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大盛棋牌【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Do you know when I can see him?"   "Perhaps it was," said Mrs. Hurstwood, knowing full well thatsuch was not the case, as Jessica had been her companion forweeks. She had recovered herself sufficiently to wish to knowmore of the details.

    The jackets were the greatest attraction. When she entered thestore, she already had her heart fixed upon the peculiar littletan jacket with large mother-of-pearl buttons which was all therage that fall. Still she delighted to convince herself thatthere was nothing she would like better. She went about amongthe glass cases and racks where these things were displayed, andsatisfied herself that the one she thought of was the proper one.All the time she wavered in mind, now persuading herself that shecould buy it right away if she chose, now recalling to herselfthe actual condition. At last the noon hour was dangerouslynear, and she had done nothing. She must go now and return themoney.

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   As the morning wore on the room became hotter. She felt the needof a breath of fresh air and a drink of water, but did notventure to stir. The stool she sat on was without a back orfoot-rest, and she began to feel uncomfortable. She found, aftera time, that her back was beginning to ache. She twisted andturned from one position to another slightly different, but itdid not ease her for long. She was beginning to weary.

    In the same house with her lived an official of one of thetheatres, Mr. Frank A. Hale, manager of the Standard, and hiswife, a pleasing-looking brunette of thirty-five. They werepeople of a sort very common in America today, who liverespectably from hand to mouth. Hale received a salary of forty-five dollars a week. His wife, quite attractive, affected thefeeling of youth, and objected to that sort of home life whichmeans the care of a house and the raising of a family. LikeDrouet and Carrie, they also occupied three rooms on the floorabove.

    "All right," said Carrie resignedly, "I'll do it, but if I make afailure now it's your fault."

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   Carrie did not understand this last. All the rest showed herthat her comedy success was little or nothing.<  "Hello, George!" he exclaimed.

    He was wondering what she was intending.

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   "How much do you pay a week?" ventured Carrie, emboldened by acertain softness in the man's manner and his simplicity ofaddress.

    She made no answer to this.

<  The plea was that of a gaunt-faced man of about thirty, wholooked the picture of privation and wretchedness. Drouet was thefirst to see. He handed over a dime with an upwelling feeling ofpity in his heart. Hurstwood scarcely noticed the incident.Carrie quickly forgot.   Carrie pondered over this situation as consistently as Hurstwood,once she got the facts adjusted in her mind. It took severaldays for her to fully realise that the approach of thedissolution of her husband's business meant commonplace struggleand privation. Her mind went back to her early venture inChicago, the Hansons and their flat, and her heart revolted.That was terrible! Everything about poverty was terrible. Shewished she knew a way out. Her recent experiences with theVances had wholly unfitted her to view her own state withcomplacence. The glamour of the high life of the city had, inthe few experiences afforded her by the former, seized hercompletely. She had been taught how to dress and where to gowithout having ample means to do either. Now, these things--ever-present realities as they were--filled her eyes and mind.The more circumscribed became her state, the more entrancingseemed this other. And now poverty threatened to seize herentirely and to remove this other world far upward like a heavento which any Lazarus might extend, appealingly, his hands.

    The pieces of leather came from the girl at the machine to herright, and were passed on to the girl at her left. Carrie saw atonce that an average speed was necessary or the work would pileup on her and all those below would be delayed. She had no timeto look about, and bent anxiously to her task. The girls at herleft and right realised her predicament and feelings, and, in away, tried to aid her, as much as they dared, by working slower.


<  He looked so disconsolate that it scared her. She began to seethat she herself had been drifting. She had felt it all thetime.   "Sothern," said Vance, "in 'Lord Chumley.'"

    She made no answer, but he felt his victory.





大盛棋牌姜建初人社部:企业不得开除因疫情致不能正常劳动的职工   However, as Hurstwood's business increased, he, as stated, beganto pick up acquaintances. He also began to allow himself moreclothes. He convinced himself that his home life was veryprecious to him, but allowed that he could occasionally stay awayfrom dinner. The first time he did this he sent a message sayingthat he would be detained. Carrie ate alone, and wished that itmight not happen again. The second time, also, he sent word, butat the last moment. The third time he forgot entirely andexplained afterwards. These events were months apart, each. 【详细】

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