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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "This time, at least, I do not deserve your thanks. It wasAli, my Nubian slave, who rendered this service to Madame deVillefort."
2.  "Upon my word," cried the old man, "you make short work ofthis kind of affair. Arrived here only yesterday morning,and married to-day at three o'clock! Commend me to a sailorfor going the quick way to work!"
3.  "Count Albert; it is the same man whom I rescued from thehands of the banditti at Rome."
4.  "`"Another method of assassination?" said the general,shrugging his shoulders.
5.  "As regards the Marchesa Corsinari" --
6.  Such was the state of affairs when, the day after hisinterview with M. de Boville, the confidential clerk of thehouse of Thomson & French of Rome, presented himself at M.Morrel's. Emmanuel received him; this young man was alarmedby the appearance of every new face, for every new facemight be that of a new creditor, come in anxiety to questionthe head of the house. The young man, wishing to spare hisemployer the pain of this interview, questioned thenew-comer; but the stranger declared that he had nothing tosay to M. Emmanuel, and that his business was with M. Morrelin person. Emmanuel sighed, and summoned Cocles. Coclesappeared, and the young man bade him conduct the stranger toM. Morrel's apartment. Cocles went first, and the strangerfollowed him. On the staircase they met a beautiful girl ofsixteen or seventeen, who looked with anxiety at thestranger.


1.  But at the same instant the crowd of guests rushed in alarminto the principal salon as if some frightful monster hadentered the apartments, quaerens quem devoret. There was,indeed, reason to retreat, to be alarmed, and to scream. Anofficer was placing two soldiers at the door of eachdrawing-room, and was advancing towards Danglars, precededby a commissary of police, girded with his scarf. MadameDanglars uttered a scream and fainted. Danglars, who thoughthimself threatened (certain consciences are never calm), --Danglars even before his guests showed a countenance ofabject terror.
2.  "You are mistaken -- I am not the Count of Monte Cristo."
3.  "The son of a rich shipbuilder in Malta."
4.  "Let him signal."
5.  "Shall I complain of him?" demanded the inspector.
6.  "No it cannot be!"


1.  "You persist in your incredulity, Edmond," continued Faria."My words have not convinced you. I see you require proofs.Well, then, read this paper, which I have never shown to anyone."
2.  "To-day I am at your service," replied the count. Thepresident rang the bell. "Does the House approve that theexamination should take place to-day?"
3.  "Where?" stammered Morcerf.
4.  "Where are you going?" asked Dantes.
5.   "Really, this is too absurd," said Villefort.
6.  "I promise."


1.  "Shall you be able to pay M. Cavalcanti the five hundredthousand francs you promise for my dowry?"
2.  "Whatever you say, my dear count; I am at your orders."
3.  "Look!" said Faria, showing to the young man a slender stickabout six inches long, and much resembling the size of thehandle of a fine painting-brush, to the end of which wastied, by a piece of thread, one of those cartilages of whichthe abbe had before spoken to Dantes; it was pointed, anddivided at the nib like an ordinary pen. Dantes examined itwith intense admiration, then looked around to see theinstrument with which it had been shaped so correctly intoform.
4、  "Well, well, don't be angry, my boy; you know well enoughwhat it is to be unfortunate; and misfortunes make usjealous. I thought you were earning a living in Tuscany orPiedmont by acting as facchino or cicerone, and I pitied yousincerely, as I would a child of my own. You know I alwaysdid call you my child."
5、  "M. de Villefort is here."




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      "Very true."

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      "Of what did he die?"

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       "My Dear Maximilian, --

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      "Do you wish to speak to us?" asked Morrel.

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    {  "Come, come, you are going on quickly, M. Benedetto!"

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      "And quite a national one, too," replied Albert withgratified pride. "A mere masque borrowed from our ownfestivities. Ha, ha, ye Romans! you thought to make us,unhappy strangers, trot at the heels of your processions,like so many lazzaroni, because no carriages or horses areto be had in your beggarly city. But you don't know us; whenwe can't have one thing we invent another."}

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      "You then love Haidee?" asked Monte Cristo with an emotionhe in vain endeavored to dissimulate.

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      "And who is Beppo?"

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       "And how much is the pension?"

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    {  The library was divided into two parts on either side of thewall, and contained upwards of two thousand volumes; onedivision was entirely devoted to novels, and even the volumewhich had been published but the day before was to be seenin its place in all the dignity of its red and gold binding.On the other side of the house, to match with the library,was the conservatory, ornamented with rare flowers, thatbloomed in china jars; and in the midst of the greenhouse,marvellous alike to sight and smell, was a billiard-tablewhich looked as if it had been abandoned during the pasthour by players who had left the balls on the cloth. Onechamber alone had been respected by the magnificentBertuccio. Before this room, to which you could ascend bythe grand, and go out by the back staircase, the servantspassed with curiosity, and Bertuccio with terror. At fiveo'clock precisely, the count arrived before the house atAuteuil, followed by Ali. Bertuccio was awaiting thisarrival with impatience, mingled with uneasiness; he hopedfor some compliments, while, at the same time, he feared tohave frowns. Monte Cristo descended into the courtyard,walked all over the house, without giving any sign ofapprobation or pleasure, until he entered his bedroom,situated on the opposite side to the closed room; then heapproached a little piece of furniture, made of rosewood,which he had noticed at a previous visit. "That can only beto hold gloves," he said.

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      The jailer brought him his breakfast. Dantes raised himselfup and began to talk about everything; about the bad qualityof the food, about the coldness of his dungeon, grumblingand complaining, in order to have an excuse for speakinglouder, and wearying the patience of his jailer, who out ofkindness of heart had brought broth and white bread for hisprisoner.