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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It was, however, necessary to affect weakness and pain--not avery difficult task for so finished an actress as Milady. Thusthe poor woman was completely the dupe of the prisoner, whom,notwithstanding her hints, she persisted in watching all night.But the presence of this woman did not prevent Milady fromthinking.
2.  "A handsome young man, three- or four-and-twenty years old, mild,amiable, and well made?"
3.  But D'Artagnan, whose ideas had taken quite another course,forgot himself like a fool, and answered gallantly that itwas too late to think about duels and sword thrusts.This coldness toward the only interests that occupied hermind terrified Milady, whose questions became more pressing.Then D'Artagnan, who had never seriously thought of thisimpossible duel, endeavored to turn the conversation; but hecould not succeed. Milady kept him within the limits shehad traced beforehand with her irresistible spirit and heriron will.
4.  "Farewell, then, or rather, AU REVOIR!"
5.  "You are mistaken, my Lord, blood will flow; and may that bloodfall back on those who cause it to flow!"
6.  "What are their names?"


1.  "There again! De Wardes, one of the cardinal's men, a cousin ofRochefort! Stop, my friend, I have an idea."
2.  "Who told you that I had been weeping?" said she."It appeared to me--"
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Yes, madame, it is the custom, not from gallantry but prudence,that in time of war foreigners should be conducted to particularhotels, in order that they may remain under the eye of thegovernment until full information can be obtained about them."These words were pronounced with the most exact politeness andthe most perfect calmness. Nevertheless, they had not the powerof convincing Milady.
5.  Milady stopped, and a bitter smile passed over her lips."Finally," said Felton, "finally, what did they do?""At length, one evening my enemy resolved to paralyze theresistance he could not conquer. One evening he mixed a powerfulnarcotic with my water. Scarcely had I finished my repast, whenI felt myself sink by degrees into a strange torpor. Although Iwas without mistrust, a vague fear seized me, and I tried tostruggle against sleepiness. I arose. I wished to run to thewindow and call for help, but my legs refused their office. Itappeared as if the ceiling sank upon my head and crushed me withits weight. I stretched out my arms. I tried to speak. I couldonly utter inarticulate sounds, and irresistible faintness cameover me. I supported myself by a chair, feeling that I was aboutto fall, but this support was soon insufficient on account of myweak arms. I fell upon one knee, then upon both. I tried topray, but my tongue was frozen. God doubtless neither heard norsaw me, and I sank upon the floor a prey to a slumber whichresembled death.
6.  Bazin gone, the mendicant cast a rapid glance around him inorder to be sure that nobody could either see or hear him,and opening his ragged vest, badly held together by aleather strap, he began to rip the upper part of hisdoublet, from which he drew a letter.


2.  "Another gasconade!" murmured the gentleman. "By my honor, theseGascons are incorrigible! Keep up the dance, then, since he willhave it so. When he is tired, he will perhaps tell us that hehas had enough of it."
3.  "What?" asked D'Artagnan, seeing that Mme. Bonacieux hesitated tocontinue.
4.  In the meantime the host and his wife hurried down with lampsinto the cellar, which had so long been interdicted to them andwhere a frightful spectacle awaited them.
5.   As Athos had foreseen, the bastion was only occupied by adozen corpses, French and Rochellais.
6.  "We are returning to his Eminence, monsieur the Chevalier," said Athos,advancing; "and you will please to accept the word of Monsieurd'Artagnan that he will go straight to La Rochelle.""I must place him in the hands of guards who will take him into camp.""We will be his guards, monsieur, upon our word as gentlemen; butlikewise, upon our word as gentlemen," added Athos, knitting his brow,"Monsieur d'Artagnan shall not leave us."


1.  Rochefort and D'Artagnan coolly greeted each other with their lips; butthe cardinal was there, observing them with his vigilant eye.They left the chamber at the same time.
2.  "That is he, that is he; but his name?"
3.  Milady, with a rapid gesture, opened her robe, tore the cambricthat covered her bosom, and red with feigned anger and simulatedshame, showed the young man the ineffaceable impression whichdishonored that beautiful shoulder.
4、  "That he is far from being, or rather having been, so guiltytoward you as he appears."
5、  "Yes, to make him come to Paris; and when once come to Paris, todraw him into some snare."




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      "What the devil are you going to do?" cried D'Artagnan, "youwill be shot."

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      "Well, come!" said the young man, laughing, "she thinks I amworth something. A hundred louis? Well, that was atemptation for two wretches like you. I understand why youaccepted it, and I grant you my pardon; but upon onecondition."

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       "When you please," said D'Artagnan.

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      "'To Troyes, in Champagne,' I answered.

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    {  "But these two words would bring about my condemnation, divorce,exile!"

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      It is true that the habit of a huntress became her admirably.She wore a beaver had with blue feathers, a surtout of gray-pearlvelvet, fastened with diamond clasps, and a petticoat of bluesatin, embroidered with silver. On her left shoulder sparkledthe diamonds studs, on a bow of the same color as the plumes andthe petticoat.}

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      "There, now! Oh, Monsieur Chevalier, do you love that womanstill?"

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      We have said that Athos loved D'Artagnan like a child, andthis somber and inflexible personage felt the anxiety of aparent for the young man.

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    {  "You make the demand badly," replied Aramis; "and whileacknowledging the justice of your reclamation, I refuse it onaccount of the form."

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      "That's wise--not for the lackeys," resumed Aramis, "but forthe master--for the masters, we may say. Are our lackeyssufficiently devoted to us to risk their lives for us? No.""My faith," said D'Artagnan. "I would almost answer forPlanchet."