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As the day declined into the afternoon, and the air, which had been at intervals clear enough to allow the French coast to be seen, became again charged with mist and vapour, Mr. Lorry's thoughts seemed to cloud too. When dark, and he sat before the coffee-room fire, awaiting his dinner as he had awaited his breakfast, his mind was digging, digging, digging, in the live red coals.


`Jacques,' said Defarge; judiciously show a cat milk, if you wish her to thirst for it. Judiciously show a dog his natural prey, if you wish him to bring it down one day.'

`Oh! It is only a question of a few hours. I could go to Soho in the evening, and come to your chambers afterwards.'

`That is what I mean to tell you, sir,' said Mr. Lorry. `Pray let there be no mistake about it.'

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This touched Young Jerry on a tender place; who adjured his mother to perform her first duty, and, whatever else she did or neglected, above all things to lay especial stress on the discharge of that maternal function so affectingly and delicately indicated by his other parent.<`Good!' said the mender of roads, with an air of mystery. `The tall man is lost, and he is sought--how many months? Nine, ten, eleven?'

`You think it necessary to keep the unfortunate gentleman so retired?'

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In effect, the sun was so low that it dipped at the moment. When the heavy drag had been adjusted to the wheel, and the carriage slid down hill, with a cinderous smell, in a cloud of dust, the red glow departed quickly; the sun and the Marquis going down together, there was no glow left when the drag was taken off.

`They tell me so.

<`Then why not change it?'`Very interesting remembrances' said the spy. `I have known Dr. Manette and his daughter, in England.'

`Jacques One, Jacques Two, Jacques Three! This is the witness encountered by appointment, by me, Jacques Four.


`It wasn't ending it, I suppose? I say, when you began it, it was hard enough; not that I have any fault to find with Doctor Manette, except that he is not worthy of such a daughter, which is no imputation on him, for it was not to be expected that anybody should be, under any circumstances. But it really is doubly and trebly hard to have crowds and multitudes of people turning up after him (I could have forgiven him), to take Ladybird's affections away from me.'





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˹˴500ͰɱδŻ ˫12ҪܿЩ `I don't gainsay it. What has roughen'ed your temper? Put some punch to it and smooth it again. ϸ

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