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Happy the man around whose brow he binds The bloodstain'd wreath inconquest's dazzling hour; Or whom, excited by the dance, he finds Dissolv'din bliss, in love's delicious bower! O that before the lofty spirit's might,Enraptured, I had rendered up my soul!


Though in perplexity he serves me now, I soon will lead him where more lightappears; When buds the sapling, doth the gardener know That flowers andfruit will deck the coming years.

Who's that, pray?


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With many a knightly vassal At a royal feast sat he, In yon proud hallancestral, In his castle o'er the sea.

Don't stamp so heavily, I pray; Like elephants you're treading! And 'mong theelves be Puck to - day, The stoutest at the wedding!Ariel

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Cease here to teaze us any more, I pray.

This cant about posterity I hate; About posterity were I to prate, Who thenthe living would amuse? For they Will have diversion, ay, and 'tis their due. Asprightly fellow's presence at your play, Methinks should also count forsomething too; Whose genial wit the audience still inspires, Knows from theirchangeful mood no angry feeling; A wider circle he desires, To their heart'sdepths more surely thus appealing. To work, then! Give a master - piece, myfriend; Bring Fancy with her choral trains before us, Sense, reason, feeling,passion, but attend! Let folly also swell the tragic chorus.Manager

This is antipathy!


That the marriage golden be, Must fifty years be ended; More dear this feastof gold to me, Contention now suspended.





ԥk7ֻҵӳɻ3 ޻ Cling to these ancient ribs of granite rock, Else to yon depths profound it youwill hurl. A murky vapour thickens night. Hark! Through the woods thetempests roar! The owlets flit in wild affright. Hark! Splinter'd are the columnsthat upbore The leafy palace, green for aye: The shivered branches whirr andsigh, Yawn the huge trunks with mighty groan. The roots upriven, creak andmoan! In fearful and entangled fall, One crashing ruin whelms them all, Whilethrough the desolate abyss, Sweeping the wreck - strewn precipice, Theraging storm - blasts howl and hiss! Aloft strange voices dost thou hear?Distant now and now more near? Hark! the mountain ridge along, Streametha raving magic - song! ϸ

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