recollect the seven fat and the seven lean kine."
4.  "A most dangerous conspirator, a man we are ordered to keepthe most strict watch over, as he is daring and resolute."
5.  "Ah, indeed?"
6.  "It is very evident what is the matter with her," saidMadame de Villefort; "M. de Monte Cristo is relatinghorrible stories to us, doubtless intending to frighten usto death."


1.  "What can he be looking for?" thought Edmond. "The spade,perhaps." An exclamation of satisfaction indicated that thegrave-digger had found the object of his search. "Here it isat last," he said, "not without some trouble though."
2.  "I do not know," replied Dantes. The jailer stared.
3.  "Why do you ask me now?"
4.  "Well, sir," resumed Danglars, after a brief silence, "Iwill endeavor to make myself understood, by requesting youto inform me for what sum you propose to draw upon me?"
5.  "Luxury has everything."
6.  "Very possibly; but what sort of madness was it?"


1.  "We are here; -- take courage."
2.  "Promise me, I say."
3.  "The contract," answered Dantes, laughingly, "it didn't takelong to fix that. Mercedes has no fortune; I have none tosettle on her. So, you see, our papers were quickly writtenout, and certainly do not come very expensive." This jokeelicited a fresh burst of applause.
4.  "You do well to boast of it," said Andrea, who, withoutbecoming angry, as Caderousse feared, at this new extortion,quietly resigned the ring. Caderousse looked so closely atit that Andrea well knew that he was examining to see if allthe edges were perfect.
5.   But on this occasion the precaution was superfluous, andeverything proceeded with the utmost smoothness andpoliteness. Four shallops came off with very little noisealongside the lugger, which, no doubt, in acknowledgement ofthe compliment, lowered her own shallop into the sea, andthe five boats worked so well that by two o'clock in themorning all the cargo was out of The Young Amelia and onterra firma. The same night, such a man of regularity wasthe patron of The Young Amelia, the profits were divided,and each man had a hundred Tuscan livres, or about eightyfrancs. But the voyage was not ended. They turned thebowsprit towards Sardinia, where they intended to take in acargo, which was to replace what had been discharged. Thesecond operation was as successful as the first, The YoungAmelia was in luck. This new cargo was destined for thecoast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirelyof Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.
6.  "If he spoke hastily, and owns that he did so, you ought tobe satisfied."


1.  "Well, now tell your story, Penelon."
2.  "Yes; we have an instance here; it was by always offering amillion of francs to the governor for his liberty that anabbe became mad, who was in this chamber before you."
3.  "No," said Jacopo; "but I have a shirt and a pair oftrousers."
4、  "No, sir," said Albert, coldly; "there are circumstances inwhich one cannot, except through cowardice, -- I offer youthat refuge, -- refuse to admit certain persons at least."
5、  "And what sort of persons do you expect to breakfast?" saidBeauchamp.




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      "That while the writing of different persons done with theright hand varies, that performed with the left hand isinvariably uniform."

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      "Shall I receive it from my father?" asked Andrea, with someuneasiness.

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       "As regards the Marchesa Corsinari" --

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      "So much the better," replied Monte Cristo; "as that poorEdmond will not have long to be loved by you. Death is aboutto return to the tomb, the phantom to retire in darkness."

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    {  "Did she return home?"

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      "You know the history of the pasha of Yanina, do you not?"}

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      "I scarcely know him; I think I have seen him three times inmy life; all I know relating to him is through Busoni andhimself. He was telling me this morning that, tired ofletting his property lie dormant in Italy, which is a deadnation, he wished to find a method, either in France orEngland, of multiplying his millions, but remember, thatthough I place great confidence in Busoni, I am notresponsible for this."

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      As he had now arrived at the door of his own house, whichadjoined the Palais de Justice, he entered, after having,coldly saluted the shipowner, who stood, as if petrified, onthe spot where Villefort had left him. The ante-chamber wasfull of police agents and gendarmes, in the midst of whom,carefully watched, but calm and smiling, stood the prisoner.Villefort traversed the ante-chamber, cast a side glance atDantes, and taking a packet which a gendarme offered him,disappeared, saying, "Bring in the prisoner."

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       "But still there are some signals only addressed to you."

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    {  A year after Louis XVIII.'s restoration, a visit was made bythe inspector-general of prisons. Dantes in his cell heardthe noise of preparation, -- sounds that at the depth wherehe lay would have been inaudible to any but the ear of aprisoner, who could hear the plash of the drop of water thatevery hour fell from the roof of his dungeon. He guessedsomething uncommon was passing among the living; but he hadso long ceased to have any intercourse with the world, thathe looked upon himself as dead.

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      In a minute the young man darted through several rooms, tillat length he reached Valentine's. There was no occasion topush the door, it was wide open. A sob was the only sound heheard. He saw as though in a mist, a black figure kneelingand buried in a confused mass of white drapery. A terriblefear transfixed him. It was then he heard a voice exclaim"Valentine is dead!" and another voice which, like an echorepeated, -- "Dead, -- dead!"