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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At these words he took up a silver bell, and rang it; the officerentered.
2.  "He is a bold fellow," said the cardinal.
3.  "Well, yes, Planchet, to be sure," said Athos, "what isthere so astonishing in that? He promised to be back byeight o'clock, and eight is striking. Bravo, Planchet, youare a lad of your word, and if ever you leave your master, Iwill promise you a place in my service."
4.  "It seems, nevertheless--"
5.  "Oh, he conceals them too little for you not to divine them.""I seek to divine nothing, madame; I wait till I am confided in,and apart from that which Lord de Winter has said to me beforeyou, he has confided nothing to me."
6.  Then she broke the silence to cry out, "You are cowards, miserableassassins--ten men combined to murder one woman. Beware! If I am notsaved I shall be avenged."


1.  "Flee alone, and leave you here? No, no, never!" cried Milady.All at once she paused, a livid flash darted from her eyes; she ran tothe table, emptied into Mme. Bonacieux's glass the contents of a ringwhich she opened with singular quickness. It was a grain of a reddishcolor, which dissolved immediately.
2.  The three friends burst into laughter.
3.  "Well, what does the queen believe?"
4.  "My dear Planchet, I an the happiest of men!"
5.  "Well, monsieur has only to take the right-hand staircase in thecourtyard, and knock at Number Five on the second floor."D'Artagnan walked quickly in the direction indicated, and foundone of those exterior staircases that are still to be seen in theyards of our old-fashioned taverns. But there was no getting atthe place of sojourn of the future abbe; the defiles of thechamber of Aramis were as well guarded as the gardens of Armida.Bazin was stationed in the corridor, and barred his passage withthe more intrepidity that, after many years of trial, Bazin foundhimself near a result of which he had ever been ambitious.In fact, the dream of poor Bazin had always been to serve achurchman; and he awaited with impatience the moment, always inthe future, when Aramis would throw aside the uniform and assumethe cassock. The daily-renewed promise of the young man that themoment would not long be delayed, had alone kept him in theservice of a Musketeer--a service in which, he said, his soul wasin constant jeopardy.
6.  At seven o'clock in the morning he arose and called Planchet, whoat the second summons opened the door, his countenance not yetquite freed from the anxiety of the preceding night."Planchet," said D'Artagnan, "I am going out for all day,perhaps. You are, therefore, your own master till seven o'clockin the evening; but at seven o'clock you must hold yourself inreadiness with two horses."


1.  Athos did not trust this reply, and he resumed; "you cannot havefailed to remark, my dear friend, that everyone has hisparticular kind of drunkenness, sad or gay. My drunkenness isalways sad, and when I am thoroughly drunk my mania is to relateall the lugubrious stories which my foolish nurse inculcated intomy brain. That is my failing--a capital failing, I admit; butwith that exception, I am a good drinker."
2.  "It is as I have the honor to relate it to your Majesty.""Jussac, one of the first swordsmen in the kingdom?""Well, sire, for once he found his master."
3.  "That of the patrol going their rounds."
4.  "I am sorry for that," said D'Artagnan; "for as I am in greathaste likewise, I wish to beg you to render me a service.""What?"
5.   "He entered the apartment followed by a man in a mask. He wasmasked likewise; but I knew his step, I knew his voice, I knewhim by that imposing bearing which hell has bestowed upon hisperson for the curse of humanity.
6.  "No, monseigneur. I learned it since I have been in prison, andthat from the conversation of Monsieur the Commissary--an amiableman."


1.  "Oh, my God, my God," cried Mme. Bonacieux, "what is it?""It is the uniform of the cardinal's Guards. Not an instant to be lost!Fly, fly!"
2.  "Yes, monsieur, I know only him."
3.  "What do you think of the story Chalais's esquire relates?" askedanother Musketeer, without addressing anyone in particular, buton the contrary speaking to everybody.
4、  "What will you do with the letter, then?" asked Porthos."Come here, Grimaud," said Athos. Grimaud rose and obeyed. "Asa punishment for having spoken without permission, my friend, youwill please to eat this piece of paper; then to recompense youfor the service you will have rendered us, you shall afterwarddrink this glass of wine. First, here is the letter. Eatheartily."
5、  On entering his hotel, M. de Treville thought it best to be firstin making the complaint. He sent one of his servants to M. de laTremouille with a letter in which he begged of him to eject thecardinal's Guardsmen from his house, and to reprimand his peoplefor their audacity in making SORTIE against the king'sMusketeers. But M. de la Tremouille--already prejudiced by hisesquire, whose relative, as we already know, Bernajoux was--replied that it was neither for M. de Treville nor the Musketeersto complain, but, on the contrary, for him, whose people theMusketeers had assaulted and whose hotel they had endeavored toburn. Now, as the debate between these two nobles might last along time, each becoming, naturally, more firm in his ownopinion, M. de Treville thought of an expedient which mightterminate it quietly. This was to go himself to M. de laTremouille.




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      All went well till they arrived at Chantilly, which they reachedabout eight o'clock in the morning. They needed breakfast, andalighted at the door of an AUBERGE, recommended by a signrepresenting St. Martin giving half his cloak to a poor man.They ordered the lackeys not to unsaddle the gorses, and to holdthemselves in readiness to set off again immediately.They entered the common hall, and placed themselves at table. Agentleman, who had just arrived by the route of Dammartin, wasseated at the same table, and was breakfasting. He opened theconversation about rain and fine weather; the travelers replied.He drank to their good health, and the travelers returned hispoliteness.

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       He guessed, likewise, by induction, that Porthos was taking hisrevenge for the defeat of Chantilly, when the procurator's wifehad proved so refractory with respect to her purse.Amid all this, D'Artagnan remarked also that not one countenanceresponded to the gallantries of Porthos. There were onlychimeras and illusions; but for real love, for true jealousy, isthere any reality except illusions and chimeras?

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      The young Musketeer was in excellent disposition to die heroically.Richelieu still continued thinking, rolling and unrolling the paper inhis hands.

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    {  "And what is that?" asked Milady.

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      "Yes, that disturbs you?"}

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      "Look, rather, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, "the clock shows it.""That's true," said M. de Treville; "I believed it later. Butwhat can I do for you?"

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      Felton continued to descend. Near the bottom of the ladder, whenhe found no more support for his feet, he clung with his hands;at length, arrived at the last step, he let himself hang by thestrength of his wrists, and touched the ground. He stooped down,picked up the bag of money, and placed it between his teeth.Then he took Milady in his arms, and set off briskly in thedirection opposite to that which the patrol had taken. He soonleft the pathway of the patrol, descended across the rocks, andwhen arrived on the edge of the sea, whistled.

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    {  "What!" demanded D'Artagnan.

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      "A thousand things. In the first place, that, unfortunately,your husband is a simpleton and a fool; in the next place, youare in trouble, of which I am very glad, as it gives me aopportunity of placing myself at your service, and God knows I amready to throw myself into the fire for you; finally, that thequeen wants a brave, intelligent, devoted man to make a journeyto London for her. I have at least two of the three qualitiesyou stand in need of, and here I am.