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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Fifty feet!" responded Dantes, almost terrified.
2.  "Ah," said Caderousse, "I had promised" --
3.  "You are certainly a prodigy; you will soon not only surpassthe railway, which would not be very difficult in France,but even the telegraph."
4.  "The little fellow who arrived last night in a post-chaisewith his sister, and who asked for an apartment with twobeds." The bell here rang for the third time, with anothershriek of anguish.
5.  "Then let me go," said Maximilian, "or I shall think you didnot love me for my own sake, but for yours; "and he arose.
6.  "No; by you."


1.  "I assure you," replied the old man, "I did not turn to thatsource for recreation or support."
2.  "Ma foi, my dear viscount, you are fated to hear music thisevening; you have only escaped from Mademoiselle Danglars'piano, to be attacked by Haidee's guzla."
3.  "My father howled aloud, plunged his fingers into the holeswhich the balls had made, and tore up one of the planksentire. But immediately through this opening twenty moreshots were fired, and the flame, rushing up like fire fromthe crater of a volcano, soon reached the tapestry, which itquickly devoured. In the midst of all this frightful tumultand these terrific cries, two reports, fearfully distinct,followed by two shrieks more heartrending than all, froze mewith terror. These two shots had mortally wounded my father,and it was he who had given utterance to these frightfulcries. However, he remained standing, clinging to a window.My mother tried to force the door, that she might go and diewith him, but it was fastened on the inside. All around himwere lying the Palikares, writhing in convulsive agonies,while two or three who were only slightly wounded weretrying to escape by springing from the windows. At thiscrisis the whole flooring suddenly gave way. my father fellon one knee, and at the same moment twenty hands were thrustforth, armed with sabres, pistols, and poniards -- twentyblows were instantaneously directed against one man, and myfather disappeared in a whirlwind of fire and smoke kindledby these demons, and which seemed like hell itself openingbeneath his feet. I felt myself fall to the ground, mymother had fainted."
4.  "You think so?"
5.  "When will it take place?"
6.  "You don't mention those who aided and abetted the deed,"said Caderousse.


1.  "The Comtesse de Morcerf?" said Monte Cristo, starting.
2.  The man, hearing nothing more, stood erect, and while MonteCristo was completing his disguise had advanced straight tothe secretary, whose lock was beginning to crack under hisnightingale.
3.  "Edmond," said the poor mother, who tried every means, "whenI call you Edmond, why do you not call me Mercedes?"
4.  "And the worthy man destroyed your compromising letter?"
5.   "The deputy."
6.  "Whom does this belong to?" he inquired.


1.  "I have mine," said Madame de Villefort; and she passed overto Monte Cristo a bottle full of the same kind of red liquidwhose good properties the count had tested on Edward.
2.  "It was you who sent for me?"
3.  "I could scarcely walk when my mother, who was calledVasiliki, which means royal," said the young girl, tossingher head proudly, "took me by the hand, and after putting inour purse all the money we possessed, we went out, bothcovered with veils, to solicit alms for the prisoners,saying, `He who giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord.'Then when our purse was full we returned to the palace, andwithout saying a word to my father, we sent it to theconvent, where it was divided amongst the prisoners."
4、  "Oh, merely a paltry fifty louis."
5、  "Before he entered the merchant service, had he ever servedin the marines?"




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      ...ar Spada."

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      "Most assuredly; although I might easily have accepted it,for it was I who put into his hands the first silver he everearned; but now M. Dantes has no longer any occasion forassistance -- he is about to become a captain."

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       "Indeed," said Chateau-Renaud, "it seems quite miraculous tomake a new house out of an old one; for it was very old, anddull too. I recollect coming for my mother to look at itwhen M. de Saint-Meran advertised it for sale two or threeyears ago."

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      "It has been mentioned, but the article is not mine; indeed,I doubt if it will please M. Villefort, for it says that iffour successive deaths had happened anywhere else than inthe house of the king's attorney, he would have interestedhimself somewhat more about it."

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    {  "Listen," said the baroness, smiling; "speaking to you as afriend I can say that the prince does not yet appear all hewill be. He has about him a little of that foreign manner bywhich French persons recognize, at first sight, the Italianor German nobleman. Besides, he gives evidence of greatkindness of disposition, much keenness of wit, and as tosuitability, M. Danglars assures me that his fortune ismajestic -- that is his word."

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      "Ah, thus it is that our material origin is revealed," criedSinbad; "we frequently pass so near to happiness withoutseeing, without regarding it, or if we do see and regard it,yet without recognizing it. Are you a man for thesubstantials, and is gold your god? taste this, and themines of Peru, Guzerat, and Golconda are opened to you. Areyou a man of imagination -- a poet? taste this, and theboundaries of possibility disappear; the fields of infinitespace open to you, you advance free in heart, free in mind,into the boundless realms of unfettered revery. Are youambitious, and do you seek after the greatnesses of theearth? taste this, and in an hour you will be a king, not aking of a petty kingdom hidden in some corner of Europe likeFrance, Spain, or England, but king of the world, king ofthe universe, king of creation; without bowing at the feetof Satan, you will be king and master of all the kingdoms ofthe earth. Is it not tempting what I offer you, and is itnot an easy thing, since it is only to do thus? look!" Atthese words he uncovered the small cup which contained thesubstance so lauded, took a teaspoonful of the magicsweetmeat, raised it to his lips, and swallowed it slowlywith his eyes half shut and his head bent backwards. Franzdid not disturb him whilst he absorbed his favoritesweetmeat, but when he had finished, he inquired, -- "What,then, is this precious stuff?"}

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      "You have seen M. de Monte Cristo have you not?"

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      "Do not do anything of the sort; for were the gentleman aMontmorency, and the diplomatist a Metternich, we willbreakfast at eleven; in the meantime, follow Debray'sexample, and take a glass of sherry and a biscuit."

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       "Oh, yes," replied the count; "understand me, I would fighta duel for a trifle, for an insult, for a blow; and the moreso that, thanks to my skill in all bodily exercises, and theindifference to danger I have gradually acquired, I shouldbe almost certain to kill my man. Oh, I would fight for sucha cause; but in return for a slow, profound, eternaltorture, I would give back the same, were it possible; aneye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, as the Orientalistssay, -- our masters in everything, -- those favoredcreatures who have formed for themselves a life of dreamsand a paradise of realities."

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    {  "Go and fetch it."

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      "I was forced to read the address to know to whom to giveit."