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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Margaret
2.  Siebel
3.  The modest truth I speak to thee. Though folly's microcosm, man, it seems,Himself to be a perfect whole esteems: Part of the part am I, which at the firstwas all, A part of darkness, which gave birth to light, Proud light, who nowhis mother would enthrall, Contesting space and ancient rank with night. Yethe succeedeth not, for struggle as he will, To forms material he adhereth still;From them he streameth, them he maketh fair, And still the progress of hisbeams they check; And so, I trust, when comes the final wreck, Light will, erelong, the doom of matter share.
4.  Thine aspect to the powers supernal Gives strength, though fathom thee nonemay; And all they works, sublime, eternal, Are fair as on the primal day.Mephistopheles
5.  With small sharp shears, in insect guise Behold us at your revel! That we maytender, filial - wise, Our homage to the devil.Hennings
6.  Good, If I have my choice, the Rhenish I propose; For still the fairest gifts thefatherland bestows.


1.  Mephistopheles
2.  Thereto thou lengthen'd repite hast!
3.  But many weary hours, in sooth, were also mine. At night its little cradle stoodClose to my bed; so was I wide awake If it but stirred; One while I wasobliged to give it food, Or to my arms the darling take; From bed full oft mustrise, whene'er its cry I heard, And, dancing it, must pace the chamber to andfro; Stand at the wash - tub early; forthwith go To market, and then mind thecooking too To - morrow like to - day, the whole year through. Ah, sir, thusliving, it must be confess'd One's spirits are not always of the best; Yet it arelish gives to food and rest. (They pass on.)Martha
4.  Alas!
5.  Come, quick, and let thyself be led by me; Thou must perspire, in order thatthe juice Thy frame may penetrate through every part. Then noble idleness Ithee will teach to prize, And soon with ecstasy thou'lt recognise How Cupidstirs and gambols in thy heart.
6.  Margaret


1.  But from us she something would request.
2.  Wagner
3.  No, this new Burgomaster, I like him not, God knows, Now, he's in office,daily more arrogant he grows; And for the town, what doth he do for it? Arenot things worse from day to day? To more restraints we must submit; Andtaxes more than ever pay.
4.  As if his frame love wasted.
5.   In sprang the dog, indeed, observing naught; Things now assume anothershape, The devil's in the house and can't escape.Faust
6.  Faust


1.  How the dull boors exulting shout! Poison for the poor rats to strew A fineexploit it is no doubt.
2.  Then we the witch must summon after all.
3.  Should I advise it else, sweet love?
4、  In a short time you will improve, my friend, When of scholastic forms youlearn the use; And how by method all things to reduce.Student
5、  He's my good friend, with whom 'twill prosper well; I grudge him not thechoicest of thy store. Now draw thy circle, speak thy spell, And straight abumper for him pour!




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      Some pleasures gratis to enjoy, Should surely cause you no annoy. Whilebright with stars the heavens appear, I'll sing a masterpiece of art: A moralsong shall charm her ear, More surely to beguile her heart.(Sings to the guitar.)

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       Ere long to meet again! (Exeunt Faust and Mephistopheles.)Margaret

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    {  Faust (alone)

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      Ye wavering shapes, again ye do enfold me, As erst upon my troubled sightye stole; Shall I this time attempt to clasp, to hold ye? Still for the fond illusionyearns my soul? Ye press around! Come then, your captive hold me, Asupward from the vapoury mist ye roll; Within my breast youth's throbbingpulse is bounding, Fann'd by the magic breath your march surrounding.Shades fondly loved appear, your train attending, And visions fair of many ablissful day; First - love and friendship their fond accents blending, Like tosome ancient, half - expiring lay; Sorrow revives, her wail of anguish sendingBack o'er life's devious labyrinthine way, And names the dear ones, theywhom Fate bereaving Of life's fair hours, left me behind them grieving.They hear me not my later cadence singing, The souls to whom my earlier laysI sang; Dispersed the throng, their severed flight now winging; Mute are thevoices that responsive rang. For stranger crowds the Orphean lyre nowstringing, E'en their applause is to my heart a pang; Of old who listened to mysong, glad hearted, If yet they live, now wander widely parted.A yearning long unfelt, each impulse swaying, To yon calm spirit - realmuplifts my soul; In faltering cadence, as when Zephyr playing, Fans theAeolian harp, my numbers roll; Tear follows tear, my steadfast heart obeyingThe tender impulse, loses its control; What I possess as from afar I see;Those I have lost become realities to me.}

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      With gentlemen like you indeed The inward essence from the name we read,As all too plainly it doth appear, When Beelzebub, Destroyer, Liar, meets theear. Who then art thou?

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      Faust (turning aside) Dreadful shape! Spirit

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    {  "Though she, God knows, was more to blame than I."Martha

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      (pointing to the beasts)