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"I will not admit that word," returned the young man; "it isat once cruel and unjust. Is it possible to find a moresubmissive slave than myself? You have permitted me toconverse with you from time to time, Valentine, butforbidden my ever following you in your walks or elsewhere-- have I not obeyed? And since I found means to enter thisenclosure to exchange a few words with you through this gate-- to be close to you without really seeing you -- have Iever asked so much as to touch the hem of your gown or triedto pass this barrier which is but a trifle to one of myyouth and strength? Never has a complaint or a murmurescaped me. I have been bound by my promises as rigidly asany knight of olden times. Come, come, dearest Valentine,confess that what I say is true, lest I be tempted to callyou unjust."


"As to supper," replied the landlord, "you shall be servedimmediately; but as for the carriage" --

"A carriage was to await you at Nice?"

"Three weeks!" cried Albert; "they will pass as slowly asthree centuries when I am all the time suffering dishonor."

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"What did it taste like?"<"That the day after to-morrow I shall have to draw upon youfor about four thousand francs; but the count, expecting mybachelor's revenue could not suffice for the coming month'soutlay, has offered me a draft for twenty thousand francs.It bears his signature, as you see, which isall-sufficient."

Chapter 116The Pardon.

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"No matter; I know it." The count knit his brows, andremained silent an instant. "And if I went to seek Vampa,would you accompany me?"

"Come, you do not flatter him."

"How so?"


<"I trust you will not be displeased, sir, that Valentine hasnot come with us, or that I dismissed Barrois, for ourconference will be one which could not with propriety becarried on in the presence of either. Madame de Villefortand I have a communication to make to you.""The truth, my dear count. Oh, how happy you must be in nothaving either wife or children!"

"You will promise not to betray me?"





8ֵС˧ȫ··ӿƱԵ㹤 "Oh, madame, I do not presume to call myself your friend,but at all times I am your most respectful servant." Thecountess left with an indescribable pang in her heart, andbefore she had taken ten steps the count saw her raise herhandkerchief to her eyes. "Do not my mother and you agree?"asked Albert, astonished. ϸ

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8ֵпʽװǷǽž¾װ "By Bonaparte, or, at least, by his adherents." ϸ

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