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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie listened, and caught the infection of something--she didnot know what. Her nostrils sniffed thinly.
2.  Drouet was just finishing a little incident he was relating, andhis face was expanding into a smile, when Hurstwood's eye caughthis own. The latter had come in with several friends, and,seeing Drouet and some woman, not Carrie, drew his ownconclusion.
3.  "He works way down at the stock-yards," explained Minnie, "sohe's got to get up at half-past five."
4.  "Well enough," she said, still somewhat reduced after Drouet.
5.  Willie went off and presently returned with the information thatMr. Brown said she should sit down and that he would be around ina little while.
6.  "Where is H. R. Jacob's?" interrupted Carrie, mentioning one ofthe theatres devoted to melodrama which went by that name at thetime.


1.  "You're not doing anything. Get yourself a nice pair of shoesand a jacket."
2.  Carrie did not make their acquaintance, but she saw the daughtercoming in and going out. A few times she had seen her at thepiano in the parlour, and not infrequently had heard her play.This young woman was particularly dressy for her station, andwore a jewelled ring or two which flashed upon her white fingersas she played.
3.  "Keep a steady gait," the foreman had said. "Don't stop for anyone who doesn't look like a real passenger. Whatever you do,don't stop for a crowd."
4.  "What is your name?" said the manager, who was conducting thedrill.
5.  Now a critic called to get up one of those tinsel interviewswhich shine with clever observations, show up the wit of critics,display the folly of celebrities, and divert the public. Heliked Carrie, and said so, publicly--adding, however, that shewas merely pretty, good-natured, and lucky. This cut like aknife. The "Herald," getting up an entertainment for the benefitof its free ice fund, did her the honour to beg her to appearalong with celebrities for nothing. She was visited by a youngauthor, who had a play which he thought she could produce. Alas,she could not judge. It hurt her to think it. Then she foundshe must put her money in the bank for safety, and so moving,finally reached the place where it struck her that the door tolife's perfect enjoyment was not open.
6.  "I will," said Carrie. "Really, I've been wanting to come. Iknow I ought to. It's a shame. But you know----"


1.  "Now, go on."
2.  The advertisements were already in the papers; the posters uponthe bill-boards. The leading lady and many members were cited.Carrie was nothing.
3.  "She's some cheap professional," she gave herself thesatisfaction of thinking, and scorned and hated her accordingly.
4.  Thus was Carrie's name bandied about in the most frivolous andgay of places, and that also when the little toiler was bemoaningher narrow lot, which was almost inseparable from the earlystages of this, her unfolding fate.
5.   The place that had been so comfortable, where he had spent somany days of warmth, was now a memory. Something colder andchillier confronted him. He sank down in his chair, resting hischin in his hand--mere sensation, without thought, holding him.
6.  As she was standing in her proper position in the wings, awaitinganother entry, the great comedian made his exit past her andpaused in recognition.


1.  Drouet imagined that he must have misunderstood his friend. Hedid not attach particular importance to the information, afterall.
2.  "It is rather large to get around in a week," answered Ames,pleasantly.
3.  Hurstwood thought over the proposition a few moments withoutanswering. They were in the sitting room on the second floor,waiting for supper. It was the evening of his engagement withCarrie and Drouet to see "The Covenant," which had brought himhome to make some alterations in his dress.
4、  Drouet heightened her opinion on this and allied subjects in sucha manner as to weaken her power of resisting their influence. Itis so easy to do this when the thing opined is in the line ofwhat we desire. In his hearty way, he insisted upon her goodlooks. He looked at her admiringly, and she took it at its fullvalue. Under the circumstances, she did not need to carryherself as pretty women do. She picked that knowledge up fastenough for herself. Drouet had a habit, characteristic of hiskind, of looking after stylishly dressed or pretty women on thestreet and remarking upon them. He had just enough of thefeminine love of dress to be a good judge--not of intellect, butof clothes. He saw how they set their little feet, how theycarried their chins, with what grace and sinuosity they swungtheir bodies. A dainty, self-conscious swaying of the hips by awoman was to him as alluring as the glint of rare wine to atoper. He would turn and follow the disappearing vision with hiseyes. He would thrill as a child with the unhindered passionthat was in him. He loved the thing that women love inthemselves, grace. At this, their own shrine, he knelt withthem, an ardent devotee.
5、  "Work, you blackguards," yelled a voice. "Do the dirty work.You're the suckers that keep the poor people down!"




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      "Let's get in," said Carrie.

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      "No, sir," said Carrie, "it's Madenda."

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       Wholly depressed, he started for Thirteenth Street. The flat hadonly a light in the kitchen, where Carrie was working. He strucka match and, lighting the gas, sat down in the dining-roomwithout even greeting her. She came to the door and looked in.

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      "One hundred and fifty a week!" she murmured, when she was againalone. She found, after all--as what millionaire has not?--thatthere was no realising, in consciousness, the meaning of largesums. It was only a shimmering, glittering phrase in which lay aworld of possibilities.

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    {  Carrie had thought of going for a walk, and had put on a lightgrey woollen dress with a jaunty double-breasted jacket. She hadout her hat and gloves, and was fastening a white lace tie abouther throat when the housemaid brought up the information that Mr.Hurstwood wished to see her.

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      "Oh, because," she said, "I wouldn't want to."}

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      She reached in her purse and took out one of the bills. The womanasked if she would wear the coat and went off. In a few minutesshe was back and the purchase was closed.

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      What Hurstwood got as the result of this determination was moreself-assurance that each particular day was not the day. At thesame time, Carrie passed through thirty days of mental distress.

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       Carrie became frightened over this announcement. She thoughtdesperately upon the subject. Frequently she had considered thestage as a door through which she might enter that gilded statewhich she had so much craved. Now, as in Chicago, it came as alast resource in distress. Something must be done if he did notget work soon. Perhaps she would have to go out and battle againalone.

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    {  The man wrote an order on a small card. "Take that to ourbarns," he said, "and give it to the foreman. He'll show youwhat to do."

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      "Let's stroll about," he said gayly, rising and surveying all thelovely park.