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She did not hear this very well. Her heart was troubled by akind of terror. The fact that she was alone, away from home,rushing into a great sea of life and endeavour, began to tell.She could not help but feel a little choked for breath--a littlesick as her heart beat so fast. She half closed her eyes andtried to think it was nothing, that Columbia City was only alittle way off.


In the front room Hanson was reading his paper. As usual, shehelped Minnie clear away the dishes and straighten up. Then shesaid:

"What is your address?" inquired a young lady behind the counter,taking up the curtailed conversation.

"Had your breakfast yet?" inquired that worthy.

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"Well, we will," he said, "just as soon as I get this little dealof mine closed up."<"Wednesday. We'll go, won't we?"

While Carrie was still in this frame of mind, the house-servantbrought up the intelligence that Mr. Hurstwood was in the parlourasking to see Mr. and Mrs. Drouet.

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"Of course I am," said Lola; "but what can I do? I haven'tanything."

"Let me go," said Carrie, who was folded close to him.

"I don't want to go," said Carrie, annoyed that her fine visionsshould have thus been broken into and driven out of her mind."I've been to the matinee this afternoon."


"Can't we save?" said Carrie.





ϷϷпδ˱Ⱦֻ15 And yet she was not without thoughts which were disturbing. Whatdid he know? What had Drouet told him? Was she a wife in hiseyes, or what? Would he marry her? Even while he talked, and shesoftened, and her eyes were lighted with a tender glow, she wasasking herself if Drouet had told him they were not married.There was never anything at all convincing about what Drouetsaid. ϸ

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ϷϷ̩ķ¼Ŀ "I'd like it ever so much," she replied. ϸ

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