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1.ַ:a g 9 559 v i pHaving given this vent to his ill-humor, the baron becamemore calm; Mademoiselle Danglars had that morning requestedan interview with her father, and had fixed on the gildeddrawing-room as the spot. The singularity of this step, andabove all its formality, had not a little surprised thebanker, who had immediately obeyed his daughter by repairingfirst to the drawing-room. Etienne soon returned from hiserrand. "Mademoiselle's lady's maid says, sir, thatmademoiselle is finishing her toilette, and will be hereshortly."
2."Yes, but they will make you then sign your declaration, andconfront you with him you have denounced; I will supply youwith the means of supporting your accusation, for I know thefact well. But Dantes cannot remain forever in prison, andone day or other he will leave it, and the day when he comesout, woe betide him who was the cause of his incarceration!"
3."I am seeking the Count of Monte Cristo" said the young man.
4.Chapter 78We hear From Yanina.
5."But what do I know of your Parisian husbands?"
6."Then," said Villefort, "nothing further is required. Thecontract was to have been signed three days since; we shallfind it all ready, and can sign it to-day."


1."What do you mean by having made a stiff? -- havingassassinated a man?" said Franz, continuing hisinvestigation.
2."How can you find out?"
3."And what do you suppose is the count's age?" inquiredMercedes, evidently attaching great importance to thisquestion.
4."Why should you not be there?"
5."He passes for a very charitable man. Our holy father, thepope, has made him a knight of Jesus Christ for the serviceshe rendered to the Christians in the East; he has five orsix rings as testimonials from Eastern monarchs of hisservices."
6."I should not see him."


1."And you spoke to him?"
2."What a dire misfortune!" said Emmanuel, thinking of Morcerfand Danglars.
3.Danglars shrugged his shoulders. "Foolish creature," heexclaimed. "Women fancy they have talent because they havemanaged two or three intrigues without being the talk ofParis! But know that if you had even hidden yourirregularities from your husband, who has but thecommencement of the art -- for generally husbands will notsee -- you would then have been but a faint imitation ofmost of your friends among the women of the world. But ithas not been so with me, -- I see, and always have seen,during the last sixteen years. You may, perhaps, have hiddena thought; but not a step, not an action, not a fault, hasescaped me, while you flattered yourself upon your address,and firmly believed you had deceived me. What has been theresult? -- that, thanks to my pretended ignorance, there isnone of your friends, from M. de Villefort to M. Debray, whohas not trembled before me. There is not one who has nottreated me as the master of the house, -- the only title Idesire with respect to you; there is not one, in fact, whowould have dared to speak of me as I have spoken of themthis day. I will allow you to make me hateful, but I willprevent your rendering me ridiculous, and, above all, Iforbid you to ruin me."
4."Ah, I understand you," said the unhappy man. "My God, havemercy upon me!" and, uttering a fearful cry, Barrois fellback as if he had been struck by lightning. D'Avrigny puthis hand to his heart, and placed a glass before his lips.
6.Chapter 4Conspiracy.


1."You live alone, then?"
2."Maximilian," said the count, "the friends that we have lostdo not repose in the bosom of the earth, but are buried deepin our hearts, and it has been thus ordained that we mayalways be accompanied by them. I have two friends, who inthis way never depart from me; the one who gave me being,and the other who conferred knowledge and intelligence onme. Their spirits live in me. I consult them when doubtful,and if I ever do any good, it is due to their beneficentcounsels. Listen to the voice of your heart, Morrel, and askit whether you ought to preserve this melancholy exteriortowards me."
3."But," said the baroness, "I thought you never put the moneyout to interest."
4"Is it possible," said he, "that where your liberty is atstake you can allow any such scruple to deter you fromobtaining it?"
5Madame Danglars had until then, perhaps, hoped forsomething; but when she saw the careless bow of Debray, andthe glance by which it was accompanied, together with hissignificant silence, she raised her head, and withoutpassion or violence or even hesitation, ran down-stairs,disdaining to address a last farewell to one who could thuspart from her. "Bah," said Debray, when she had left, "theseare fine projects! She will remain at home, read novels, andspeculate at cards, since she can no longer do so on theBourse." Then taking up his account book, he cancelled withthe greatest care all the entries of the amounts he had justpaid away. "I have 1,060,000 francs remaining," he said."What a pity Mademoiselle de Villefort is dead! She suitedme in every respect, and I would have married her." And hecalmly waited until the twenty minutes had elapsed afterMadame Danglars' departure before he left the house. Duringthis time he occupied himself in making figures, with hiswatch by his side.




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    "I have only just left him "

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    "How so?" cried Morrel, "when I left her dying?" MonteCristo pressed his hands to his forehead. What was passingin that brain, so loaded with dreadful secrets? What doesthe angel of light or the angel of darkness say to thatmind, at once implacable and generous? God only knows.

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    Two months and a half elapsed in these trips, and Edmond hadbecome as skilful a coaster as he had been a hardy seaman;he had formed an acquaintance with all the smugglers on thecoast, and learned all the Masonic signs by which these halfpirates recognize each other. He had passed and re-passedhis Island of Monte Cristo twenty times, but not once had hefound an opportunity of landing there. He then formed aresolution. As soon as his engagement with the patron of TheYoung Amelia ended, he would hire a small vessel on his ownaccount -- for in his several voyages he had amassed ahundred piastres -- and under some pretext land at theIsland of Monte Cristo. Then he would be free to make hisresearches, not perhaps entirely at liberty, for he would bedoubtless watched by those who accompanied him. But in thisworld we must risk something. Prison had made Edmondprudent, and he was desirous of running no risk whatever.But in vain did he rack his imagination; fertile as it was,he could not devise any plan for reaching the island withoutcompanionship.

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    "Thank you," said Monte Cristo; "now you must permit me totake my leave of you."

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    {"I hope so, if the marriage should take place and confirm mycredit."

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    "And do you say this wedding is at hand?"}

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    "Certainly," continued Danglars, "the sacrifice was notrifling one, when the beauty of the bride is concerned.Upon my soul, that future captain of mine is a lucky dog!Gad, I only wish he would let me take his place."

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    His firm, sonorous, and unexpected voice made every onestart. Penelon put his hand over his eyes, and then staredat the man who thus criticized the manoeuvres of hiscaptain. "We did better than that, sir," said the old sailorrespectfully; "we put the helm up to run before the tempest;ten minutes after we struck our tops'ls and scudded underbare poles."

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    That same evening, upon reaching his abode in the ChampsElysees, the Count of Monte Cristo went over the wholebuilding with the air of one long acquainted with each nookor corner. Nor, although preceding the party, did he oncemistake one door for another, or commit the smallest errorwhen choosing any particular corridor or staircase toconduct him to a place or suite of rooms he desired tovisit. Ali was his principal attendant during this nocturnalsurvey. Having given various orders to Bertuccio relative tothe improvements and alterations he desired to make in thehouse, the Count, drawing out his watch, said to theattentive Nubian, "It is half-past eleven o'clock; Haideewill soon he here. Have the French attendants been summonedto await her coming?" Ali extended his hands towards theapartments destined for the fair Greek, which were soeffectually concealed by means of a tapestried entrance,that it would have puzzled the most curious to have divinedtheir existence. Ali, having pointed to the apartments, heldup three fingers of his right hand, and then, placing itbeneath his head, shut his eyes, and feigned to sleep. "Iunderstand," said Monte Cristo, well acquainted with Ali'spantomime; "you mean to tell me that three female attendantsawait their new mistress in her sleeping-chamber." Ali, withconsiderable animation, made a sign in the affirmative.

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    {"He is extremely prudent and thoughtful"

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    "He has at least found peace."