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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I am afraid that I rather give myself away when I explain," saidhe. "Results without causes are much more impressive. You are ready tocome to Birmingham, then?"
2.  The stranger held out a huge, sunburned hand, with a few words ofapology.
3.  "Presuming that it is an appointment," continued the inspector,"it is of course a conceivable theory that this William Kirwan, thoughhe had the reputation of being an honest man, may have been inleague with the thief. He may have met him there, may even have helpedhim to break in the door, and then they may have fallen out betweenthemselves."
4.  "'It is simplicity itself,' said I. 'When you bared your arm to drawthat fish into the boat I saw that J. A. had been tattooed in the bendof the elbow. The letters were still legible, but it was perfectlyclear from their blurred appearance, and from the staining of the skinround them, that efforts had been made to obliterate them. It wasobvious, then, that those initials had once been very familiar to you,and that you had afterwards wished to forget them.'
5.  "We played cards for her on the voyage. He won."
6.  "'You have been very kind,' said he, 'but I must have this money, orelse I can never show my face inside the club again.'


1.  "Fire!" we all yelled.
2.  "What do you see in it, Mr. Holmes?"
3.  "Certainly, sir," said Baker, who had risen and tucked hisnewly gained property under his arm. "There are a few of us whofrequent the Alpha Inn, near the Museum--we are to be found in theMuseum itself during the day, you understand. This year our goodhost, Windigate by name, instituted a goose club, by which, onconsideration of some few pence every week, we were each toreceive a bird at Christmas. My pence were duly paid, and therest is familiar to you. I am much indebted to you, sir, for aScotch bonnet is fitted neither to my years nor my gravity." Witha comical pomposity of manner he bowed solemnly to both of us andstrode off upon his way.
4.  "To an end?"
5.  "But how about our investigation in London?" asked Phelps ruefully."We can do that to-morrow. I think that just at present I can beof more immediate use here."
6.  "No, a woman's, and a woman of rare character. You see, at thecommencement of an investigation it is something to know that yourclient is in close contact with someone who, for good or evil, hasan exceptional nature. My interest is already awakened in the case. Ifyou are ready we will start at once for Woking and see thisdiplomatist who is in such evil case and the lady to whom hedictates his letters."


1.  "And to start to-morrow morning?"
2.  "I was not sure, but I know now. Well now, Susan, it will be worthten pounds to you if you will tell me who is at the back of Barney.""Someone that could lay down a thousand pounds for every ten youhave in the world."
3.  No, no, Watson, that side of the matter is, of course, obvious.But there is another which is far more subtle. You may recollectthat in the case which you, in your sensational way, coupled withthe Copper Beeches, I was able, by watching the mind of the child,to form a deduction as to the criminal habits of the very smug andrespectable father."
4.  With an effort Dr. Sterndale recovered his ruffled composure."I have no objection to telling you," he said. "It was Mr. Roundhay,the vicar, who sent me the telegram which recalled me.""Thank you," said Holmes. "I may say in answer to your originalquestion that I have not cleared my mind entirely on the subject ofthis case, but that I have every hope of reaching some conclusion.It would be premature to say more."
5.   "Come, come, madam, it is useless. Give up the letter."She darted to the bell.
6.  "'"I'd a partner," said he, "a rare good man, as true as a stockto a barrel. He's got the dibbs, he has, and where do you think heis at this moment? Why, he's the chaplain of this ship-the chaplain,no less? He came aboard with a black coat, and his papers right, andmoney enough in his box to buy the thing right up from keel tomain-truck. The crew are his, body and soul. He could buy 'em at somuch a gross with a cash discount, and he did it before ever theysigned on. He's got two of the warders and Mereer, the second mate,and he'd get the captain himself, if he thought him worth it.""'"What are we to do, then?" I asked.


1.  "Mr. Holmes, I will tell you everything," cried the lady. "Oh, Mr.Holmes, I would cut off my right hand before I gave him a moment ofsorrow! There is no woman in all London who loves her husband as I do,and yet if he knew how I have acted- how I have been compelled to act-he would never forgive me. For his own honour stands so high that hecould not forget or pardon a lapse in another. Help me, Mr. Holmes! Myhappiness, his happiness, our very lives are at stake!""Quick, madam, the time grows short!"
2.  He took a paper from his pocket, and, unwrapping it carefully, heexposed a charred fragment of bone.
3.  "No."
4、  "I can think of none."
5、  "Were they nervous people? Did they ever show any apprehension ofcoming danger?"




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      The development for which my friend had asked came in a quickerand an infinitely more tragic form than he could have imagined. Iwas still dressing in my bedroom next morning, when there was a tap atthe door and Holmes entered, a telegram in his hand. He read it aloud:"Come instantly, 131 Pitt Street, Kensington.

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       The light had suddenly gone out, the glimmering square of window haddisappeared, and the third floor formed a dark band round the loftybuilding, with its tiers of shining casements. That last warning cryhad been suddenly cut short. How, and by whom? The same thoughtoccurred on the instant to us both. Holmes sprang up from where hecrouched by the window.

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      "At what hour was the office closed on Monday?"

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    {  "And another thousand to the man who will name the person or personswho keep him in custody?"

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      "One would think that we were the criminals. Let us have himarrested on his arrival."}

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      "It will very much depend upon the results of my first

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      "'Are you a visitor here?' he asked.

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       I was bitterly hurt.

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    {  "This instant."

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      "Well we have been married now for a year, and very happy we havebeen. But about a month ago, at the end of June, I saw for the firsttime signs of trouble. One day my wife received a letter from America.I saw the American stamp. She turned deadly white, read the letter,and threw it into the fire. She made no allusion to it afterwards, andI made none, for a promise is a promise, but she has never known aneasy hour from that moment. There is always a look of fear upon herface- a look as if she were waiting and expecting. She would do betterto trust me. She would find that I was her best friend. But untilshe speaks, I can say nothing. Mind you, she is a truthful woman,Mr. Holmes, and whatever trouble there may have been in her pastlife it has been no fault of hers. I am only a simple Norfolksquire, but there is not a man in England who ranks his familyhonour more highly than I do. She knows it well, and she knew itwell before she married me. She would never bring any stain upon it-of that I am sure.