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From those first breathlessly guarded, half-adored race mothers, all up the ascending line, they had this dominant thought of building up a great race through the children.


Then Zava, observing Terry with her grave sweet smile, quoted back at him: "Rather hard on Thomas, isn't it? Do they enjoy it--living without mates? Are your dogs as uniformly healthy and sweet-tempered as our cats?"

They were not afraid of us--three million highly intelligent women--or two million, counting only grown-ups--were not likely to be afraid of three young men. We thought of them as "Women," and therefore timid; but it was two thousand years since they had had anything to be afraid of, and certainly more than one thousand since they had outgrown the feeling.

There was literally no one left on this beautiful high garden land but a bunch of hysterical girls and some older slave women.

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Back we went, not under an anesthetic this time but skimming along in electric motors enough like ours to be quite recognizable, each of us in a separate vehicle with one able-bodied lady on either side and three facing him.<"Ye--es," Jeff agreed. "Of course--and yet--"

"Man-Country! Do you really believe there are no men here, you innocent? Don't you know there must be?" demanded Terry.

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While Terry and Alima struck sparks and parted--he always madly drawn to her and she to him--she must have been, or she'd never have stood the way he behaved--Ellador and I had already a deep, restful feeling, as if we'd always had one another. Jeff and Celis were happy; there was no question of that; but it didn't seem to me as if they had the good times we did.

And then and there, willy-nilly, before we had satisfied our appetites, our education began.

"No man would work unless he had to," Terry declared.


Terry heaved a disappointed sigh. "The Colonels!" I heard him whisper to Jeff.





ͧ人лӦ߲ˡ۸ûǣӦ As I learned more and more to appreciate what these women had accomplished, the less proud I was of what we, with all our manhood, had done. ϸ

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ͧز¡ETC¸󣿽ͨٹ·շ "Why?" suddenly asked Somel. "We keep our father cats shut up because we do not want too much fathering; but they are not chained--they have large grounds to run in." ϸ

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