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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My dear friend," said Lucien with an air of sovereigncontempt, "do I ever read the papers?"
2.  "There is a dupe somewhere."
3.  Time, which encrusts all physical substances with its mossymantle, as it invests all things of the mind withforgetfulness, seemed to have respected these signs, whichapparently had been made with some degree of regularity, andprobably with a definite purpose. Occasionally the markswere hidden under tufts of myrtle, which spread into largebushes laden with blossoms, or beneath parasitical lichen.So Edmond had to separate the branches or brush away themoss to know where the guide-marks were. The sight of marksrenewed Edmond fondest hopes. Might it not have been thecardinal himself who had first traced them, in order thatthey might serve as a guide for his nephew in the event of acatastrophe, which he could not foresee would have been socomplete. This solitary place was precisely suited to therequirements of a man desirous of burying treasure. Only,might not these betraying marks have attracted other eyesthan those for whom they were made? and had the dark andwondrous island indeed faithfully guarded its precioussecret?
4.  "You are very kind, but I may be prevented."
5.  "Who will give it to you -- your prince?"
6.  "Confiteor," said Caderousse, putting the diamond on hislittle finger; "I was mistaken; but those thieves ofjewellers imitate so well that it is no longer worth whileto rob a jeweller's shop -- it is another branch of industryparalyzed."


1.  "I mean that M. de Nargonne, your first husband, beingneither a philosopher nor a banker, or perhaps being both,and seeing there was nothing to be got out of a king'sattorney, died of grief or anger at finding, after anabsence of nine months, that you had been enceinte six. I ambrutal, -- I not only allow it, but boast of it; it is oneof the reasons of my success in commercial business. Why didhe kill himself instead of you? Because he had no cash tosave. My life belongs to my cash. M. Debray has made me lose700,000 francs; let him bear his share of the loss, and wewill go on as before; if not, let him become bankrupt forthe 250,000 livres, and do as all bankrupts do -- disappear.He is a charming fellow, I allow, when his news is correct;but when it is not, there are fifty others in the world whowould do better than he."
2.  "How so? -- you were looking the other way." the countsmiled, as he was in the habit of doing when he did not wantto make any reply, and he again turned towards the veiledwoman, who soon disappeared at the corner of the street.Turning to his friend, -- "Dear Maximilian," said the count,"have you nothing to do in this land?"
3.  "Was not the winning horse entered by the name of Vampa?"
4.  "What are you going to say? Oh, spare me!"
5.  "To close the door against visitors as soon as the clockstruck five," replied the valet.
6.  "I do not yet know myself, neither is it necessary that youshould do so. `Lucullus dines with Lucullus,' that is quitesufficient." Bertuccio bowed, and left the room.


1.  "Truly, truly," said Madame Danglars, "all my linen ismarked thus; Monsieur de Nargonne was a baronet, and my nameis Hermine. Thank God, my child was not then dead!"
2.  This time the illusion, or rather the reality, surpassedanything Valentine had before experienced; she began tobelieve herself really alive and awake, and the belief thather reason was this time not deceived made her shudder. Thepressure she felt was evidently intended to arrest her arm,and she slowly withdrew it. Then the figure, from whom shecould not detach her eyes, and who appeared more protectingthan menacing, took the glass, and walking towards thenight-light held it up, as if to test its transparency. Thisdid not seem sufficient; the man, or rather the ghost -- forhe trod so softly that no sound was heard -- then poured outabout a spoonful into the glass, and drank it. Valentinewitnessed this scene with a sentiment of stupefaction. Everyminute she had expected that it would vanish and give placeto another vision; but the man, instead of dissolving like ashadow, again approached her, and said in an agitated voice,"Now you may drink."
3.  "Yes, certainly," interrupted Monte Cristo; "but LordWilmore did not omit to inform me, my dear M. Andrea, thatthe season of your youth was rather a stormy one. Ah," saidthe count, watching Andrea's countenance, "I do not demandany confession from you; it is precisely to avoid thatnecessity that your father was sent for from Lucca. Youshall soon see him. He is a little stiff and pompous in hismanner, and he is disfigured by his uniform; but when itbecomes known that he has been for eighteen years in theAustrian service, all that will be pardoned. We are notgenerally very severe with the Austrians. In short, you willfind your father a very presentable person, I assure you."
4.  "Yes."
5.   "How can you exist thus without any one to attach you tolife?"
6.  "You are to-day free as air -- come and dine with me; weshall be a small party -- only yourself, my mother, and I.You have scarcely seen my mother; you shall have anopportunity of observing her more closely. She is aremarkable woman, and I only regret that there does notexist another like her, about twenty years younger; in thatcase, I assure you, there would very soon be a Countess andViscountess of Morcerf. As to my father, you will not seehim; he is officially engaged, and dines with the chiefreferendary. We will talk over our travels; and you, whohave seen the whole world, will relate your adventures --you shall tell us the history of the beautiful Greek who waswith you the other night at the Opera, and whom you callyour slave, and yet treat like a princess. We will talkItalian and Spanish. Come, accept my invitation, and mymother will thank you."


1.  "At Yanina?"
2.  "Morrel," said the count to him at length, "do you repenthaving followed me?"
3.  "He has but a handful of men with him, and armies will bedespatched against him."
4、  "Say it, my father."
5、  The count had just opened a door. Immediately a brilliantlight from the next room, or rather from the palaceadjoining, shone upon the room in which he was gentlygliding into his last sleep. Then he saw a woman ofmarvellous beauty appear on the threshold of the doorseparating the two rooms. Pale, and sweetly smiling, shelooked like an angel of mercy conjuring the angel ofvengeance. "Is it heaven that opens before me?" thought thedying man; "that angel resembles the one I have lost." MonteCristo pointed out Morrel to the young woman, who advancedtowards him with clasped hands and a smile upon her lips.




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      "Who is he?"

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      "Nay, indeed, your excellency."

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       "Never mind," replied Villefort; "I say that this marriageshall be consummated."

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      "Hate you, blame you -- you, Edmond! Hate, reproach, the manthat has spared my son's life! For was it not your fatal andsanguinary intention to destroy that son of whom M. deMorcerf was so proud? Oh, look at me closely, and discoverif you can even the semblance of a reproach in me." Thecount looked up and fixed his eyes on Mercedes, who arosepartly from her seat and extended both her hands towardshim. "Oh, look at me," continued she, with a feeling ofprofound melancholy, "my eyes no longer dazzle by theirbrilliancy, for the time has long fled since I used to smileon Edmond Dantes, who anxiously looked out for me from thewindow of yonder garret, then inhabited by his old father.Years of grief have created an abyss between those days andthe present. I neither reproach you nor hate you, my friend.Oh, no, Edmond, it is myself that I blame, myself that Ihate! Oh, miserable creature that I am!" cried she, claspingher hands, and raising her eyes to heaven. "I once possessedpiety, innocence, and love, the three ingredients of thehappiness of angels, and now what am I?" Monte Cristoapproached her, and silently took her hand. "No," said she,withdrawing it gently -- "no, my friend, touch me not. Youhave spared me, yet of all those who have fallen under yourvengeance I was the most guilty. They were influenced byhatred, by avarice, and by self-love; but I was base, andfor want of courage acted against my judgment. Nay, do notpress my hand, Edmond; you are thinking, I am sure, of somekind speech to console me, but do not utter it to me,reserve it for others more worthy of your kindness. See"(and she exposed her face completely to view) -- "see,misfortune has silvered my hair, my eyes have shed so manytears that they are encircled by a rim of purple, and mybrow is wrinkled. You, Edmond, on the contrary, -- you arestill young, handsome, dignified; it is because you have hadfaith; because you have had strength, because you have hadtrust in God, and God has sustained you. But as for me, Ihave been a coward; I have denied God and he has abandonedme."

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    {  "Silence, -- be silent!" said Andrea, who knew the delicatesense of hearing possessed by the walls; "for heaven's sake,do not speak so loud!"

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      "On the first floor."}

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      "Thank you. Good-by. On Saturday I will tell you myimpressions concerning the telegraph." At the door the countwas met by the two notaries, who had just completed the actwhich was to disinherit Valentine, and who were leavingunder the conviction of having done a thing which could notfail of redounding considerably to their credit.

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      "On your honor?"

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       All night he heard the subterranean workman, who continuedto mine his way. Day came, the jailer entered. Dantes toldhim that the jug had fallen from his hands while he wasdrinking, and the jailer went grumblingly to fetch another,without giving himself the trouble to remove the fragmentsof the broken one. He returned speedily, advised theprisoner to be more careful, and departed.

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    {  "And what did you do with the child?" asked Monte Cristo."It was an embarrassing load for a man seeking to escape."

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      "Must I leave alone?"