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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At that moment Planchet put his head modestly in at thehalf-open door, and told his master that the horses wereready.
2.  They made a halt for an hour to refresh their horses. Aramisdischarged his bill, placed Bazin in the cart with his comrades,and they set forward to join Porthos.
3.  "Heaven forfend!" said Athos; "they may serve us.""These bodies serve us?" said Porthos. "You are mad, dearfriend."
4.  He could not distinguish her countenance, but a sinister smile passedover the lips of Athos. He was not deceived; it was she whom he sought.At this moment a horse neighed. Milady raised her head, saw close tothe panes the pale face of Athos, and screamed.
5.  "That's because they don't see us," said Athos.
6.  Three times Athos knocked without receiving an answer. At the thirdknock, however, steps were heard inside. The door at length was opened,and a man appeared, of high stature, pale complexion, and black hair andbeard.


1.  But D'Artagnan took very little heed of the eloquent discourse ofM. Bazin; and as he had no desire to support a polemic discussionwith his friend's valet, he simply moved him out of the way withone hand, and with the other turned the handle of the door ofNumber Five. The door opened, and D'Artagnan went into thechamber.
2.  "Do not jest about holy things, my friend."
3.  "Keep your secret, young man, and tell me what you wish.""I wish you to obtain for me, from Monsieur Dessessart, leave ofabsence for fifteen days."
4.  "Oh, poor woman, poor woman!" murmured Athos, in a broken voice.Mme. Bonacieux opened her eyes under the kisses of D'Artagnan."She revives!" cried the young man. "Oh, my God, my God, I thankthee!"
5.  "I? I know nothing about it."
6.  "A woman of mark!" said Porthos, with his loud laugh.Athos started, passed his hand over his brow to remove thedrops of perspiration that burst forth, and rose in his turnwith a nervous movement he could not repress.


1.  "Yes, my Lord; but with the hope of soon becoming enemies.""Be satisfied; I promise you that."
2.  Tranquil on this important point, Aramis continued his way withD'Artagnan, and both soon arrived at Athos's dwelling. Theyfound him holding his leave of absence in one hand, and M. deTreville's note in the other.
3.  She slept as a prisoner sleeps, rocked by his first hope.In the morning, when they entered her chamber she was still inbed. Felton remained in the corridor. He brought with him thewoman of whom he had spoken the evening before, and who had justarrived; this woman entered, and approaching Milady's bed,offered her services.
4.  "What sort of men?"
5.   "Poor dear Monsieur D'Artagnan," said Kitty, in a voice fullof compassion, and pressing anew the young man's hand."You pity me, little one?" said D'Artagnan.
6.  "Grimaud," said Athos, still on the breach, "anothermusket!"


1.  "Oh, fear nothing, madame!" said the young woman, clasping herhands and weeping herself at the queen's sorrows; "I am yourMajesty's, body and soul, and however far I may be from you,however inferior may be my position, I believe I have discovereda means of extricating your Majesty from your trouble.""You, oh, heaven, you!" cried the queen; "but look me in theface. I am betrayed on all sides. Can I trust in you?""Oh, madame!" cried the young woman, falling on her knees; "uponmy soul, I am ready to die for your Majesty!"
2.  "Well, well," said Rochefort, "here is a chance which may pair off withthe other! Monsieur Cardinal is indeed a privileged man!""Imagine my astonishment," continued Milady, "when I found myself faceto face with this woman!"
3.  "Who are you, then?" cried all the witnesses of this scene."Ask that woman," said the man in the red cloak, "for you may plainlysee she knows me!"
4、  "Well, monsieur, do you know who this great lady is?""No; I have heard Porthos speak of her, that's all.""Do you know who this pretended duchess is?
5、  "Seventy-six years! PESTE! That's a fine age!" replied Porthos."A great age, you mean, Monsieur Porthos. Yes, the poor man maybe expected to leave me a widow, any hour," continued she,throwing a significant glance at Porthos. "Fortunately, by ourmarriage contract, the survivor takes everything.""All?"




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      "That is because your fancies go too far," replied the triumphantBonacieux, "and I mistrust them."

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      "And what did you understand by what we said?"

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       "I will enter a cloister; I will become a nun," said Milady."You were in a cloister," said the executioner, "and you left it to ruinmy brother."

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      "Yes, madame; and as his servant, I will not allow you to beconcerned in plots against the safety of the state, or to servethe intrigues of a woman who in not French and who has a Spanishheart. Fortunately we have the great cardinal; his vigilant eyewatches over and penetrates to the bottom of the heart."Bonacieux was repeating, word for word, a sentence which he hadheard from the Comte de Rochefort; but the poor wife, who hadreckoned on her husband, and who, in that hope, had answered forhim to the queen, did not tremble the less, both at the dangerinto which she had nearly cast herself and at the helpless stateto which she was reduced. Nevertheless, knowing the weakness ofher husband, and more particularly his cupidity, she did notdespair of bringing him round to her purpose.

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    {  D'Artagnan took off the ring, giving it again to Athos.Athos started. "Look," said he, "is it not strange?" and hepointed out to D'Artagnan the scratch he had remembered."But from whom did this ring come to you, Athos?""From my mother, who inherited it from her mother. As Itold you, it is an old family jewel."

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      "Ah, ah!" said Lord de Winter, "after having played comedy, afterhaving played tragedy, we are now playing melancholy?"The prisoner made no reply.}

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      "And now," said Athos, resuming his cloak and putting on hishat, "now that I have drawn your teeth, viper, bite if youcan."

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      "Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,"excuse me, but I am in a hurry."

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       Planchet was sent for, and instructions were given him. Thematter had been named to him by D'Artagnan, who in the firstplace pointed out the money to him, then the glory, and thenthe danger.

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    {  Milady knew that Lord de Winter lied, and she was the morealarmed.

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      The life of the four young men had become fraternal. D'Artagnan,who had no settled habits of his own, as he came from hisprovince into the midst of his world quite new to him, felleasily into the habits of his friends.