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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes," said Carrie.
2.  He hurried to Madison Street and boarded a horse-car, whichcarried him to Ogden Place in half an hour.
3.  "Have I much time to catch that train for Detroit?" he asked ofthe agent.
4.  "Um," she thought to herself, "she goes riding with another manwhen her husband is out of the city. He had better keep an eyeon her."
5.  "Oh!" said Carrie, in a burst of anguish. So distant anddefinite a point seemed to increase the difficulty.
6.  "Why not get yourself a nice little jacket? You've got to haveit. I'll loan you the money. You needn't worry about taking it.You can get yourself a nice room by yourself. I won't hurt you."


1.  He got up and looked out the window into the chilly street. Itcame gradually into his mind, as he stood there, to go toBrooklyn.
2.  "Yes," he replied; "I know how you feel."
3.  "Certainly," said Carrie. "You know how often he came."
4.  "Not very."
5.  "Perhaps it was," said Mrs. Hurstwood, knowing full well thatsuch was not the case, as Jessica had been her companion forweeks. She had recovered herself sufficiently to wish to knowmore of the details.
6.  During all this time--a period rapidly approaching three years--Hurstwood had been moving along in an even path. There was noapparent slope downward, and distinctly none upward, so far asthe casual observer might have seen. But psychologically therewas a change, which was marked enough to suggest the future verydistinctly indeed. This was in the mere matter of the halt hiscareer had received when he departed from Chicago. A man'sfortune or material progress is very much the same as his bodilygrowth. Either he is growing stronger, healthier, wiser, as theyouth approaching manhood, or he is growing weaker, older, lessincisive mentally, as the man approaching old age. There are noother states. Frequently there is a period between the cessationof youthful accretion and the setting in, in the case of themiddle-aged man, of the tendency toward decay when the twoprocesses are almost perfectly balanced and there is little doingin either direction. Given time enough, however, the balancebecomes a sagging to the grave side. Slowly at first, then witha modest momentum, and at last the graveward process is in thefull swing. So it is frequently with man's fortune. If itsprocess of accretion is never halted, if the balancing stage isnever reached, there will be no toppling. Rich men are,frequently, in these days, saved from this dissolution of theirfortune by their ability to hire younger brains. These youngerbrains look upon the interests of the fortune as their own, andso steady and direct its progress. If each individual were leftabsolutely to the care of his own interests, and were given timeenough in which to grow exceedingly old, his fortune would passas his strength and will. He and his would be utterly dissolvedand scattered unto the four winds of the heavens.


1.  On the walls were designs in colour, square spots of robin's-eggblue, set in ornate frames of gilt, whose corners were elaboratemouldings of fruit and flowers, with fat cupids hovering inangelic comfort. On the ceilings were coloured traceries withmore gilt, leading to a centre where spread a cluster of lights--incandescent globes mingled with glittering prisms and stuccotendrils of gilt. The floor was of a reddish hue, waxed andpolished, and in every direction were mirrors--tall, brilliant,bevel-edged mirrors--reflecting and re-reflecting forms, faces,and candelabra a score and a hundred times.
2.  As nine o'clock approached, some of the hubbub of the earlierhour passed. The atmosphere of the hotels was not so youthful.The air, too, was colder. On every hand curious figures weremoving--watchers and peepers, without an imaginary circle, whichthey seemed afraid to enter--a dozen in all. Presently, with thearrival of a keener sense of cold, one figure came forward. Itcrossed Broadway from out the shadow of Twenty-sixth Street, and,in a halting, circuitous way, arrived close to the waitingfigure. There was something shamefaced or diffident about themovement, as if the intention were to conceal any idea ofstopping until the very last moment. Then suddenly, close to thesoldier, came the halt.
3.  "Well, we won't have much more of this weather," he said. "Itonly takes two weeks to get to Rome."
4.  "I will," said Carrie, who had not thought of it before.
5.   "Oh, I see," said the woman, interrupting her. "No, I don't knowof anything now."
6.  "Have you?" said Quincel, rather surprised by his promptness;"that's good. What's her address?" and he pulled out hisnotebook in order to be able to send her part to her.


1.  "Of course we are," he said, with the slightest modification ofsharpness.
2.  Chapter XLI
3.  "Oh, that's all right," answered the little girl, good-naturedly,glad to be of service.It had been days since Hurstwood had done more than go to thegrocery or to the news-stand. Now the weariness of indoors wasupon him--had been for two days--but chill, grey weather had heldhim back. Friday broke fair and warm. It was one of thoselovely harbingers of spring, given as a sign in dreary winterthat earth is not forsaken of warmth and beauty. The blueheaven, holding its one golden orb, poured down a crystal wash ofwarm light. It was plain, from the voice of the sparrows, thatall was halcyon outside. Carrie raised the front windows, andfelt the south wind blowing.
4、  In the lapse of another half-hour it became apparent to Carriethat it was quite a run to wherever he was taking her, anyhow.
5、  The scene was one in "The Covenant," in which the wife listenedto the seductive voice of a lover in the absence of her husband.




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      On the other hand, as we may well believe, the manager came homein the sunniest mood. His conversation and agreement with Carriehad raised his spirits until he was in the frame of mind of onewho sings joyously. He was proud of himself, proud of hissuccess, proud of Carrie. He could have been genial to all theworld, and he bore no grudge against his wife. He meant to bepleasant, to forget her presence, to live in the atmosphere ofyouth and pleasure which had been restored to him.

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      He looked at her, but she paid no attention to him, working ather dishes.

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       "Yes, wads of it," returned Drouet. "He won't live much longer.Barely comes down to the office now."

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      "She's frightened," whispered Drouet to Hurstwood.

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    {  Nevertheless, she was pleased to think he would ask. Her eyesbrightened, for if there was anything that enlisted hersympathies it was the art of the stage.True to his nature, Drouet clung to this idea as an easy way out.

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      "Oh, jolly! Have they?" cried Lola, running to her. "That's allright," she said, looking. "You'll get more now, if you do well.I had my picture in the 'World' once."}

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      "Not until afterwards," said the ex-manager. "I'll see youlater. Are you stopping here?"

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      "Ah, Carrie," he answered, "what's the use saying that? I don'tcare. You needn't tell me that, though."

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       "I wouldn't try it," said the other.The approaching change now took on a most serious aspect toHurstwood. Dissolution meant the loss of his thousand dollars,and he could not save another thousand in the time. Heunderstood that Shaughnessy was merely tired of the arrangement,and would probably lease the new corner, when completed, alone.He began to worry about the necessity of a new connection and tosee impending serious financial straits unless something turnedup. This left him in no mood to enjoy his flat or Carrie, andconsequently the depression invaded that quarter.

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    {  "Oh!" answered Carrie. "Why, certainly, dear. Why didn't youtell me before?"

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      "How have you been?" asked Hurstwood gently, for he now breathedeasier.