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重庆时时苹果版本【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Every inquiry in this case reveals something inexplicable. Nowthere are three papers still missing. They are, as I understand, thevital ones."   "Now, let us calmly define our position, Watson," he continued as weskirted the cliffs together. "Let us get a firm grip of the verylittle which we do know, so that when fresh facts arise we may beready to fit them into their places. I take it, in the first place,that neither of us is prepared to admit diabolical intrusions into theaffairs of men. Let us begin by ruling that entirely out of our minds.Very good. There remain three persons who have been grievouslystricken by some conscious or unconscious human agency. That is firmground. Now, where did this occur? Evidently, assuming his narrativeto be true, it was immediately after Mr. Mortimer Tregennis had leftthe room. That is a very important point. The presumption is that itwas within a few minutes afterwards. The cards still lay upon thetable. It was already past their usual hour for bed. Yet they hadnot changed their position or pushed back their chairs. I repeat,then, that the occurrence was immediately after his departure, and notlater than eleven o'clock last night.

    "I fancy our researches must lie in that direction. At the worst thelock should not be very formidable. Have you any other able-bodied manon the premises?"

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   "Dangerous, Watson, very dangerous. No, I hardly see them doingthat. Pull up, cabby! This is evidently the undertaker's, for wehave just passed the pawnbroker's. Would you go in, Watson? Yourappearance inspires confidence. Ask what hour the Poultney Squarefuneral takes place to-morrow."

    "Not the slightest. We have been on the look-out for him, andthere was some idea that he had got away to America. Now that weknow that the gang are here, I don't see how they can escape. Wehave the news at every seaport already, and a reward will be offeredbefore evening. What beats me is how they could have done so mad athing, knowing that the lady could describe them and that we could notfail to recognize the description."

    "Not Miss Harrison here, for example?"

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   "You may have observed the same wheel-tracks going the other way.But the outward-bound ones were very much deeper-so much so that wecan say for a certainty that there was a very considerable weight onthe carriage."<  "You know him, do you not?" "'He is an intimate friend of mine.""You are aware that he has disappeared?"

    "`Is purely nominal.'

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    "Colonel Barclay himself seems to have had some singular traits inhis character. He was a dashing, jovial old soldier in his usual mood,but there were occasions on which he seemed to show himself capable ofconsiderable violence and vindictiveness. This side of his nature,however, appears never to have been turned towards his wife. Anotherfact which had struck Major Murphy and three out of five of theother officers with whom I conversed was the singular sort ofdepression which came upon him at times. As the major expressed it,the smile has often been struck from his mouth, as if by someinvisible hand, when he has been joining in the gaieties and chaffof the mess-table. For days on end, when the mood was on him, he hasbeen sunk in the deepest gloom. This and a certain tinge ofsuperstition were the only unusual traits in his character which hisbrother officers had observed. The latter peculiarity took the form ofa dislike to being left alone, especially after dark. This puerilefeature in a nature which was conspicuously manly had often given riseto comment and conjecture.

<  The young inspector winced at my companion's ironical comments."I was a fool not to call you in at the time Mr. Holmes. However,that's past praying for now. Yes, there were several objects in theroom which called for special attention. One was the harpoon withwhich the deed was committed. It had been snatched down from a rack onthe wall. Two others remained there, and there was a vacant placefor the third. On the stock was engraved 'SS. Sea Unicorn, Dundee.'This seemed to establish that the crime had been done in a moment offury, and that the murderer had seized the first weapon which camein his way. The fact that the crime was committed at two in themorning, and yet Peter Carey was fully dressed, suggested that hehad an appointment with the murderer, which is home out by the factthat a bottle of rum and two dirty glasses stood upon the table.""Yes," said Holmes; "I think that both inferences are permissible.Was there any other spirit but rum in the room?"   "And since?"

    "I say it is."


<  Holmes considered for a moment. "There is another very importantpoint which I wish to discuss with you," said he. "You feared, as Iunderstand, that very grave results might follow from the details ofthis treaty becoming known."   Colonel Emsworth pointed to me.

    The station-master laughed heartily. "No, sir, Dr. Becher is anEnglishman, and there isn't a man in the parish who has a better-linedwaistcoat. But he has a gentleman staying with him, a patient, as Iunderstand, who is a foreigner, and he looks as if a little goodBerkshire beef would do him no harm."





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