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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  This was all the visitor wished to ascertain, or, rather,
2.  "Quite, sir; my master has ordered his horses at eighto'clock precisely."
3.  "The beginning or the end?"
4.  Chapter 12Father and Son.
5.  "No."
6.  Bertuccio glanced through the door, which was ajar. Thecount watched him. "Good heavens!" he exclaimed.


1.  The sounds drew nearer. Three blows were struck upon thepanel of the door. The company looked at each other inconsternation.
2.  "Come, two or three more such adventures, and I do notdespair of seeing you a member of the Academy." DoubtlessAlbert was about to discuss seriously his right to theacademic chair when they were informed that dinner wasready. Albert's love had not taken away his appetite. Hehastened with Franz to seat himself, free to recommence thediscussion after dinner. After dinner, the Count of MonteCristo was announced. They had not seen him for two days.Signor Pastrini informed them that business had called himto Civita Vecchia. He had started the previous evening, andhad only returned an hour since. He was charming. Whether hekept a watch over himself, or whether by accident he did notsound the acrimonious chords that in other circumstances hadbeen touched, he was to-night like everybody else. The manwas an enigma to Franz. The count must feel sure that Franzrecognized him; and yet he had not let fall a single wordindicating any previous acquaintance between them. On hisside, however great Franz's desire was to allude to theirformer interview, the fear of being disagreeable to the manwho had loaded him and his friend with kindness preventedhim from mentioning it. The count had learned that the twofriends had sent to secure a box at the Argentina Theatre,and were told they were all let. In consequence, he broughtthem the key of his own -- at least such was the apparentmotive of his visit. Franz and Albert made some difficulty,alleging their fear of depriving him of it; but the countreplied that, as he was going to the Palli Theatre, the boxat the Argentina Theatre would he lost if they did notprofit by it. This assurance determined the two friends toaccept it.
3.  "Doubtless," replied the count, "since no one hears mecomplain."
4.  "And it is not yours?"
5.  "This is a magnificent emerald, and the largest I have everseen," said Chateau-Renaud, "although my mother has someremarkable family jewels."
6.  "Remain here, concealed in the dark, and whatever noise youhear, whatever passes, only come in or show yourself if Icall you." Ali bowed in token of strict obedience. MonteCristo then drew a lighted taper from a closet, and when thethief was deeply engaged with his lock, silently opened thedoor, taking care that the light should shine directly onhis face. The door opened so quietly that the thief heard nosound; but, to his astonishment, the room was suddenlyilluminated. He turned.


1.  "Yes, to escort him into the capital. Really, my dearGerard, you are but a child; you think yourself wellinformed because the telegraph has told you, three daysafter the landing, `The usurper has landed at Cannes withseveral men. He is pursued.' But where is he? what is hedoing? You do not know at all, and in this way they willchase him to Paris, without drawing a trigger."
2.  "Come, my dear Albert," said Debray, "confess that your cookis behindhand, that the oysters have not arrived from Ostendor Marennes, and that, like Madame de Maintenon, you aregoing to replace the dish by a story. Say so at once; we aresufficiently well-bred to excuse you, and to listen to yourhistory, fabulous as it promises to be."
3.  "Hold, sir," said Villefort, "do not prolong this dreadfulscene. The names have been purposely concealed; my fatherhimself does not know who this president was, and if heknows, he cannot tell you; proper names are not in thedictionary."
4.  "Perhaps so. But to return to what you were saying,Beauchamp."
5.   "Never."
6.  "Does the count know what answer you received?"


1.  "It is the social capital of a theatre on the boulevard, ora railroad from the Jardin des Plantes to La Rapee."
2.  This was the first time Morrel had ever so spoken, but hesaid it in a tone of paternal kindness, and Julie did notdare to disobey. She remained at the same spot standing muteand motionless. An instant afterwards the door opened, shefelt two arms encircle her, and a mouth pressed herforehead. She looked up and uttered an exclamation of joy.
3.  "What is his name?"
4、  "To the residence of Baron Danglars, Rue de la Chausseed'Antin." This conversation had passed as they stood uponthe terrace, from which a flight of stone steps led to thecarriage-drive. As Bertuccio, with a respectful bow, wasmoving away, the count called him back. "I have anothercommission for you, M. Bertuccio," said he; "I am desirousof having an estate by the seaside in Normandy -- forinstance, between Havre and Boulogne. You see I give you awide range. It will be absolutely necessary that the placeyou may select have a small harbor, creek, or bay, intowhich my corvette can enter and remain at anchor. She drawsonly fifteen feet. She must be kept in constant readiness tosail immediately I think proper to give the signal. Make therequisite inquiries for a place of this description, andwhen you have met with an eligible spot, visit it, and if itpossess the advantages desired, purchase it at once in yourown name. The corvette must now, I think, be on her way toFecamp, must she not?"
5、  "Yes."




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      "Yes; but we do not invite people of fashion. If we were notforced to entertain a parcel of country boobies because theythink and vote with us, we should never dream of dining athome, I assure you."

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      "Your excellency's name" --

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       "Come, Louise," said Mademoiselle Danglars to her friend.They passed into the next drawing-room, where tea wasprepared. Just as they were beginning, in the Englishfashion, to leave the spoons in their cups, the door againopened and Danglars entered, visibly agitated. Monte Cristoobserved it particularly, and by a look asked the banker foran explanation. "I have just received my courier fromGreece," said Danglars.

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      "Indeed, sir," said he to Albert, "if you are come toquarrel with this gentleman because I have preferred him toyou, I shall resign the case to the king's attorney."

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    {  "It is a poor lame post-horse."

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      "Well, then," said Edmond, "if you do not, I shall die ofhunger -- that is all."}

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      "At La Reserve, the day before the betrothal feast."

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      "We gather from all this, baron, that Captain Morrel savedyour life."

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       "Doctor, I resist no longer -- I can no longer defend myself-- I believe you; but, for pity's sake, spare my life, myhonor!"

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    {  "All day?"

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      "Because, my dear fellow, you understand one must never beeccentric. If one's lot is cast among fools, it is necessaryto study folly. I shall perhaps find myself one day calledout by some harebrained scamp, who has no more real cause ofquarrel with me than you have with Beauchamp; he may take meto task for some foolish trifle or other, he will bring hiswitnesses, or will insult me in some public place, and I amexpected to kill him for all that."