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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】  "I explained nothing, and it is he who apologized to me."
2.  "'Tis you who have named him, as M. Racine says. Well, am Ito rush into his arms, and strain him to my heart, crying,`My father, my father!' like Monsieur Pixerecourt."*
3.  "Through what medium?"
4.  "The person called the Count of Monte Cristo is an intimateacquaintance of Lord Wilmore, a rich foreigner, who issometimes seen in Paris and who is there at this moment; heis also known to the Abbe Busoni, a Sicilian priest, of highrepute in the East, where he has done much good."
5.  "What is the matter?" said Madame de Villefort in a harshand constrained tone.
6.  "I do not think that such is his intention," said Morrel.


1.  "Yes, sir," said the major, "she has" --
2.  "Ha, ha," said Chateau-Renaud, "here comes some friends ofyours, viscount! What are you looking at there? don't yousee they are trying to catch your eye?" Albert turned round,just in time to receive a gracious wave of the fan from thebaroness; as for Mademoiselle Eugenie, she scarcelyvouchsafed to waste the glances of her large black eyes evenupon the business of the stage. "I tell you what, my dearfellow," said Chateau-Renaud, "I cannot imagine whatobjection you can possibly have to Mademoiselle Danglars --that is, setting aside her want of ancestry and somewhatinferior rank, which by the way I don't think you care verymuch about. Now, barring all that, I mean to say she is adeuced fine girl!"
3.  "Indeed? But you must let me make my observations, or theFrenchman will transact his business without my knowing thesum." Peppino nodded, and taking a rosary from his pocketbegan to mutter a few prayers while the clerk disappearedthrough the same door by which Danglars and the attendanthad gone out. At the expiration of ten minutes the clerkreturned with a beaming countenance. "Well?" asked Peppinoof his friend.
4.  "He was a shepherd-boy attached to the farm of the Count ofSan-Felice, situated between Palestrina and the lake ofGabri; he was born at Pampinara, and entered the count'sservice when he was five years old; his father was also ashepherd, who owned a small flock, and lived by the wool andthe milk, which he sold at Rome. When quite a child, thelittle Vampa displayed a most extraordinary precocity. Oneday, when he was seven years old, he came to the curate ofPalestrina, and asked to be taught to read; it was somewhatdifficult, for he could not quit his flock; but the goodcurate went every day to say mass at a little hamlet toopoor to pay a priest and which, having no other name, wascalled Borgo; he told Luigi that he might meet him on hisreturn, and that then he would give him a lesson, warninghim that it would be short, and that he must profit as muchas possible by it. The child accepted joyfully. Every dayLuigi led his flock to graze on the road that leads fromPalestrina to Borgo; every day, at nine o'clock in themorning, the priest and the boy sat down on a bank by thewayside, and the little shepherd took his lesson out of thepriest's breviary. At the end of three months he had learnedto read. This was not enough -- he must now learn to write.The priest had a writing teacher at Rome make threealphabets -- one large, one middling, and one small; andpointed out to him that by the help of a sharp instrument hecould trace the letters on a slate, and thus learn to write.The same evening, when the flock was safe at the farm, thelittle Luigi hastened to the smith at Palestrina, took alarge nail, heated and sharpened it, and formed a sort ofstylus. The next morning he gathered an armful of pieces ofslate and began. At the end of three months he had learnedto write. The curate, astonished at his quickness andintelligence, made him a present of pens, paper, and apenknife. This demanded new effort, but nothing compared tothe first; at the end of a week he wrote as well with thispen as with the stylus. The curate related the incident tothe Count of San-Felice, who sent for the little shepherd,made him read and write before him, ordered his attendant tolet him eat with the domestics, and to give him two piastresa month. With this, Luigi purchased books and pencils. Heapplied his imitative powers to everything, and, likeGiotto, when young, he drew on his slate sheep, houses, andtrees. Then, with his knife, he began to carve all sorts ofobjects in wood; it was thus that Pinelli, the famoussculptor, had commenced.
5.  "But with what motive have you learned all this?" inquiredVillefort, in astonishment. Monte Cristo smiled. "Really,sir," he observed, "I see that in spite of the reputationwhich you have acquired as a superior man, you look ateverything from the material and vulgar view of society,beginning with man, and ending with man -- that is to say,in the most restricted, most narrow view which it ispossible for human understanding to embrace."
6.  "It was and the feast that began so gayly had a verysorrowful ending; a police commissary, followed by foursoldiers, entered, and Dantes was arrested."


1.  "Well," said Caderousse, "why, what a lie he told! He saidhe was going to the Catalans, and he is going to the city.Hallo, Fernand!"
2.  "No."
3.  "Oh!" said Caderousse, groaning with pain.
4.  "As soon as possible, M. Danglars; to-day all preliminarieswill be arranged at my father's, and to-morrow, or next dayat latest, the wedding festival here at La Reserve. Myfriends will be there, I hope; that is to say, you areinvited, M. Danglars, and you, Caderousse."
5.   "Yes, you; it would not be astonishing."
6.  "No."


1.  "Barrois," cried Valentine, "Barrois!"
2.  "We shall see," said the inspector; then, turning to thegovernor, "On my word, the poor devil touches me. You mustshow me the proofs against him."
3.  "Yes," answered Franz; "and it is to punish them thatduelling is tolerated."
4、  The eyes of both were fixed upon the spot indicated by thesailor, and on the blue line separating the sky from theMediterranean Sea, they perceived a large white sail."Gone," said Morrel; "gone! -- adieu, my friend -- adieu, myfather!"
5、  "Then your excellency is going" --




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      "Impostor," repeated Villefort; "certainly, madame, youappear to extenuate some cases, and exaggerate others.Impostor, indeed! -- M. Andrea Cavalcanti, or rather M.Benedetto, is nothing more nor less than an assassin!"

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      Dantes was confused and silent at this explanation of thethoughts which had unconsciously been working in his mind,or rather soul; for there are two distinct sorts of ideas,those that proceed from the head and those that emanate fromthe heart.

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       "Yes," continued Caderousse, "so it is; after five andtwenty years of labor, after having acquired a mosthonorable name in the trade of Marseilles, M. Morrel isutterly ruined; he has lost five ships in two years, hassuffered by the bankruptcy of three large houses, and hisonly hope now is in that very Pharaon which poor Dantescommanded, and which is expected from the Indies with acargo of cochineal and indigo. If this ship founders, likethe others, he is a ruined man."

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      "I do; that is about the distance that separates yourchamber from mine; only, unfortunately, I did not curvearight; for want of the necessary geometrical instruments tocalculate my scale of proportion, instead of taking anellipsis of forty feet, I made it fifty. I expected, as Itold you, to reach the outer wall, pierce through it, andthrow myself into the sea; I have, however, kept along thecorridor on which your chamber opens, instead of goingbeneath it. My labor is all in vain, for I find that thecorridor looks into a courtyard filled with soldiers."

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    {  "Can it be?" cried Mercedes, shuddering.

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      "Are you then come from M. de Morcerf's?" asked MonteCristo.}

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      "However, your excellency," said Andrea, "in considerationof Lord Wilmore, by whom I was recommended to you -- "

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      "Why, you know I told you," replied Danglars, "that Iconsidered the circumstance of his having anchored at theIsland of Elba as a very suspicious circumstance."

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       "Do you seriously ask my advice, Valentine?"

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    {  "Yes, my dear, the abduction is an accomplished fact,"replied Eugenie. "Yes, and without violence," said Louise.

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      "I said they would skin me," thought Danglars; but resolvingto resist the extortion, he said, "Come, how much do I oweyou for this fowl?"