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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I saw your play," he remarked. "It's very good."
2.  "Doesn't he?" said Carrie. "I won't do it any more after this."
3.  "Look at the guy in the cab," observed a third.
4.  She looked away, pleased that he should speak thus, longing to beequal to this feeling written upon her countenance. It unlockedthe door to a new desire.She had cause to ponder over this until they met again--severalweeks or more. It showed her she was drifting away from the oldideal which had filled her in the dressing-rooms of the Averystage and thereafter, for a long time. Why had she lost it?
5.  "You couldn't see the manager of the house to-day, anyhow,"volunteered the young man. "He's out of town."
6.  "I'll get something!" he said, assuming determination.


1.  "Look around," she said, a thought of the need that hung outsidethis fine restaurant like a hungry dog at her heels passing intoher eyes.
2.  Willie went off and presently returned with the information thatMr. Brown said she should sit down and that he would be around ina little while.
3.  "Mrs. George Wheeler," said Carrie, moving over to where she waswriting. The woman wrote her address in full and then allowedher to depart at her leisure.
4.  "I'd get about fourteen hundred a year out of that."
5.  She shook her head.
6.  In standing about the stage, marching, and occasionally liftingup her voice in the general chorus, she had a chance to observethe audience and to see the inauguration of a great hit. Therewas plenty of applause, but she could not help noting how poorlysome of the women of alleged ability did.


1.  "Her family doesn't amount to anything, does it?" said Mrs.Hurstwood sympathetically. "They haven't anything, have they?"
2.  "I thought I got it something like--I felt it."
3.  Carrie turned her face to the west with a subdued heart. As sheturned the corner, she saw through the great shiny window thesmall desk at which she had applied. There were the crowds,hurrying with the same buzz and energy-yielding enthusiasm. Shefelt a slight relief, but it was only at her escape. She feltashamed in the face of better dressed girls who went by. Shefelt as though she should be better served, and her heartrevolted.
4.  For another thing, Hurstwood missed the celebrities--those well-dressed, elite individuals who lend grace to the average bars andbring news from far-off and exclusive circles. He did not seeone such in a month. Evenings, when still at his post, he wouldoccasionally read in the evening papers incidents concerningcelebrities whom he knew--whom he had drunk a glass with many atime. They would visit a bar like Fitzgerald and Moy's inChicago, or the Hoffman House, uptown, but he knew that he wouldnever see them down here.Again, the business did not pay as well as he thought. Itincreased a little, but he found he would have to watch hishousehold expenses, which was humiliating.
5.   "No, you won't," said Carrie, who was coming to feel a certainfaint power to jest with the drummer.
6.  It was about this time that the newspapers and magazines werebeginning to pay that illustrative attention to the beauties ofthe stage which has since become fervid. The newspapers, andparticularly the Sunday newspapers, indulged in large decorativetheatrical pages, in which the faces and forms of well-knowntheatrical celebrities appeared, enclosed with artistic scrolls.The magazines also or at least one or two of the newer ones--published occasional portraits of pretty stars, and now and againphotos of scenes from various plays. Carrie watched these withgrowing interest. When would a scene from her opera appear? Whenwould some paper think her photo worth while?


1.  "Do you know when I can see him?"
2.  "I guess you're mistaken," she answered. Then, remembering herhusband's part in the affair, she immediately fell a prey to ahost of young suspicions, of which, however, she gave no sign.
3.  "There're some cots upstairs," interrupted the man, "if you wantone of them."
4、  "You have a bath there," said he. "Now you can clean up when youget ready."
5、  "What is it?" said McGarren, pleased to be consulted by theopulent manager.




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      "Old Pepper," said Drouet.

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      "Oh, because," she said, "I wouldn't want to."

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       All at once, after an exit, he caught sight of Carrie. She wasfrowning alone on the stage and the audience was giggling andlaughing.

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      "I have three of a kind," said one of the players to himself."I'll just stay with that fellow to the finish."

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    {  They went out, and at the corner the commonplace Irish individualwas standing, eyeing him. Hurstwood could scarcely refrain fromshowing that he knew of this chap's presence. The insolence inthe fellow's eye was galling. Still they passed, and heexplained to Carrie concerning the city. Another restaurant wasnot long in showing itself, and here they entered.

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      He was thinking if he could only get there and cross the riverinto Canada, he could take his time about getting to Montreal.He was relieved to learn that it would reach there by noon.}

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      Mrs. Morgan saw the drift of things and gleamed at Carrie withenvious and snapping black eyes.

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      "Oh, stop!" said Carrie."Well, I'll not be made a fool of," exclaimed Drouet. "You maytrifle around with him if you want to, but you can't lead me.You can tell me or not, just as you want to, but I won't fool anylonger!"

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       Other things followed from time to time, little things of thesame sort, which in their cumulative effect were eventually equalto a full revelation. Carrie was not dull by any means. Twopersons cannot long dwell together without coming to anunderstanding of one another. The mental difficulties of anindividual reveal themselves whether he voluntarily confessesthem or not. Trouble gets in the air and contributes gloom,which speaks for itself. Hurstwood dressed as nicely as usual,but they were the same clothes he had in Canada. Carrie noticedthat he did not install a large wardrobe, though his own wasanything but large. She noticed, also, that he did not suggestmany amusements, said nothing about the food, seemed concernedabout his business. This was not the easy Hurstwood of Chicago--not the liberal, opulent Hurstwood she had known. The change wastoo obvious to escape detection.

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    {  "Well, we had it all right," he answered. Then he went to thedoor. "I can't pay you anything on that to-day," he said,mildly.

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      "He never asked for my number," thought Hurstwood; "he wouldn'tthink of coming." He wiped his forehead, which had grown damp,and hoped sincerely he would meet no one else.