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150Ʊַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"On foot, yes, in a carriage, no.""A very simple one," said Valentine. "I swallow everymorning a spoonful of the mixture prepared for mygrandfather. When I say one spoonful, I began by one -- nowI take four. Grandpapa says it is a panacea." Valentinesmiled, but it was evident that she suffered.

"I repeat it, you must really be a very strange and superiorman, for my mother is so absorbed by the interest you haveexcited, that when I am with her she speaks of no one else."


"Did you ever meet him previously to coming hither?"

"Yes, the servant has given his description. He is a man offrom fifty to fifty-two years of age, dark, with black eyescovered with shaggy eyebrows, and a thick mustache. He wasdressed in a blue frock-coat, buttoned up to the chin, andwore at his button-hole the rosette of an officer of theLegion of Honor. Yesterday a person exactly correspondingwith this description was followed, but he was lost sight ofat the corner of the Rue de la Jussienne and the RueCoq-Heron." Villefort leaned on the back of an arm-chair,for as the minister of police went on speaking he felt hislegs bend under him; but when he learned that the unknownhad escaped the vigilance of the agent who followed him, hebreathed again.


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"Call him, then; I wish to speak to him." The concierge wentto seek the valet de chambre, and returned with him in aninstant.<"It would be fatal to his interests."

"The jeweller began eating his supper, and the woman, whowas ordinarily so querulous and indifferent to all whoapproached her, was suddenly transformed into the mostsmiling and attentive hostess. Had the unhappy man on whomshe lavished her assiduities been previously acquainted withher, so sudden an alteration might well have excitedsuspicion in his mind, or at least have greatly astonishedhim. Caderousse, meanwhile, continued to pace the room ingloomy silence, sedulously avoiding the sight of his guest;but as soon as the stranger had completed his repast, theagitated inn-keeper went eagerly to the door and opened it.`I believe the storm is over,' said he. But as if tocontradict his statement, at that instant a violent clap ofthunder seemed to shake the house to its very foundation,while a sudden gust of wind, mingled with rain, extinguishedthe lamp he held in his hand. Trembling and awe-struck,Caderousse hastily shut the door and returned to his guest,while La Carconte lighted a candle by the smouldering ashesthat glimmered on the hearth. `You must be tired,' said sheto the jeweller; `I have spread a pair of white sheets onyour bed; go up when you are ready, and sleep well.'

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"Yes, yes, I know what you mean, -- the railway, of which hehas obtained the grant, is it not?"

"And to sign the contract in three days?"

"Say on."


"That may possibly be true," said Maximilian, and he againsubsided into his thoughtful mood.





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