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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'"And so shall we be, my boy. There's a brace of pistols forevery mothers son of us; and if we can't carry this ship, with thecrew at our back, it's time we were all sent to a young misses'boarding-school. You speak to your mate upon the left to-night, andsee if he is to be trusted."
2.  Holmes pointed to the street lamp above our heads.
3.  "I see. By the way, that last letter of the Dukes- was it found inthe boy's room after he was gone?"
4.  "Yes, young Daulat Ras, an Indian student, who lives on the samestair, came in to ask me some particulars about the examination.""For which he was entered?"
5.  The detective stared at the newcomer with blank amazement. Thelatter was blinking in the bright light of the corridor, and peeringat us and at the smouldering fire. It was an odious face- crafty,vicious, malignant, with shifty, light-gray eyes and white lashes."What's this, then?" said Lestrade, at last. "What have you beendoing all this time, eh?"
6.  "Well, we may save the police some little trouble in thatdirection," said Holmes, glancing at the haggard figure huddled upby the window. "Human nature is a strange mixture, Watson. You seethat even a villain and murderer can inspire such affection that hisbrother turns to suicide when he learns that his neck is forfeited.However, we have no choice as to our action. The doctor and I willremain on guard, Mr. Pycroft, if you will have the kindness to stepout for the police."


1.  "You can forget it or remember it, just as you like. I don't see youin the witnessbox. Quite another shaped box, my good Holmes, Iassure you. It matters nothing to me that you should know how mynephew died. It's not him we are talking about. It's you.""Yes, yes."
2.  "Poor fellow! Poor fellow! What can I do? How can I help?""Were you with him? Can you tell us what has happened?""No, no, I was late this morning. I was not on the beach at all. Ihave come straight from The Gables. What can I do?"
3.  "It was, I understand, terribly mutilated."
4.  "No, no, you would not. You are a gentleman. It is a woman'ssecret."
5.  He spoke in little, sharp, jerky outbursts, and it seemed to me thatto speak at all was very painful to him, and that his will all throughwas overriding his inclinations.
6.  (See illustration.)


1.  When our hansom deposited us at the house of Mrs. Merrilow, we foundthat plump lady blocking up the open door of her humble but retiredabode. It was very clear that her chief preoccupation was lest sheshould lose a valuable lodger, and she implored us, before showingus up, to say and do nothing which could lead to so undesirable anend. Then, having reassured her, we followed her up the straight,badly carpeted staircase and were shown into the room of themysterious lodger.
2.  "That is your name for the evening, Watson. You will call upon BaronGruner. I know something of his habits, and at half-past eight hewould probably be disengaged. A note will tell him in advance that youare about to call, and you will say that you are bringing him aspecimen of an absolutely unique set of Ming china. You may as well bea medical man, since that is a part which you can play withoutduplicity. You are a collector, this set has come your way, you haveheard of the Baron's interest in the subject, and you are not averseto selling at a price."
3.  "But who used him roughly?"
4.  "Did you ever know him ill?"
5.   "Not at all. The work is its own reward. Perhaps I shall get thecredit also at some distant day, when I permit my zealous historian tolay out his foolscap once more- eh, Watson? Well, now, let us seewhere this rat has been lurking."
6.  "Dear me! Are you the mother of Douglas Maberley? I knew himslightly. But of course all London knew him. What a magnificentcreature he was! Where is he now?"


1.  "Because the faculties become refined when you starve them. Why,surely, as a doctor, my dear Watson, you must admit that what yourdigestion gains in the way of blood supply is so much lost to thebrain. I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is a mere appendix.Therefore, it is the brain I must consider."
2.  "A pathetic, futile, broken creature."
3.  But i held up a warning finger.
4、  The Duke's beard had turned more aggressively red than everagainst his ghastly white face.
5、  "Thank heaven that you have come! I feared that you had given itup in despair. What am I to do? Shall the examination proceed?""Yes, let it proceed, by all means."




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      "Yes, yes, I am Mr. Nathan Garrideb. Is Mr. Holmes there? I shouldvery much like to have a word with Mr. Holmes."

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      "'For how long, may I ask, do you want this sum?' I asked."'Next Monday I have a large sum due to me, and I shall then mostcertainly repay what you advance, with whatever interest you thinkit right to charge. But it is very essential to me that the moneyshould be paid at once.'

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       He hesitated.

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      "'Listen,' I said. 'You are going to answer one question beforeyou leave if I have to hold you all night. Is Godfrey dead?'"He could not face my eyes. He was like a man hypnotized. The answerwas dragged from his lips. It was a terrible and unexpected one."'I wish to God he was!' he cried, and, tearing himself free, hedashed from the room.

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    {  In the morning I was up betimes, but some toast crumbs and two emptyeggshells told me that my companion was earlier still. I found ascribbled note upon the table.

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      "I recognized in an instant that the thief must have come up thestairs from the side door. Of course I must have met him if he hadcome the other way."}

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      "No, by George, I couldn't!"

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       Holmes turned over the leaves of the book upon his knee."Here it is," said he presently:

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    {  "I am afraid that I rather give myself away when I explain," saidhe. "Results without causes are much more impressive. You are ready tocome to Birmingham, then?"

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      "`Ten to two.'