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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Scarcely had the count's horses cleared the angle of theboulevard, than Albert, turning towards the count, burstinto a loud fit of laughter -- much too loud in fact not togive the idea of its being rather forced and unnatural."Well," said he, "I will ask you the same question whichCharles IX. put to Catherine de Medicis, after the massacreof Saint Bartholomew, `How have I played my little part?'"
2.  "Mithridates rex Ponticus," said the young scamp, as he toresome beautiful portraits out of a splendid album, "theindividual who took cream in his cup of poison every morningat breakfast."
3.  "But of what disease, then, did she die?" asked Debray.
4.  And with these words he disappeared behind one of thetapestried portieres. As the door opened, the sound of aguzla reached the ears of the young men, but was almostimmediately lost, for the rapid closing of the door merelyallowed one rich swell of harmony to enter. Franz and Albertlooked inquiringly at each other, then at the gorgeousfurnishings of the apartment. Everything seemed moremagnificent at a second view than it had done at their firstrapid survey.
5.  "Blind fools!" murmured the count.
6.  When he believed that the right moment had arrived, he tookthe knife, pried open the teeth, which offered lessresistance than before, counted one after the other twelvedrops, and watched; the phial contained, perhaps, twice asmuch more. He waited ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, halfan hour, -- no change took place. Trembling, his hair erect,his brow bathed with perspiration, he counted the seconds bythe beating of his heart. Then he thought it was time tomake the last trial, and he put the phial to the purple lipsof Faria, and without having occasion to force open hisjaws, which had remained extended, he poured the whole ofthe liquid down his throat.


1.  "Yes, but to be captain one must do a little flattery toone's patrons."
2.  "Let us go on; Peppino will have warned the sentry of ourcoming." One of the two men was Peppino, and the other abandit on the lookout. Franz and the count advanced, and thebandit saluted them. "Your excellency," said Peppino,addressing the count, "if you will follow me, the opening ofthe catacombs is close at hand."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "And then he was called" --
5.  "No, excellency; and never shall I forget it," returnedPeppino, with an accent of profound gratitude.
6.  "He carried off the corpse, which he placed in his own bedwith its face to the wall; then he entered the emptydungeon, closed the entrance, and slipped into the sackwhich had contained the dead body. Did you ever hear of suchan idea?" Monte Cristo closed his eyes, and seemed again toexperience all the sensations he had felt when the coarsecanvas, yet moist with the cold dews of death, had touchedhis face. The jailer continued: "Now this was his project.He fancied that they buried the dead at the Chateau d'If,and imagining they would not expend much labor on the graveof a prisoner, he calculated on raising the earth with hisshoulders, but unfortunately their arrangements at theChateau frustrated his projects. They never buried the dead;they merely attached a heavy cannon-ball to the feet, andthen threw them into the sea. This is what was done. Theyoung man was thrown from the top of the rock; the corpsewas found on the bed next day, and the whole truth wasguessed, for the men who performed the office then mentionedwhat they had not dared to speak of before, that at themoment the corpse was thrown into the deep, they heard ashriek, which was almost immediately stifled by the water inwhich it disappeared." The count breathed with difficulty;the cold drops ran down his forehead, and his heart was fullof anguish.


1.  "`Never despair of anything,' says the proverb."
2.  "It is 40,000 francs which I now owe you," said MonteCristo.
3.  "Have you any objection to meet any persons who may be withmadame, or do you desire to preserve a strict incognito?"
4.  "And why was I arrested? Why was I a prisoner?"
5.   "You see," said Dantes, quitting the helm, "I shall be ofsome use to you, at least during the voyage. If you do notwant me at Leghorn, you can leave me there, and I will payyou out of the first wages I get, for my food and theclothes you lend me."
6.  When he drew near to the bedroom door, Monte Cristo expectedthat he was coming in, and raised one of his pistols; but hesimply heard the sound of the bolts sliding in their copperrings. It was only a precaution. The nocturnal visitor,ignorant of the fact that the count had removed the staples,might now think himself at home, and pursue his purpose withfull security. Alone and free to act as he wished, the manthen drew from his pocket something which the count couldnot discern, placed it on a stand, then went straight to thesecretary, felt the lock, and contrary to his expectationfound that the key was missing. But the glass-cutter was aprudent man who had provided for all emergencies. The countsoon heard the rattling of a bunch of skeleton keys, such asthe locksmith brings when called to force a lock, and whichthieves call nightingales, doubtless from the music of theirnightly song when they grind against the bolt. "Ah, ha,"whispered Monte Cristo with a smile of disappointment, "heis only a thief."


1.  "If he is dead, I shall die too."
2.  "Let us talk like men," he said, looking at the count.
3.  The idea that her strength had failed her in attempting toescape, and that she had fainted in one of the paths, wasthe one that most impressed itself upon his mind. "In thatcase," said he, "I should lose her, and by my own fault." Hedwelt on this idea for a moment, then it appeared reality.He even thought he could perceive something on the ground ata distance; he ventured to call, and it seemed to him thatthe wind wafted back an almost inarticulate sigh. At lastthe half-hour struck. It was impossible to wait longer, histemples throbbed violently, his eyes were growing dim; hepassed one leg over the wall, and in a moment leaped down onthe other side. He was on Villefort's premises -- hadarrived there by scaling the wall. What might be theconsequences? However, he had not ventured thus far to drawback. He followed a short distance close under the wall,then crossed a path, hid entered a clump of trees. In amoment he had passed through them, and could see the housedistinctly. Then Morrel saw that he had been right inbelieving that the house was not illuminated. Instead oflights at every window, as is customary on days of ceremony,he saw only a gray mass, which was veiled also by a cloud,which at that moment obscured the moon's feeble light. Alight moved rapidly from time to time past three windows ofthe second floor. These three windows were in Madame deSaint-Meran's room. Another remained motionless behind somered curtains which were in Madame de Villefort's bedroom.Morrel guessed all this. So many times, in order to followValentine in thought at every hour in the day, had he madeher describe the whole house, that without having seen it heknew it all.
4、  "I will give you three," replied the stranger.
5、  "You mistake -- I understand you perfectly. You will notoppose M. Villefort, you will not displease the marchioness,and to-morrow you will sign the contract which will bind youto your husband."




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      The doctor poured some drops of the lemonade into the palmof his hand, put his lips to it, and after having rinsed hismouth as a man does when he is tasting wine, he spat theliquor into the fireplace.

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      "Yes, yes," said Danglars, laughing, "it would do her agreat deal of good."

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       "I have already told you, my lord, that I shall see no one."

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      "Each time you have applied to me," said the doctor, "it hasbeen too late; still I will go. But let us make haste, sir;with the enemies you have to do with there is no time to belost."

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    {  "You are mistaken in thinking so," returned Franz calmly;"but you merely fall into the same error which leads so manyof our countrymen to commit the most egregious blunders, --I mean that of judging the habits and customs of Italy andSpain by our Parisian notions; believe me, nothing is morefallacious than to form any estimate of the degree ofintimacy you may suppose existing among persons by thefamiliar terms they seem upon; there is a similarity offeeling at this instant between ourselves and the countess-- nothing more."

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      Upon the eighth day he discerned a small vessel under fullsail approaching Monte Cristo. As it drew near, herecognized it as the boat he had given to Jacopo. Heimmediately signalled it. His signal was returned, and intwo hours afterwards the newcomer lay at anchor beside theyacht. A mournful answer awaited each of Edmond's eagerinquiries as to the information Jacopo had obtained. OldDantes was dead, and Mercedes had disappeared. Danteslistened to these melancholy tidings with outward calmness;but, leaping lightly ashore, he signified his desire to bequite alone. In a couple of hours he returned. Two of themen from Jacopo's boat came on board the yacht to assist innavigating it, and he gave orders that she should be steereddirect to Marseilles. For his father's death he was in somemanner prepared; but he knew not how to account for themysterious disappearance of Mercedes.}

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      "You will permit me to make one remark?"

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      "But how can I pay them?"

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       "Your fingers are stained with ink."

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    {  "Yes, yes, my boy, so we will -- so we will," replied theold man; "but how shall we be happy? Shall you never leaveme again? Come, tell me all the good fortune that hasbefallen you."

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      "Do you dance, count?"