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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have some hopes."
2.  "Then we must take that as our working hypothesis. Young West tookthe papers. Now this could only be done by having a false key-""Several false keys. He had to open the building and the room.""He had, then, several false keys. He took the papers to London tosell the secret, intending, no doubt, to have the plans themselvesback in the safe next morning before they were missed. While in Londonon this treasonable mission he met his end."
3.  "You wonder," said my companion, "why it is that Mycroft does notuse his powers for detective work. He is incapable of it.""But I thought you said-"
4.  "To Miss Marie Devine. There is nothing to show where the checkwas drawn. It was cashed at the Credit Lyonnais at Montpellier lessthan three weeks ago. The sum was fifty Pounds."
5.  "Look at that with your magnifying glass, Mr. Holmes."
6.  "Eh? What was that?"


1.  "Ah! you are piecing it together now. I hear that she is about tomarry the young Duke of Lomond, who might almost be her son. HisGrace's ma might overlook the age, but a big scandal would be adifferent matter, so it is imperative- Ah! here we are."It was one of the finest corner-houses of the West End. Amachine-like footman took up our cards and returned with word that thelady was not at home. "Then we shall wait until she is," said Holmescheerfully.
2.  We had hardly alighted at North Walsham, and mentioned the name ofour destination, when the stationmaster hurried towards us. "I supposethat you are the detectives from London?" said he.
3.  "He hesitated before leaving the room, and when I looked round hewas standing facing me with a wistful look upon his wrinkled face."'Beg your pardon, sir, but I could not help hearing what you saidof young Master Godfrey at dinner. You know, sir, that my wifenursed him, and so I may say I am his foster-father. It's natural weshould take an interest. And you say he carried himself well, sir?'"'There was never a braver man in the regiment. He pulled me outonce from under the rifles of the Boers, or maybe I should not behere.'
4.  "No, sir. But I want to find out about them, and who theyare, and what their object was in playing this prank--if it was aprank--upon me. It was a pretty expensive joke for them, for itcost them two and thirty pounds."
5.  "Well, madam, unless it is set right it may certainly have a veryunfortunate effect."
6.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, what can it be?"


1.  "There's only one," answered the inspector. "We thought that if wecould only find-Good heavens, Mr. Holmes! what is the matter?"My poor friend's face had suddenly assumed the most dreadfulexpression. His eyes rolled upward, his features writhed in agony, andwith a suppressed groan he dropped on his face upon the ground.Horrified at the suddenness and severity of the attack, we carried himinto the kitchen, where he lay back in a large chair and breathedheavily for some minutes. Finally, with a shamefaced apology for hisweakness, he rose once more.
2.  "'You are not doing her any service. What is your name?'"'Let me hear her say so. Kratides.'
3.  "And yet, Watson- and yet! This bridge- a single broad span of stonewith balustraded sides- carries the drive over the narrowest part of along, deep, reedgirt sheet of water. Thor Mere it is called. In themouth of the bridge lay the dead woman. Such are the main facts. Buthere, if I mistake not, is our client, considerably before his time."Billy had opened the door, but the name which he announced was anunexpected one. Mr. Marlow Bates was a stranger to both of us. Hewas a thin, nervous wisp of a man with frightened eyes and atwitching, hesitating manner- a man whom my own professional eye wouldjudge to be on the brink of an absolute nervous breakdown."You seem agitated, Mr. Bates," said Holmes. "Pray sit down. Ifear I can only give you a short time, for I have an appointment ateleven."
4.  "Very possibly, Watson. Sir Robert is a man of an honourablestock. But you do occasionally find a carrion crow among the eagles.Let us for a moment argue upon this supposition. He could not flythe country until he had realized his fortune, and that fortunecould only be realized by bringing off this coup with ShoscombePrince. Therefore, he has still to stand his ground. To do this hewould have to dispose of the body of his victim, and he would alsohave to find a substitute who would impersonate her. With the maidas his confidante that would not be impossible. The woman's body mightbe conveyed to the crypt, which is a place so seldom visited, and itmight be secretly destroyed at night in the furnace, leaving behind itsuch evidence as we have already seen. What say you to that, Watson?""Well, it is all possible if you grant the original monstroussupposition."
5.   We had reached Pall Mall as we talked, and were walking down it fromthe St. James's end. Sherlock Holmes stopped at a door some littledistance from the Carlton, and, cautioning me not to speak, he led theway into the hall. Through the glass panelling I caught a glimpse of alarge and luxurious room, in which a considerable number of men weresitting about and reading papers, each in his own little nook.Holmes showed me into a small chamber which looked out into Pall Mall,and then, leaving me for a minute, he came back with a companionwhom I knew could only be his brother.
6.  "Oh, he gives no trouble. But he is a dirty scoundrel.""Dirty?"


1.  "I thought it would please you. But I have not got to the end yet.Dr. Barnicot was due at his surgery at twelve o'clock, and you canimagine his amazement when, on arriving there, he found that thewindow had been opened in the night and that the broken pieces ofhis second bust were strewn all over the room. It had been smashedto atoms where it stood. In neither case were there any signs whichcould give us a clue as to the criminal or lunatic who had done themischief. Now, Mr. Holmes, you have got the facts."
2.  "All very fine, Mr. Holmes," said he. "But there is one littleflaw in your splendid theory. I was myself in my room, and I neverleft it during the day."
3.  The quick eye of my companion had noted some change in her manner.She coloured and hesitated.
4、  "`Ten to two.'
5、  "Excellent, Watson!" cried Holmes. "I really fancy that you arenot far from the truth. You see that we hold all the cards, and wehave only to fear some sudden act of violence on their part. If theygive us time we must have them."




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      "'I have not been here before.'

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      "I think that I see my way to clearing James McCarthy," said Holmes."Have you an order to see him in prison?"

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       Mycroft Holmes and Lestrade had come round by appointment afterbreakfast next day and Sherlock Holmes had recounted to them ourproceedings of the day before. The professional shook his head overour confessed burglary.

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      Our guide cried aloud in his astonishment and dismay. "Goodgracious, Mr. Holmes, you are surely not going to leave me in thisabrupt fashion! You don't seem to realize the position. To-morrow isthe examination. I must take some definite action to-night. I cannotallow the examination to be held if one of the papers has beentampered with. The situation must be faced."

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    {  "He wanted to get our amiable friend out of his room- that is veryclear, and, as the collector never went out, it took some planningto do it. The whole of this Garrideb invention was apparently for noother end. I must say, Watson, that there is a certain devilishingenuity about it, even if the queer name of the tenant did givehim an opening which he could hardly have expected. He wove his plotwith remarkable cunning."

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      "Yes, sir, and it has proved most disappointing. An apparent cluewas at once obtained, since a boy and a young man were reported tohave been seen leaving a neighbouring station by an early train.Only last night we had news that the couple had been hunted down inLiverpool, and they prove to have no connection whatever with thematter in hand. Then it was that in my despair and disappointment,after a sleepless night, I came straight to you by the early train.""I suppose the local investigation was relaxed while this false cluewas being followed up?"}

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      "I am usually an extremely sound sleeper. It has been a standingjest in the family that nothing could ever wake me during the night.And yet somehow on that particular night, whether it may have been theslight excitement produced by my little adventure or not I know not,but I slept much more lightly than usual. Half in my dreams I wasdimly conscious that something was going on in the room, and graduallybecame aware that my wife had dressed herself and was slipping onher mantle and her bonnet. My lips were parted to murmur out somesleepy words of surprise or remonstrance at this untimely preparation,when suddenly my half-opened eyes fell upon her face, illuminated bythe candle-light, and astonishment held me dumb. She wore anexpression such as I had never seen before-such as I should havethought her incapable of assuming. She was deadly pale and breathingfast, glancing furtively towards the bed as she fastened her mantle tosee if she had disturbed me. Then, thinking that I was still asleep,she slipped noiselessly from the room, and an instant later I hearda sharp creaking which could only come from the hinges of the frontdoor. I sat up in bed and rapped my knuckles against the rail tomake certain that I was truly awake. Then I took my watch from underthe pillow. It was three in the morning. What on this earth could mywife be doing out on the country road at three in the morning?"I had sat for about twenty minutes turning the thing over in mymind and trying to find some possible explanation. The more I thought,the more extraordinary and inexplicable did it appear. I was stillpuzzling over it when I heard the door gently close again, and herfootsteps coming up the stairs.

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      "A printing press- a counterfeiter's outfit," said Holmes."Yes, sir," said our prisoner, staggering slowly to his feet andthen sinking into the chair. "The greatest counterfeiter London eversaw. That's Prescott's machine, and those bundles on the table are twothousand of Prescott's notes worth a hundred each and fit to passanywhere. Help yourselves, gentlemen. Call it a deal and let me beatit."

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       "And the dog! If one were to use such a poison, would one not try itfirst in order to see that it had not lost its power? I did notforesee the dog, but at least I understand him and he fitted into myreconstruction.

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    {  "Now, Watson," said he, "we have picked up two clues this morning.One is the bicycle with the Palmer tyre, and we see what that hasled to. The other is the bicycle with the patched Dunlop. Before westart to investigate that, let us try to realize what we do know, soas to make the most of it, and to separate the essential from theaccidental."

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      Sir Robert shrugged his broad shoulders.