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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You know what I mean," she said, finally, as if there were aworld of information which she held in reserve--which she did notneed to tell.
2.  "Me? Oh, a little, maybe."
3.  "Why, George," she said; "what's the matter with you?"
4.  "That's the way most girls begin," he went on, "who go on thestage. It's a good way to get experience."
5.  Carrie looked at him, while pedestrians stared at her. She feltthe strain of publicity. So did Hurstwood.
6.  "Yes, and you," she added, catching the eye of one of thepolicemen. "You bloody, murtherin' thafe! Crack my son over thehead, will you, you hardhearted, murtherin' divil? Ah, ye----"


1.  "You have?" he said, breathing a better breath.
2.  "Sven doesn't think it looks good to stand down there," she said.
3.  "If we didn't you'd get your money back."
4.  "You seem to have taken the town by storm," he wrote. "This isdelightful. I am as glad for your sake as for my own."
5.  She bandied no more words with him, but hurried away, reachingher own door quite out of breath. There was something in theman's look which frightened her.
6.  By evening, when Hurstwood reached home, she had brooded herselfinto a state of sullen desire for explanation and revenge. Shewanted to know what this peculiar action of his imported. Shewas certain there was more behind it all than what she had heard,and evil curiosity mingled well with distrust and the remnants ofher wrath of the morning. She, impending disaster itself, walkedabout with gathered shadow at the eyes and the rudimentarymuscles of savagery fixing the hard lines of her mouth.


1.  She listened until her misgivings vanished. He would show herabout a little and then help her get something. He reallyimagined that he would. He would be out on the road and shecould be working.
2.  "Yes, I will," he exclaimed, more feelingly than usual, adding,with the tone of one who pleads, "Don't you believe what I'vetold you?"
3.  "Oh," he answered, rather taken by her trim appearance, andfeeling as if he might scrape up an acquaintance with her."That's a good reason, isn't it? Well, Chicago is not a goodplace for what you want to do. You ought to be in New York.There's more chance there. You could hardly expect to getstarted out here." Carrie smiled genially, grateful that heshould condescend to advise her even so much. He noticed thesmile, and put a slightly different construction on it. Hethought he saw an easy chance for a little flirtation.
4.  "Who is he?" asked Carrie. doubtfully.
5.   "Is Mrs. Drouet in?"
6.  "Let's see," said Hurstwood, "I ought to know some of the boys inthe lodge. I'm an Elk myself."


1.  Hurstwood's residence could scarcely be said to be infused withthis home spirit. It lacked that toleration and regard withoutwhich the home is nothing. There was fine furniture, arranged assoothingly as the artistic perception of the occupants warranted.There were soft rugs, rich, upholstered chairs and divans, agrand piano, a marble carving of some unknown Venus by someunknown artist, and a number of small bronzes gathered fromheaven knows where, but generally sold by the large furniturehouses along with everything else which goes to make the"perfectly appointed house."
2.  He saw he was the master of the situation--he felt it. Hereached over and touched her hand.
3.  He hurried into his little room, took down his light overcoat andhat, locked his desk, and grabbed the satchel. Then he turnedout all but one light and opened the door. He tried to put onhis old assured air, but it was almost gone. He was repentingrapidly.
4、  The imbibation of the evening had not yet worn off. Moist as washis brow, tremble as did his hand once after the nameless fright,he was still flushed with the fumes of liquor. He scarcelynoticed that the time was passing. He went over his situationonce again, his eye always seeing the money in a lump, his mindalways seeing what it would do. He strolled into his littleroom, then to the door, then to the safe again. He put his handon the knob and opened it. There was the money! Surely no harmcould come from looking at it!
5、  "We'll have an argument, maybe," said the other.




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      Shaughnessy was coolly businesslike.

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      There was much more passing now than the mere words indicated.He recognised the indescribable thing that made up forfascination and beauty in her. She realised that she was ofinterest to him from the one standpoint which a woman bothdelights in and fears. Her manner was simple, though for the veryreason that she had not yet learned the many little affectationswith which women conceal their true feelings. Some things shedid appeared bold. A clever companion--had she ever had one--would have warned her never to look a man in the eyes sosteadily.

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       He hurried to Madison Street and boarded a horse-car, whichcarried him to Ogden Place in half an hour.

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      This interest of the manager was a large thing in itself for theperformance, for his standing among the Elks was something worthtalking about. Already he was thinking of a box with somefriends, and flowers for Carrie. He would make it a dress-suitaffair and give the little girl a chance.

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    {  "Why, how do you do, Mr. Hurstwood?" came from the firstindividual recognised.

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      Carrie was now lightened by a touch of this divine afflatus. Shedrew to herself commendation from her two admirers which she hadnot earned. Their affection for her naturally heightened theirperception of what she was trying to do and their approval ofwhat she did. Her inexperience conserved her own exuberantfancy, which ran riot with every straw of opportunity, making ofit a golden divining rod whereby the treasure of life was to bediscovered.}

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      "You've been crying," he said.

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      A woman should some day write the complete philosophy of clothes.No matter how young, it is one of the things she whollycomprehends. There is an indescribably faint line in the matterof man's apparel which somehow divides for her those who areworth glancing at and those who are not. Once an individual haspassed this faint line on the way downward he will get no glancefrom her. There is another line at which the dress of a man willcause her to study her own. This line the individual at her elbownow marked for Carrie. She became conscious of an inequality.Her own plain blue dress, with its black cotton tape trimmings,now seemed to her shabby. She felt the worn state of her shoes.

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       "Hold on," he said, calling her back. "Give me your name andaddress. We want girls occasionally."

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    {  "He's here in New York, I guess," she said. "I haven't seen himfor some time."

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      On the first morning it rained she found that she had noumbrella. Minnie loaned her one of hers, which was worn andfaded. There was the kind of vanity in Carrie that troubled atthis. She went to one of the great department stores and boughtherself one, using a dollar and a quarter of her small store topay for it.