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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】  These three others fenced against him with their agile swords.D'Artagnan at first took these weapons for foils, and believedthem to be buttoned; but he soon perceived by certain scratchesthat every weapon was pointed and sharpened, and that at each ofthese scratches not only the spectators, but even the actorsthemselves, laughed like so many madmen.
2.  "Did he come to arrest me?"
3.  "No; for perhaps they were too high-placed for anyone todare look for them where they were. The Palace of Justicewould not be burned down for everybody, monseigneur.""You think, then, that the fire at the Palace of Justice wasnot caused by chance?" asked Richelieu, in the tone withwhich he would have put a question of no importance."I, monseigneur?" replied Milady. "I think nothing; I quotea fact, that is all. Only I say that if I were named Madamede Montpensier, or the Queen Marie de Medicis, I should useless precautions than I take, being simply called MiladyClarik."
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Hurrah for you, then, my beautiful lady," cried the captain;"and may God often send me such passengers as your Ladyship!""Meanwhile," said Felton, "convey me to the little bay of--; youknow it was agreed you should put in there."
6.  "On horseback."


1.  "Well, merit this pretended happiness, then!"
2.  It was a melancholy sight--that of these six men, traveling in silence,each plunged in his own thoughts, sad as despair, gloomy aschastisement.
3.  "How much is it worth?"
4.  An elegant carriage waited below, and as it was drawn by twoexcellent horses, they were soon at the Place Royale.Milady Clarik received D'Artagnan ceremoniously. Her hotelwas remarkably sumptuous, and while the most part of theEnglish had quit, or were about to quit, France on accountof the war, Milady had just been laying out much money uponher residence; which proved that the general measure whichdrove the English from France did not affect her."You see," said Lord de Winter, presenting D'Artagnan to hissister, "a young gentleman who has held my life in hishands, and who has not abused his advantage, although wehave been twice enemies, although it was I who insulted him,and although I am an Englishman. Thank him, then, madame,if you have any affection for me."
5.  "Well?" asked D'Artagnan.
6.  "Nevertheless, I confess I still doubt."


1.  "I believe the queen to have too high a sense of her duty, sire.""But they have corresponded; it is to him that the queen has beenwriting all the day. Monsieur Duke, I must have those letters!""Sire, notwithstanding--"
2.  "Well, monsieur," said Planchet, who had observed his master growread and pale successively, "did I not guess truly? Is it notsome bad affair?"
3.  Not a second was to be lost. Milady passed her two arms roundFelton's neck, and let herself slip out of the window. Feltonbegan to descend the ladder slowly, step by step. Despite theweight of two bodies, the blast of the hurricane shook them inthe air.
4.  All these rooms, which communicated with one another, didnot inspire Porthos favorably. Words might be heard at adistance through all these open doors. Then, while passing,he had cast a rapid, investigating glance into the kitchen;and he was obliged to confess to himself, to the shame ofthe procurator's wife and his own regret, that he did notsee that fire, that animation, that bustle, which when agood repast is on foot prevails generally in that sanctuaryof good living.
5.   "Madame," said the young man, bowing; "I can refuse nothing askedof me thus. Be content; I will depart."
6.  Athos stretched out his hand toward her.


1.  "Well," said Rochefort, taking the paper from Milady, folding it, andplacing it in the lining of his hat, "you may be easy. I will do aschildren do, for fear of losing the paper--repeat the name along theroute. Now, is that all?"
2.  The three friends uttered a cry of surprise.
3.  Porthos replied that in all probability his sprain would notpermit him to depart yet awhile. Besides, it was necessary heshould stay at Chantilly to wait for the answer from his duchess.D'Artagnan wished that answer might be prompt and favorable; andhaving again recommended Porthos to the care of Mousqueton, andpaid his bill to the host, he resumed his route with Planchet,already relieved of one of his led horses.
4、  "You think so?"
5、  We were present at the scene in which the two captives wereconfronted with each other. Athos, who had till that time saidnothing for fear that D'Artagnan, interrupted in his turn, shouldnot have the time necessary, from this moment declared that hisname was Athos, and not D'Artagnan. He added that he did notknow either M. or Mme. Bonacieux; that he had never spoken to theone or the other; that he had come, at about ten o'clock in theevening, to pay a visit to his friend M. d'Artagnan, but thattill that hour he had been at M. de Treville's, where he haddined. "Twenty witnesses," added he, "could attest the fact";and he named several distinguished gentlemen, and among them wasM. le Duc de la Tremouille.




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      "Monsieur Cardinal, you know that I do not like worldlypleasures."

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      These two women held each other for an instant in a close embrace.Certainly, if Milady's strength had been equal to her hatred, Mme.Bonacieux would never have left that embrace alive. But not being ableto stifle her, she smiled upon her.

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       They rose about eight o'clock in the winter, about six in summer,and went to take the countersign and see how things went on at M.de Treville's. D'Artagnan, although he was not a Musketeer,performed the duty of one with remarkable punctuality. He wenton guard because he always kept company with whoever of hisfriends was on duty. He was well known at the Hotel of theMusketeers, where everyone considered him a good comrade. M. deTreville, who had appreciated him at the first glance and whobore him a real affection, never ceased recommending him to theking.

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      "Well," said Porthos, "this is my advice--"

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    {  "Oh, good Lord! What have I said?"

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      "You did not see her? Ah, very well," replied the cardinal,quickly. "You did well to defend the honor of a woman; andas I am going to the Red Dovecot myself, I shall know if youhave told me the truth."}

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      Left alone, the cardinal seated himself again and wrote a letter,which he secured with his special seal. Then he rang. Theofficer entered for the fourth time.

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      "Another gasconade!" murmured the gentleman. "By my honor, theseGascons are incorrigible! Keep up the dance, then, since he willhave it so. When he is tired, he will perhaps tell us that hehas had enough of it."

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       "Where are we going?" asked he, by a gesture.

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    {  "Gentlemen," continued the stranger, "since you do not recognize a manwho probably owes his life to you twice, I must name myself. I am Lordde Winter, brother-in-law of THAT WOMAN."

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      The young Musketeer was in excellent disposition to die heroically.Richelieu still continued thinking, rolling and unrolling the paper inhis hands.