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"The Princess Sara, indeed!" she said. "The child has been pampered as if she were a QUEEN>." She was sweeping angrily past the corner table as she said it, and the next moment she started at the sound of a loud, sobbing sniff which issued from under the cover.


"Yes," Mr. Carmichael said, "it seems more than probable."

When Sara entered the holly-hung schoolroom in the afternoon, she did so as the head of a sort of procession. Miss Minchin, in her grandest silk dress, led her by the hand. A manservant followed, carrying the box containing the Last Doll, a housemaid carried a second box, and Becky brought up the rear, carrying a third and wearing a clean apron and a new cap. Sara would have much preferred to enter in the usual way, but Miss Minchin had sent for her, and, after an interview in her private sitting room, had expressed her wishes.

Miss Minchin lost her breath.

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"I don't know anyone in the world who could have done it," she said; "but there has been someone. And here we are sitting by their fire-- and--and--it's true! And whoever it is--wherever they are-- I have a friend, Becky--someone is my friend."

They pulled the old table forward, and threw the shawl over it. Red is a wonderfully kind and comfortable color. It began to make the room look furnished directly.

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But Guy Clarence was not to be thwarted in his benevolence. He thrust the sixpence into her hand.

"Put down your doll," said Miss Minchin. "What do you mean by bringing her here?"

<"If I'm a princess," she was saying, "if I'm a princess--when they were poor and driven from their thrones--they always shared-- with the populace--if they met one poorer and hungrier than themselves. They always shared. Buns are a penny each. If it had been sixpence I could have eaten six. It won't be enough for either of us. But it will be better than nothing."She had to remember things quickly when she laid her book on the window-seat and jumped down from her comfortable corner.

A few weeks before Sara's eleventh birthday a letter came to her from her father, which did not seem to be written in such boyish high spirits as usual. He was not very well, and was evidently overweighted by the business connected with the diamond mines.


"Sara!" she stammered. "Why, she's with the children in your room, of course."





·ְǸ߿ʢ˵塱Ҫ She led the way to the table. She waved her hand graciously to Ermengarde and Becky. She was in the midst of her dream. ϸ

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·ְ人³Ƭ人Īţǵ "Don't tell falsehoods," she said. "Go to your room this instant." ϸ

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