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Ͱײƽ̨ٷַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"You've never worked at anything like this before, have you?" hequestioned, rather sternly."All right," he said, "but you'll hear me out, won't you? Afterall you have said about loving me, you might hear me. I don'twant to do you any harm. I'll give you the money to go back withwhen you go. I merely want to tell you, Carrie. You can't stopme from loving you, whatever you may think."

"Here you are," he said, repressedly, feeling a spring in hislimbs and an elation which was tragic in itself.


As he did so, a layer of bills, in parcels of a thousand, such asbanks issue, caught his eye. He could not tell how much theyrepresented, but paused to view them. Then he pulled out thesecond of the cash drawers. In that were the receipts of theday.

"Well, and I mean it too, but it takes money to live as I wantto. Now, when I get this increase, I can come pretty near fixingthings all right, and I'll do it. Now, don't you worry, girlie."

"I didn't ask him," said Carrie.

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"How was the play?" she inquired.<"Now, Mrs. Morgan," said the director to one young married womanwho was to take the part of Pearl, "you sit here. Now, Mr.Bamberger, you stand here, so. Now, what is it you say?"

"Well," he said, "there's no use talking about it now. If you'llcome in Saturday, I'll pay you something on it."

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"We're not exactly in need of anybody," he went on vaguely,looking her over as one would a package. "You can come on Mondaymorning, though," he added, "and I'll put you to work."

Hurstwood examined his watch and urged the man to hurry. For onein so delicate a position he was exceedingly cool. He could onlythink of how needful it was to make the train and get quietlyaway. Carrie seemed quite tractable, and he congratulatedhimself.

<"We can buy it then," she exclaimed sharply.The train clacked through the yards along the lake front, and ranrather slowly to Twenty-fourth Street. Brakes and signals werevisible without. The engine gave short calls with its whistle,and frequently the bell rang. Several brakemen came through,bearing lanterns. They were locking the vestibules and puttingthe cars in order for a long run.

"I'm going to have a business of my own pretty soon," he observedin one place. "I can get backing for two hundred thousanddollars."


<"Lots of them," said the girl; "haven't you?""Oh, was he?" said Hurstwood.

"Oh, I don't care," said Carrie desperately. She was determinednow to have a try at the fascinating game.





Ͱײƽ̨ٷ¹ڷ122042 ۼȷ5806 There was no gainsaying the value of this. Everybody in thecompany realised that she had got a start. Carrie hugged herselfwhen next evening the lines got the same applause. She went homerejoicing, knowing that soon something must come of it. It wasHurstwood who, by his presence, caused her merry thoughts to fleeand replaced them with sharp longings for an end of distress. ϸ

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Ͱײƽ̨ٷΪ "Come off of that," he exclaimed, jerking at him and trying topull him over the railing. ϸ

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