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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Have you noticed the remarkable beauty of the young woman,M. Lucien?" inquired Eugenie.
2.  "Me?" said the young girl, "he never even glances at me; onthe contrary, if I accidentally cross his path, he appearsrather to avoid me. Ah, he is not generous, neither does hepossess that supernatural penetration which you attribute tohim, for if he did, he would have perceived that I wasunhappy; and if he had been generous, seeing me sad andsolitary, he would have used his influence to my advantage,and since, as you say, he resembles the sun, he would havewarmed my heart with one of his life-giving rays. You say heloves you, Maximilian; how do you know that he does? Allwould pay deference to an officer like you, with a fiercemustache and a long sabre, but they think they may crush apoor weeping girl with impunity."
3.  "Because," replied Franz, "you seem to me like a man who,persecuted by society, has a fearful account to settle withit."
4.  "Then listen to me." Franz then related to his friend thehistory of his excursion to the Island of Monte Cristo andof his finding a party of smugglers there, and the twoCorsican bandits with them. He dwelt with considerable forceand energy on the almost magical hospitality he had receivedfrom the count, and the magnificence of his entertainment inthe grotto of the "Thousand and One Nights." He recounted,with circumstantial exactitude, all the particulars of thesupper, the hashish, the statues, the dream, and how, at hisawakening, there remained no proof or trace of all theseevents, save the small yacht, seen in the distant horizondriving under full sail toward Porto-Vecchio. Then hedetailed the conversation overheard by him at the Colosseum,between the count and Vampa, in which the count had promisedto obtain the release of the bandit Peppino, -- anengagement which, as our readers are aware, he mostfaithfully fulfilled. At last he arrived at the adventure ofthe preceding night, and the embarrassment in which he foundhimself placed by not having sufficient cash by six or sevenhundred piastres to make up the sum required, and finally ofhis application to the count and the picturesque andsatisfactory result that followed. Albert listened with themost profound attention. "Well," said he, when Franz hadconcluded, "what do you find to object to in all you haverelated? The count is fond of travelling, and, being rich,possesses a vessel of his own. Go but to Portsmouth orSouthampton, and you will find the harbors crowded with theyachts belonging to such of the English as can afford theexpense, and have the same liking for this amusement. Now,by way of having a resting-place during his excursions,avoiding the wretched cookery -- which has been trying itsbest to poison me during the last four months, while youhave manfully resisted its effects for as many years, -- andobtaining a bed on which it is possible to slumber, MonteCristo has furnished for himself a temporary abode where youfirst found him; but, to prevent the possibility of theTuscan government taking a fancy to his enchanted palace,and thereby depriving him of the advantages naturallyexpected from so large an outlay of capital, he has wiselyenough purchased the island, and taken its name. Just askyourself, my good fellow, whether there are not many personsof our acquaintance who assume the names of lands andproperties they never in their lives were masters of?"
5.  "Read it."
6.  Monte Cristo summoned the Greek attendant, and bade herinquire whether it would be agreeable to her mistress toreceive his visit. Haidee's only reply was to direct herservant by a sign to withdraw the tapestried curtain thathung before the door of her boudoir, the framework of theopening thus made serving as a sort of border to thegraceful tableau presented by the young girl's picturesqueattitude and appearance. As Monte Cristo approached, sheleaned upon the elbow of the arm that held the narghile, andextending to him her other hand, said, with a smile ofcaptivating sweetness, in the sonorous language spoken bythe women of Athens and Sparta, "Why demand permission ereyou enter? Are you no longer my master, or have I ceased tobe your slave?" Monte Cristo returned her smile. "Haidee,"said he, "you well know."


1.  Julie uttered a faint cry, blushed like a rose, and leanedagainst the baluster. The stranger waved his hand, andcontinued to descend. In the court he found Penelon, who,with a rouleau of a hundred francs in either hand, seemedunable to make up his mind to retain them. "Come with me, myfriend," said the Englishman; "I wish to speak to you."
2.  "I do not say," replied Andrea, "that you never make a goodone; but let us see your plan."
3.  "I did, indeed.
4.  "I feel so much pity towards you, Maximilian, that -- listento me attentively -- if I do not cure you in a month, to theday, to the very hour, mark my words, Morrel, I will placeloaded pistols before you, and a cup of the deadliestItalian poison -- a poison more sure and prompt than thatwhich has killed Valentine."
5.  "There, now," whispered the governor, "it is just as I toldyou."
6.  "Yes, yes; let us hasten up; it was in Valentine's room."But before the doctor and the father could reach the room,the servants who were on the same floor had entered, andseeing Valentine pale and motionless on her bed, they liftedup their hands towards heaven and stood transfixed, asthough struck by lightening. "Call Madame de Villefort! --wake Madame de Villefort!" cried the procureur from the doorof his chamber, which apparently he scarcely dared to leave.But instead of obeying him, the servants stood watching M.d'Avrigny, who ran to Valentine, and raised her in his arms."What? -- this one, too?" he exclaimed. "Oh, where will bethe end?" Villefort rushed into the room. "What are yousaying, doctor?" he exclaimed, raising his hands to heaven.


1.  "Oh," said Morrel, carried away by his friendship, "you donot know him, and I do. He is the most estimable, the mosttrustworthy creature in the world, and I will venture tosay, there is not a better seaman in all the merchantservice. Oh, M. de Villefort, I beseech your indulgence forhim."
2.  "I trust you will allow me to recompense worthily thedevotion of your man."
3.  "Ma foi, what rival? Why, your protege, M. AndreaCavalcanti!"
4.  At any other time Valentine would have seized the silkenbell-pull and summoned assistance, but nothing astonishedher in her present situation. Her reason told her that allthe visions she beheld were but the children of herimagination, and the conviction was strengthened by the factthat in the morning no traces remained of the nocturnalphantoms, who disappeared with the coming of daylight. Frombehind the door a human figure appeared, but the girl wastoo familiar with such apparitions to be alarmed, andtherefore only stared, hoping to recognize Morrel. Thefigure advanced towards the bed and appeared to listen withprofound attention. At this moment a ray of light glancedacross the face of the midnight visitor.
5.   "Really? and what has procured me so fluttering adistinction?"
6.  "And what do you mean to do?"


1.  (Signed)
2.  "Yes, your excellency; but if your reason for inquiry isthat you may procure a window to view it from, you are muchtoo late."
3.  "Indiscretion, -- oh, you make us happy by giving us anexcuse for expatiating on this subject. If we wanted toconceal the noble action this purse commemorates, we shouldnot expose it thus to view. Oh, would we could relate iteverywhere, and to every one, so that the emotion of ourunknown benefactor might reveal his presence."
4、  They waited upwards of ten minutes. Certain Dantes could notescape, the gendarmes released him. They seemed awaitingorders. The orders came.
5、  "What is it?" asked the count, impatiently.




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      "I will say he had doubtless given you the plan of thishouse, in the hope the count would kill you. I will say,likewise, he had apprised the count, by a note, of yourintention, and, the count being absent, I read the note andsat up to await you."

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      "Well, my dear Bertuccio," said the count, "I now advise youto go in quest of the little estate I spoke to you of inNormandy." Bertuccio bowed, and as his wishes were inperfect harmony with the order he had received, he startedthe same evening.

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       "Indeed, count," said Madame Danglars, "I am ashamed to ownit, but all your frightful stories have so upset me, that Imust beg you to let me sit down;" and she fell into a chair.Monte Cristo bowed, and went to Madame de Villefort. "Ithink Madame Danglars again requires your bottle," he said.But before Madame de Villefort could reach her friend theprocureur had found time to whisper to Madame Danglars, "Imust speak to you."

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      "What is the matter?" asked M. d'Avrigny, at the foot of thestairs, it being the hour he usually visited her.

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    {  "One of your friends!"

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      "What would be the advantage of waking the porter?" --}

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      Chapter 93Valentine.

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      "Ma foi," said Louis XVIII., "take it, such as it is, for Ihave not the time to procure you another. Blacas, let it beyour care to see that the brevet is made out and sent to M.de Villefort." Villefort's eyes were filled with tears ofjoy and pride; he took the cross and kissed it.

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       "It is a magnificent charity." Having said this, the abbebowed to imply he wished to pursue his studies. The visitoreither understood the abbe's meaning, or had no morequestions to ask; he arose, and the abbe accompanied him tothe door. "You are a great almsgiver," said the visitor,"and although you are said to be rich, I will venture tooffer you something for your poor people; will you accept myoffering?"

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    {  "Well, in one of your late conversations with him, you saidthat I appeared to be forgetful and irresolute concerningthis marriage, did you not?"

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      "Be of good cheer," replied Dantes; "your strength willreturn." And as he spoke he seated himself near the bedbeside Faria, and took his hands. The abbe shook his head.