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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Mr. Holmes," she said- and her white-gloved hands clasped andunclasped as she spoke- "I will speak frankly to you in the hopes thatit may induce you to speak frankly in return. There is completeconfidence between my husband and me on all matters save one. That oneis politics. On this his lips are sealed. He tells me nothing. Now,I am aware that there was a most deplorable occurrence in our houselast night. I know that a paper has disappeared. But because thematter is political my husband refuses to take me into his completeconfidence. Now it is essential- essential, I say- that I shouldthoroughly understand it. You are the only other person, save onlythese politicians, who knows the true facts. I beg you then, Mr.Holmes, to tell me exactly what has happened and what it will lead to.Tell me all, Mr. Holmes. Let no regard for your client's interestskeep you silent, for I assure you that his interests, if he would onlysee it, would be best served by taking me into his completeconfidence. What was this paper which was stolen?"
2.  "So far I could hardly have gone astray. But now your thoughtswent back to Beecher, and you looked hard across as if you werestudying the character in his features. Then your eyes ceased topucker, but you continued to look across, and your face wasthoughtful. You were recalling the incidents of Beecher's career. Iwas well aware that you could not do this without thinking of themission which he undertook on behalf of the North at the time of theCivil War, for I remember your expressing your passionateindignation at the way in which he was received by the moreturbulent of our people. You felt so strongly about it that I knew youcould not think of Beecher without thinking of that also. When amoment later I saw your eyes wander away from the picture, I suspectedthat your mind had now turned to the Civil War, and when I observedthat your lips set, your eyes sparkled, and your hands clenched Iwas positive that you were indeed thinking of the gallantry whichwas shown by both sides in that desperate struggle. But then, again,your face grew sadder; you shook your head. You were dwelling upon thesadness and horror and useless waste of life. Your hand stoletowards your own old wound and a smile quivered on your lips, whichshowed me that the ridiculous side of this method of settlinginternational questions had forced itself upon your mind. At thispoint I agreed with you that it was preposterous and was glad tofind that all my deductions had been correct."
3.  "'If you really mean it, of course you shall have the money,' saidI.
4.  "Yes, sir."
5.  "And you have touched nothing?"
6.  "The public don't know how good he is. Sir Robert has been tooclever for the touts. He has the Prince's half-brother out forspins. You can't tell 'em apart. But there are two lengths in afurlong between them when it comes to a gallop. He thinks of nothingbut the horse and the race. His whole life is on it. He's holdingoff the Jews till then. If the Prince falls him he is done.""It seems a rather desperate gamble, but where does the madness comein?"


1.  "I have been ordained," cried the old rascal.
2.  "He makes it up every evening and then leaves it."
3.  Holmes's face grew tense with anxiety.
4.  "You are right," fie c:ried with an immense sigh of relief. "It isquite superficial." His face set like flint as he glared at ourprisoner, who was sitting up with a dazed face. "By the Lord, it is aswell for you. If you had killed Watson, you would not have got outof this room alive. Now, sir, what have you to say for yourself?"He had nothing to say for himself. He only sat and scowled. I leanedon Holmes's arm, and together we looked down into the small cellarwhich had been disclosed by the secret flap. it was stillilluminated by the candle which Evans had taken down with him. Oureyes fell upon a mass of rusted machinery, great rolls of paper, alitter of bottles, and, neatly arranged upon a small table, a numberof neat little bundies.
5.  "Dead, Mr. Holmes, dead! He was attache at Rome, and he died thereof pneumonia last month."
6.  "The faculty of deduction is certainly contagious, Watson," heanswered. "It has enabled you to probe my secret. Yes, I have acase. After a month of trivialities and stagnation the wheels moveonce more."


1.  "You have probably never heard of Professor Moriarty?" said he."Never."
2.  The salesman chuckled grimly. "Bring me the books, Bill,"said he.
3.  "It has been a most remarkable experience."
4.  encourage visitors."
5.   "I brought this with me." He opened a locket and showed us thefull face of a very lovely woman. It was not a photograph but an ivoryminiature, and the artist had brought out the full effect of thelustrous black hair, the large dark eyes, and the exquisite mouth.Holmes gazed long and earnestly at it. Then he closed the locket andhanded it back to Lord St. Simon.
6.  My friend's temper had not improved since he had been deprived ofthe congenial surroundings of Baker Street. Without his scrapbooks,his chemicals, and his homely untidiness, he was an uncomfortable man.He shrugged his shoulders in ungracious acquiescence, while ourvisitor in hurried words and with much excitable gesticulationpoured forth his story.


1.  "For answer, he took a big red book out of a drawer.
2.  "He'll be here when he promised," said I, "and not an instant sooneror later."
3.  "You are certainly joking, Holmes."
4、  "Well, you will be surprised to hear that there is no stain on thewhite woodwork to correspond."
5、  "You have been very remiss in not coming to me sooner," said he,severely. "You start me on my investigation with a very serioushandicap. It is inconceivable, for example, that this ivy and thislawn would have yielded nothing to an expert observer.""I am not to blame, Mr. Holmes. His Grace was extremely desirousto avoid all public scandal. He was afraid of his family unhappinessbeing dragged before the world. He has a deep horror of anything ofthe kind."




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      "'Tell me,' I asked, 'did your butler ever ask you such a question?'"Reginald Musgrave looked at me in astonishment. 'Now that youcall it to my mind,' he answered, 'Brunton did ask me about the heightof the tree some months ago in connection with some little argumentwith the groom.'

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      "It is our French gold," whispered the director. "We have hadseveral warnings that an attempt might be made upon it.""Your French gold?"

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       "I fear, your Grace, that matters can hardly be arranged soeasily. There is the death of this schoolmaster to be accounted for.""But James knew nothing of that. You cannot hold him responsible forthat. It was the work of this brutal ruffian whom he had themisfortune to employ."

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      "I took the lamp from him, and I examined the machine verythoroughly. It was indeed a gigantic one, and capable of exercisingenormous pressure. When I passed outside, however, and pressed downthe levers which controlled it, I knew at once by the whishing soundthat there was a slight leakage, which allowed a regurgitation ofwater through one of the side cylinders. An examination showed thatone of the india-rubber bands which was round the head of adriving-rod had shrunk so as not quite to fill the socket alongwhich it worked. This was clearly the cause of the loss of power,and I pointed it out to my companions, who followed my remarks verycarefully and asked several practical questions as to how theyshould proceed to set it right. When I had made it clear to them, Ireturned to the main chamber of the machine and took a good look at itto satisfy my own curiosity. It was obvious at a glance that the storyof the fuller's-earth was the merest fabrication, for it would beabsurd to suppose that so powerful an engine could be designed forso inadequate a purpose. The walls were of wood, but the floorconsisted of a large iron trough, and when I came to examine it Icould see a crust of metallic deposit all over it. I had stooped andwas scraping at this to see exactly what it was when I heard amuttered exclamation in German and saw the cadaverous face of thecolonel looking down at me.

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    {  Without a word he made off at top speed, and I proceeded to take thematter in hand, while Stackhurst, dazed at this tragedy, remained bythe body. My first task naturally was to note who was on the beach.From the top of the path I could see the whole sweep of it, and it wasabsolutely deserted save that two or three dark figures could beseen far away moving towards the village of Fulworth. Having satisfiedmyself upon this point, I walked slowly down the path. There wasclay or soft marl mixed with the chalk, and every here and there I sawthe same footstep, both ascending and descending. No one else had gonedown to the beach by this track that morning. At one place Iobserved the print of an open hand with the fingers towards theincline. This could only mean that poor McPherson had fallen as heascended. There were rounded depressions, too, which suggested that hehad come down upon his knees more than once. At the bottom of the pathwas the considerable lagoon left by the retreating tide. At the sideof it McPherson had undressed, for there lay his towel on a rock. Itwas folded and dry, so that it would seem that, after all, he hadnever entered the water. Once or twice as I hunted round amid the hardshingle I came on little patches of sand where the print of his canvasshoe, and also of his naked foot, could be seen. The latter factproved that he had made all ready to bathe, though the towel indicatedthat he had not actually done so.

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      I carefully unpacked it and handed it to him. He seated himself athis desk, pulled over the lamp, for it was growing dark, and sethimself to examine it. As he did so the yellow light beat upon his ownfeatures, and I was able to study them at my ease.}

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      "You said you had a clue?"

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       I left him full of the image of this magnificent intellectbabbling like a foolish child. He had handed me the key, and with ahappy thought I took it with me lest he should lock himself in. Mrs.Hudson was waiting, trembling and weeping, in the passage. Behind meas I passed from the flat I heard Holmes's high, thin voice in somedelirious chant. Below, as I stood whistling for a cab, a man cameon me through the fog.

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    {  "Well, it might be so. Or- well, there is an alternative. Now tocontinue our review of the situation from the time that the quarrel,if there is a quarrel, began. The lady keeps her room, alters herhabits, is not seen save when she drives out with her maid, refuses tostop at the stables to greet her favourite horse, and apparently takesto drink. That covers the case, does it not?"

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      "Well, what happened then?"